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George W. Bush buys anti-Bush names

MasterAlex But.. (231 comments)

... I dont think anybody wants bad webpages about himself. And if he is smart enough to buy those domain names BEFORE anybody else does, then he is just clever and yes, perhaps hes sending the message "dont hurt me", but it is his right to do so and anybody else does it, perhaps not in the same way, but the other candidates are having this message too.
And In my opinion dies was not meant as "dont hurt me", I think it was just a trick to get some articles in the press, like this one here at Slashdot, because registering some domain names is not the way to stop pages like BushSucks... you WILL find unregistered domains (like many people wrote before) but it IS a way to get articles in the press. (as you can see here)

more than 15 years ago


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