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Doughnut-Shaped Universe Back In the Race

Mark_MF-WN Re:College (124 comments)

Ah, the classic argument of the intellectually incompetent: using a single case to prove a general principle.

But if really think that single examples prove something, let me use myself as a counterexample.

I'm the only person in my extended family who is in college right now -- and my college is very small and doesn't provide access to stuff like that from outside the intranet. There's only one person in my family who does research, and he and I don't speak. My friends in college were mostly lit and business students, and those who've graduated still aren't working in labs with access to research journals... for some reason.

Basically, your bizarre argument seems to boil down to one or more of the following:

  • Everyone on /. is in college.
  • Everyone on /. who isn't in college hangs out with people who are.
  • Everyone on /. works in a scientific field, because amateur interest in science is inconceivable.
  • It's entirely reasonable to expect people to have to break the law in order to participate meaningfully on /..

more than 6 years ago


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