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Happy Birthday Hubble

Mantis69 Re:Shame it only sees an illusion. (107 comments)

I don't remember seeing any exact numbers in the bible, and what really disturbs me about this type of response is the blind assumption that everything in the bible is 'true' and accurate.

I know religion is a matter of faith, and I understand the belief that Jesus and the other prophets existed. But can we really believe that the philosophy they proposed has made its way through over 2000 years without being 'modified' by the church?

The early Christian church was pretty fundamentalist (look at today's fundamentalist islamic states for examples) and it is pretty likely that the contents of the bible were modified for political reasons and to keep the people under control. So blindly believe what is written at your own peril.

As to hubble, well it is still producing great photos, and if they really are illusions they are some of the most impressively beautiful ones I've seen! :)

more than 13 years ago


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