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Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

Matheus Re:Missing (474 comments)

I bailed on Voyager the first time around because it became too repetitive and I was sick of Janeway's constant preaching. I recently watched the entire stretch (all 5 series from start to finish) and so filled in the holes in all of them that I had missed along the way. Voyager actually got better after I originally stopped watching but I still put it WAY at the bottom because they went off the rails with Q and time travel. Honestly you include it in a series that wasn't cancelled out of the blue but how can we really say that when the series stopped the way it did. That felt way forced. Someone said it had to end that year.

Between DS9 and STNG I'm a toss up. Had I voted for a Trek (I didn't) I would have voted DS9 because I consider STNG to be an 80's series.. else over all I like aspects of both STNG and DS9 better than the other so hard for me to say which wins overall.


"Once In a Lifetime" Asteroid Sighting Monday Night

Matheus Re:That's a lot of lifetimes (58 comments)

It is quite less common that an asteroid of this size passes this close. Yes you can see shooting stars nearly every night but this flyby is maybe worth missing a little sleep if you have the gear and diligence to be able to see it.

It's just sleep anyway...

2 days ago

NASA Considers Autonomous Martian Helicopter To Augment Future Rovers

Matheus Re:Lift? (83 comments)

My big question is why just have one when you can have a swarm??

Give those martians something to *really be scared about... :-)

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

Matheus Re:In after somebody says don't run Windows. (467 comments)

Repeat: Best software = None.

There are people out there (many of my friends included) who need protection from such a thing because they can't put the tiniest amount of thought into what they are doing when on their computer. I do not practice safe browsing by any means, torrents and pr0n are just too much fun to leave alone ;-), but somehow manage to never get infected without any A/V software protecting me BUT I keep getting calls from friends who's machines have turned into rotting cesspools and want them cleaned. Honestly my answer lately is "Call Geek squad" because it's not worth my time or energy to scrub their waste pond just to have it rot again shortly there after and Geek Squad is cheaper than my time if I were to bill them. So for these people A/V software may be useful but honestly again most of them already have it and it didn't keep them safe anyway.

A/V DOES otoh slow down your machine, interfere with properly running processes and generally behave like the worst of viruses on its own so why willingly go down that path.

4 days ago

Scientists Slow the Speed of Light

Matheus Re:Obvious work is obvious (139 comments)

I'm curious on the other side of the equation: (Quote from summary... why RTFA?!) "The researchers liken a light beam to a team of cyclists — while the group as a whole moves at a constant speed, individual riders may occasionally drop back or move forward." Dropping back is fine BUT moving forward should be theoretically impossible since that photon would then be traveling above the speed of light SO are they making the claim that individual photons are able to accomplish such a feat?

Inquiring minds want to know...

4 days ago

Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret

Matheus Re:Just give the option to turn it off... (808 comments)

I was kinda thinking that satisfying whine of a Ferrari myself.

The pod racers from Episode 1
Imperial March
The Jaws sound
Psycho Sound
Batman theme song
Woody Allen mumbling random stuff occasionally including "I'm a car"

Configurable based on mood :-)

5 days ago

What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

Matheus Re:Observations from being a glass explorer. (324 comments)

My number one reason that it wasn't for me? Price. $1500 is more than I was willing to spend for what it had to offer.

SO I never got to your list of what was wrong with it. If it needs to have my smart phone around for functionality (can't honestly remember) then I wouldn't spend more than $300 on it. If it can completely operate stand-alone then I'd put it in my high-end smart phone range of maybe a $800 cap assuming it had comparable specs.

After checking out Microsoft's forthcoming (someday) Hololens demo I would be disappointed if anything like Glass didn't have all of the same capabilities as it does. If it can't truly augment my world then it's not where it needs to be to get my $ at this point. Not saying MS's product is perfect either but it has set the concept bar up a notch that I really don't see Glass 1.0 living up to.

about a week ago

The Tech Industry's Legacy: Creating Disposable Employees

Matheus Re:It's about raising the mean... (263 comments)

Not always... really depends on the quality of management. Expensive people aren't always the best people to lay off anyway since they tend to have significantly higher layoff costs. (severance, etc).

The last company I worked for had some real financial issues (highly profitable company in-general but suffering from a crushing debt load killing all of those profits) we ended up going through 2 rounds of layoffs. The first, dictated by the board but implemented locally, was stellar. It's amazing how much better a company can perform when you can shed a bunch of people who were holding you back. You feel the bite a little bit because a person who was only operating at 20% was still doing 20% work that has to be made up somewhere but you also get rid of some costly bottlenecks leaving you with clearer holes to fill for partial re-hire.

Round 2 was terrible: This one was mandated by a gov't takeover so not only were the numbers MUCH higher but they were based on nationality / new background checks instead of manager input / performance. Honestly the capability of the company was severely neutered.

Honestly a layoff of the first variety every 5-10 years is good for culling the chaff. Unfortunately most larger companies seem to operate more like the second variety when they shed numbers to make the shareholders happy.

about a week ago

Nintendo Power Glove Used To Create 'Robot Chicken'

Matheus Re:Fist Bump (40 comments)

By far the best usage of the Nintendo Powerglove... :-)


The glove comes out around 4:30 BUT honestly it's worth watching the whole thing if anything for the self-deprecation :-)

about two weeks ago

Eric Holder Severely Limits Civil Forfeiture

Matheus Re:For the sake of discussion... (312 comments)

It sounds like with the new rules:

1) Confiscate
2) Confiscate
3) "Pretend" that it was never there in the first place and start shopping for a vacation...
4) Watch it drive away unless they are taking the person into custody in which case it goes to impound where the perp can get it back for a healthy Tow/Storage fee.

about two weeks ago

UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them

Matheus Re:It's been going on for years (388 comments)

Honestly (that skill needs to be taught. While reading the novel of a post above where grade by grade counts of incorrect test questions were enumerated. Mention was made about "My 6th grade math and science teacher hated me because I had to point out the errors that she made on her exams." (there were others but that's the best quotable). Response: Well, duh! No one likes to be told they're wrong, especially teachers. I can read someone describing that they gently or respectfully pursued such action but in reality it was probably less than such. I've found plenty of errors on tests over the years and if you present the issue to your teacher correctly you get thanks for helping improve their test not trials of forced humiliation.

It's amazing how much you can accomplish with empathy instead of aggression.

about two weeks ago

UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them

Matheus Re:1968 (388 comments)

I was a bit behind your curves but even in the 80's/90's computers were still pretty foreign to most educators. I and a few others who ended up in "Computer Lab Assistant" roles became the teachers. My "supervisors" were smart enough to get out of our way and let us explore. They were also smart enough to have the capability to restore each machine to image if things got messed up too much to fix by hand. (Of course we created those images and the process for restoring them)

If a teacher or administrator had issues with their office computers we were the ones they called. When a student had a hard question in computer class we were more likely able to answer it than the teacher and she was not dumb by any means (better at the machines than anyone else in the school save a couple exceptions in the math department) but she knew our value and how to gain from that while letting us gain from "play time"

I wish there were more teachers like that in the world.

about two weeks ago

Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw

Matheus Re:Makes sense. (629 comments)


about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Sounds We Don't Hear Any More?

Matheus Re:Modem connection tones (790 comments)

Strong moment of geeky pride the day I answered a modem call from a friend of mine and was able to handshake at 9600 baud with my voice :-)

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: High-Performance Laptop That Doesn't Overheat?

Matheus Re:No (325 comments)

I'm curious.. he mentions nothing about performance issues just throttling when over heated. SO for example how is the performance when NOT over-clocked?

I ask because I am currently running a clone of our entire production environment in a VM on my Dell M6800 and Dell M4800 (Both with same top proc, 32GB ram, SSD) That is the full production DB2 instance and 3 apps over 2 WebSpheres running high intensity jobs. Meanwhile the system is running an overloaded Eclipse sucking down CPU and a bunch of other software while I play videos to distract me and have about 100 tabs open in 3 different browsers. My ability to develop and constantly compile is unhindered. My laptop is occasionally warm to the touch but never overheating and I'm getting plenty of performance.

SO: Are they overheating because they are overclocked (somewhat shitty but honestly not unexpected with these chips) OR is his workload really that intensive? "Code and run DB/Test Environment" doesn't begin to describe the workload as I'm doing that with flying colors (with bloated Eclipse and WebSphere included). I have better specs than most gaming laptops minus my video hardware (which is honestly pretty decent too) and a lot of pretty lights my last actual gaming laptop had.

about three weeks ago

The One Mistake Google Keeps Making

Matheus Re:Idiot Alert x2 (386 comments)

I actually thought it was him when I was reading the summary... then I realized it wasn't long enough.

about a month ago

Tesla Roadster Update Extends Range

Matheus Re:There is a set of speeds and driving conditions (128 comments)

Also most all cars have that caveat on their range.

My last three cars have been far from fuel economical (Turbo, Turbo, W8) but the difference between driving them like my grandma and driving them like myself is a good 50-100 miles on a tank.

Even with myself the difference between City and Highway is significant. In my W8 I've gotten almost 370 on a purely highway trip but in the city I'm lucky to hit *260.

about a month ago

High Speed DIY M&M Sorting Machine Uses iPhone Brain

Matheus Re:One Potential Application For Rock Bands (85 comments)

Your last point being the more important. A couple things:
1) Van Halen (by the time they had this rider at least) weren't playing smaller/mid-sized venues. Their production (not to mention the vast majority of this hospitality rider) wouldn't fit in one.
2) If they got the bowl of M&M's at all then the high person on the totem pole did their job. They ripped out the pages related to hospitality and handed them to the hospitality staff most likely without reading because at that point it's not their job. The lawyers job was to make sure they weren't agreeing to anything they shouldn't (like if the band had demanded a kilo of Cocaine delivered to the dressing room before performance time) and after that point it's hospitality's job to get the labor/purchasing done. (and supply chain if it's that big an operation). The tech crew never even saw this part of the rider unless they were curious.
3) These were incredibly large and complex stage productions (still are... they're not dead yet). There are systems issues that just can't be avoided. Gear fails. Cords get snagged. etc etc etc... chances are there were issues with every single performance but a good production crew makes those issues not ruin a show. The times when hospitality didn't do their jobs and the band started micromanaging just proved their point by inclusion NOT exclusion of the other shows.

about a month ago



MN-US Ceases Attempt to Blacklist Online Gambling

Matheus Matheus writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Matheus writes "In response to a lawsuit filed in federal court against the head of the MN Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division the order for all ISPs to block access to a list of on-line gambling sites has been dropped. This topic came to light here when the order was placed the end of April. Thankfully a bad mistake undone by my home state!"
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