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Martian Moon Landing Why americans don't like (commun|social)ism (181 comments)

Okay, found by login password.

I don't necessarily want to comment on Swedish racism at present, or your argument about all countries being racist, I'm British and therefore can't really comment.

However, to flesh out my orginal point, I hate to see a country oblivious to its past responsibilies, and Sweden seems distinctly oblivious to theirs. Please see http://www.itv.se/boreale/history.htm (admittedly a swedish site, albeit one that uses an NT server, if that page name is anything to go by) and consider the entry:

"1913-1920: The Swedish race-segregation politic creates a system of institutional racism. The use of the Sami language is forbidden in the "Nomadicschools" A racebiological institute is created in Uppsala."

Aparthied, I think you will agree.

We're all guilty of something, and that fact that Sweden has some immigration, not a large amount but some, doesn't absolve them of anything.


(This is called being majorly off topic)

more than 15 years ago


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