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Alibaba Face Off With Chinese Regulator Over Fake Products

MancunianMaskMan Re:What? (79 comments)

I like cheap knockoffs just like the next guy, if they effectively do the same thing as the "real thing". If they don't then it's more of a problem. (the stated case has nothing to do with alibaba I believe)


Firefox 34 Arrives With Video Chat, Yahoo Search As Default

MancunianMaskMan Re: Recommendation for a good browser? (237 comments)

delete something out of your history

consider using porn^h^h^h^h incognito mode rather than editing history

about 2 months ago

Giant Crater Appears In Northern Siberia

MancunianMaskMan The War of the Worlds, Ch. Two: The Falling Star (122 comments)

An enormous hole had been made by the impact of the projectile, and the sand and gravel had been flung violently in every direction over the heath, forming heaps visible a mile and a half away. The heather was on fire eastward, and a thin blue smoke rose against the dawn. Link here (e.g.)

about 6 months ago

Facebook's Emotion Experiment: Too Far, Or Social Network Norm?

MancunianMaskMan Re:One solution (219 comments)

Lol ,G+ is ... an ANTI-social network.

G+ suits me fine, I have no friends IRL either.

You insensitive clod. People sometimes go on at me about being antisocial, I think they're being overly judgemental in implying it's a bad thing.

about 7 months ago

There's No Wind Chill On Mars

MancunianMaskMan Re:How surprising... not (110 comments)

Mars' atmosphere is .. around 20 mBar ..it's near-vacuum. And vacuum makes for a very good thermal insulator.

"For all practical purposes" is not correct. The thermal conductivity of a gas is near-independent of pressure down to very low pressures, until the mean free path of particles becomes large compared to the distance to the solid where the heat gets dumped. 20mBar and the MFP is still tiny.
You need a pretty good vacuum (10^-4mbar or so) in a coffee flask otherwise it doesn't change a thing.

about 8 months ago

Why You Shouldn't Use Spreadsheets For Important Work

MancunianMaskMan Re:Some things stick (422 comments)

Excel checks formulas for "consistency" so if you have b1 : = a1+1 , b2: =a2+1 , b3: =a42 + 1 , b4: =a4+1 , then the ropey B3 will be flagged up. Of course there are sometimes false positives and you switch this check off or ignore it, and who knows how many false negatives.
The message "just say no to Excel" still stands.

about 8 months ago

London Police To Wear Video Cameras In Pilot Project

MancunianMaskMan Re:preventing officers from being able to deactiva (152 comments)

the cameras a re supposed to have a 30 seconds buffer that always records, so you get the 30 seconds before you press "Start". That, and the fact that the battery is supposed to last a whole shift, makes them a very interesting device. Where can I buy one of those?

about 9 months ago

Favorite Star Wars Movie?

MancunianMaskMan Re:Episode V! (457 comments)

and then there's making bad movies because you can't tell your arse from your elbow...

and then, there's Uwe Boll.

about 9 months ago

I expect to retire ...

MancunianMaskMan Re:Frist pots (341 comments)

I wonder if the retirement age (here in UK) will go up faster than my own age, in which case I'll never get to retire.

about 9 months ago

Mazda Says Its Upcoming Gas-Powered Cars Will Emit Less CO2 Than Electric Cars

MancunianMaskMan Re:Do electric cars actually produce CO2? (330 comments)

passing neutron (= beta radiation)

beta radiation is high-energy electrons, not neutrons.

Beta decay happens in certain nuclei, upping the atomic number while keeping the nucleon count constant. A proton flips into a neutron and the spare electric charge flies off with the electron, which has comparatively little mass.

Neutrons are emitted during fission events, a nucleus splits (roughly) in half with a few neutrons left over. These neutrons are generally "fast", i.e. high-energy, and the "fast" in fast breeder refers to the fact that these fast neutrons are used for breeding rather than slowed-down ("thermal") neutrons.

about 10 months ago

Apple Refuses To Unlock Bequeathed iPad

MancunianMaskMan Re:Correction (465 comments)

This is indefensible behavior. Apple are being assholes.

Quite the contrary. The Customer is in the wrong, since she did not stipulate to be buried clutching her iPad but instead to pass it on to other beings.

She can't be of the One True Apple Faith, thus she's a heretic.

about a year ago

The Mammoth Cometh: Revive & Restore Tackles De-Extinction

MancunianMaskMan Re:just buy an costa rica island to put them on (168 comments)

mitochondrial + nuclear DNA would make an actual mammoth

No biologist here either but I believe it's technically correct, but still useless. If elephants are anything to go by, which are social creatures, a mammoth calf would have to learn a lot about its habitat from its parents, geography, what to eat, what not to eat, etc. It can't learn that from an African elephant. A zoo animal is all you would get.

about a year ago

Invention Makes Citibikes Electric

MancunianMaskMan Re:Destroys the tires (166 comments)

I went around on a Velosolex some time in the late eighties, some people thought they were cool and retro then, and you could by them new. Horribly dangerous to ride on anything but a straight line or VERY SLOWLY.

  • Weight distribution all wrong
  • Front wheel drive unforgiving
  • Front tyre adapted for roller but not good on the road

This was a petrol engine but I can't imagine that electrics now win out on power/weight either, at least not with a useful range.

about a year ago

Who's On WhatsApp, and Why?

MancunianMaskMan my daughter (280 comments)

she's 16 and uses whatsapp all the time because it's cheaper than SMS. I guess they get their demographics by analysing word frequency histograms, age being inversely proportioal to LPS ("like" per sentence)

about a year ago

Why Improbable Things Really Aren't

MancunianMaskMan intuit (166 comments)

Verbing weirds language. Seriously, constructs like this stop my reading flow. Please don't.

about a year ago

At my current workplace, I've outlasted ...

MancunianMaskMan noobs (177 comments)

count(*), decode(sign(emp_id - 16562), 0, 'me', -1, 'past it', 1, 'noob')
from employees
where emp_status = 'A'
group by decode(sign(emp_id - 16562), 0, 'me', -1, 'past it', 1, 'noob')

more "noob" than "past it"'.

about a year ago

India To Build World's Largest Solar Plant

MancunianMaskMan Re:I love numbers but.... (253 comments)

if you love numbers you do a quick calculation : 4*10^9W for $4.4*10^9: that's 1.1 US$/Watt, and once you google about a bit for "dollars per watt powerplant" or something, you find it's a pretty competitive price.

about a year ago



Never mind the tinfoil hat: Here's silver-lined pants

MancunianMaskMan MancunianMaskMan writes  |  about 9 months ago

MancunianMaskMan (701642) writes ""Wireless Armour" is a croudfunding attempt for a new kind of pants that protects ones cojones from nasty radiation. It's already at 25% of its funding goal which is an indication that the bounds of gullibility are wider than previously thought. Ther blurb reads: "Wireless Armour has the ambitious goal of protecting the health of the wireless generation..."
El reg has a short writeup."

Google buys Boston Dynamics

MancunianMaskMan MancunianMaskMan writes  |  about a year ago

MancunianMaskMan (701642) writes "Could we get deliveries by BigDog rather than Jeff Bezoes' much-ridiculed parcel drones?

The BBC has a brief story: Google has bought the engineering company that developed the world's fastest-running robot and other animalistic mobile research machines. Boston Dynamics, which builds robots for the US military, is the eighth robotics firm acquired by Google this year. Robotics expert Noel Sharkey said the move was "a big surprise" but could push the industry forward."

Link to Original Source

Space rock found in Russian lake

MancunianMaskMan MancunianMaskMan writes  |  about a year ago

MancunianMaskMan (701642) writes "The BBC has this story about the meteorite that fell from the sky 8 months ago:

Divers working at a Russian lake have recovered what may be a 570kg chunk of the space rock that exploded over Chelyabinsk earlier this year.

The object is thought to have plunged into Lake Chebarkul in central Russia leaving a 6m-wide hole in the ice.


MancunianMaskMan MancunianMaskMan writes  |  more than 8 years ago

MancunianMaskMan (701642) writes "It looks like someone big is going into the fray with Microsoft, as the BBC reports . (Tesco is the biggest UK retailer, and has 31% market share of the supermarket sector). From the article:
Tesco is to launch a range of budget own-brand PC software, in a move that will pitch the grocery giant against the likes of Microsoft and Symantec. Tesco said it would offer six packages, including office software, security systems and a photo editing tool. Britain's biggest retailer said each title would cost less than £20 (US$37), challenging what it described as the current "high" price of PC software.


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