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Wiretapping Bill Passes Swedish Parliament, 143 to 138

Markus Landgren Re:Wha? (326 comments)

Oh right, the old "the social democrats started it!" excuse. Some of the right-wing politicians who passed this law actually used that one as a reason for not opposing it. While the observation is factually correct, it is not a valid reason to pass bad laws.

And as for your statement that "The opposition (the previous administration) used a law that enabled them to defer a decision for one year", that was done by the green party + the left party + the christian democrats. To refer to that as "the opposition" seems weird, since one of them are part of the current administration and the list excludes the biggest party of the opposition.

"The opposition" includes the green party, the left party and the social democrats. As for the social democrats I have no suggestion for why they chose to vote now, at least none that seems more likely than yours. But as for the two other parties, you have to consider their recent "no" in light of that they are the ONLY parties who have opposed this law all the way through the process. Maybe they really didn't want the law passed?

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