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The Great HDCP Fiasco

MarkWPiper Re:Why they always gotta make it a fight? (728 comments)

What's amazing about this system is that it increasingly punishes the very consumer who pays for the service. I want to believe in having high-definition content. I want to be able to have my PC/TV/PVR/music-playing/photo-viewing/game machine convergence box, and I want to have the freedom of running software of my choosing on that box, with hardware of my choosing. In fact, I'd be willing to pay a sizeable amount of money to have that.

What is missing is a media option / cable company / whatever that will let me have the freedom to use their services in the way that I want -- because when it comes down to it, *I'm the one who is paying for it*. I'm the one wanting to *buy* the service, not steal it, yet I'm the one worst off in the situation.

I'm continually surprised by how angry this actually makes me. I think, "Give me my rights back! Something has to be done about this!" "Trusted" anything is about people, not computing, hardware, and encryption.

Then I remember that it's all just TV and movies.

I'll read a book until someone gives me fair use back... but then I remember that, increasingly, there is so little power that the consumer has.

more than 8 years ago


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