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Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

Matheus Re:Grit (441 comments)

Combine this with the ability to, on a schedule, step away in such a manner that you can reliably get past whatever hurdle/writers block you are suffering from. If you're really good you can 'force' those a-ha moments when you don't have the time to wait for them to happen. Sometimes just blindly grinding on will get you nowhere.

Back to the hell yeah tho: You don't get paid if you never ship. If you can't get the job done then it doesn't matter how great you were at starting it.

9 hours ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

Matheus Re:A Programmer Competency Matrix (441 comments)

Thanks... that was a nice ego boost! Level 2 or 3 in every category with at least 75% in Level 3.

Unfortunately I know very well a lot of what I don't know or am not good at and this list doesn't begin to scratch the surface...

9 hours ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

Matheus Re:Pick a different job. (441 comments)

I know servers making double that so... don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

9 hours ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

Matheus Re:Pick a different job. (441 comments)

Oh and PS: To a few layers up poster...

"programmers aren't smart enough to unionize" are you kidding me? To be clear I am not anti-union by any means but for my job not on your life. I'm sure life is different in the valley or big code farms elsewhere but honestly I am better equipped to negotiate as an individual than within a group. The world changes and as development becomes more commoditized this situation may change as well but I don't see that anywhere in the near future. (read my employment lifetime) when my threat as an individual to walk away carries as much weight as a union making the same threat there is no perk to the tradeoffs.

9 hours ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

Matheus Re:Pick a different job. (441 comments)

Sorry it sucks where y'all live.

Minneapolis here. Getting 40 hours or keeping to 40 hours (whichever is your issue) is not a problem. Wages easily put you in a high standard of living. Of course cost of living is much lower here than any of the cities mentioned but that's part of the appeal of living here... more bang for your buck. Well that and everything else.

If you really think it sucks everywhere that is not NYC/SF/Austin/Boston then you need to pay more attention.

9 hours ago

Why Hasn't This Asteroid Disintegrated?

Matheus Re:Why can't it just be one mass? (74 comments)

...or the possibility that the core is some ultra dense material making all those fancy gravity equations balance out! ...or because that's how the aliens who sent it want it to behave!!

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: "Real" Computer Scientists vs. Modern Curriculum?

Matheus Re:Not this again. (637 comments)

Ya the OP is asking the wrong question really... Honestly a school that is cranking out pure Java monkeys is called a "Tech School". If your Bachelors isn't providing you with the breadth of experience/knowledge you need then sorry you picked the wrong school.

I was in school during the transition.. my Intro to Programming was in "C++" (in quotes because it was taught by a C dev who barely knew any of the ++ besides basic OOP). A had a couple other classes using C++ but that quickly transitioned to Java mid-sophomore year. Of course I also learned MAL/SAL, Various hardware languages, Lisp and a number of "scripting" languages.

The important part of all of that is that the language in question was the "tool" we used to learn what the class was teaching. The class was not teaching us the language (although plenty of off-hours support was given if you didn't know it going in). Honestly I learned WAY more about memory management in my Operating Systems class which used Java as its reference language than I ever did in the handful of C++ classes I had.

Side Comment: As someone who's spent a majority of his professional career writing Java code, a Java programmer who doesn't think about memory management is a terrible Java dev (and yeah I know there are a LOT of terrible Java devs out there). I have had not a single project where close attention to Objects' memory utilization and freeing wasn't required. The terms used are different as are the calls you make but just about any software that just "leaves it up to the GC" will have issues.

about two weeks ago

Google Spots Explicit Images of a Child In Man's Email, Tips Off Police

Matheus Re: Well at least they saved the children! (790 comments)


Nothing that Google provided was "evidence" ergo it does not have to conform to any of those standards.

What Google provided was a lead that a judge deemed worthy of issuing a search warrant (also not bound by strict rules of evidence although IANAL so may be some guidelines here of their own). At that point, when the Po executed their warrant they found actual "evidence" that (assuming they didn't fud it as happens too often) would meet all rules and be admissible.

I have nothing in the cloud and my Gmail address is a forward. That being said I have no illusion that anything I do online is completely private so have no sympathy for this repeat offender who was dumb enough to keep his dirty laundry in Google's hands.

There are a lot of moral and security questions this situation raises but I feel no need to cry foul at this lil bit o news.

about two weeks ago

The Problems With Drug Testing

Matheus Re:not true because... (166 comments)

...actually to be completely accurate: TFT was crap. TFS had plenty to tell you which kind of drug testing this was about. SO our wonderful OC couldn't bring himself to get past TFT before commenting... pretty much average for /.

Personally I kind of wanted to rant after reading TFT and was severely disappointed when I read TFS to find nothing new or of interest so didn't bother to go anywhere near TFA but did scan TFC to find if anyone decided to stick to TFT's subject anyway!

about three weeks ago

Quiet Cooling With a Copper Foam Heatsink

Matheus Re:Brillo-iant! (171 comments)

That would be: <ducks /> sir...

BAM! Right in the kisser!

about three weeks ago

35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

Matheus Re:Past due not reported by companies (570 comments)

You use a check for Rent?? Mine is paid using PayPal (for both of my rental spaces)

My utilities all auto draw from my bank account.

Everything else is a combination of Cash, Trade or Credit.

I haven't written a check in years... period.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Resources On Programming For Palm OS 5?

Matheus Re: Not worth it (170 comments)

Every once in a while you can find good advice here... On first glance I agree with you but there's a tidbit at the end of TFS that led me to this place as well: "It really doesn't help the fact that I'm a beginner, but I really want to give this platform some life"

He may be able to give some life to his gifted device but he's never gonna breath life into the "platform". It's dead Jim. I fully support a beginner wanting to play with interesting things that currently being the Palm device he was just gifted and if he can get some use out of it more power to him BUT as far as investment in time and energy goes the Good Advice(tm) is to walk away from that Palm and invest time on a platform that will be usable for him into some length of future.

This is /. SO he'll probably not follow that advice and have a bunch of fun (hopefully) fighting with a dead device and probably learn some important lessons dealing with a painful OS but that doesn't change the advice itself being right.

Just sayin...

about three weeks ago

How Bird Flocks Resemble Liquid Helium

Matheus Re:Liquid Helium? (40 comments)

I c w u d t .

about three weeks ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

Matheus Re:The only good thing (511 comments)

What do you mean "now" ... rich white people have had drug problems for a very *very long time. Ever heard of this decade called the 80's? It was practically trendy back then. This article (and many of the comments) are so buried in naivete I'm not sure where to even begin...

The only thing that's "new" about all of this is maybe the "tech" focus (Check out Wolf Of Wall Street for "prior art") but really how readily doctors prescribe drugs like Percocet and Adderall because 'why not?!' It's a rationalization thing... "I'm not a druggie I don't use "hard" drugs... I just take these pills the doctor gave me!" A little harsh education would be nice...

Hey you taking Adderall/Dexadrine/etc every day... Guess what you're a meth head.

Hey you taking Vicodin/Percocet/Oxy every day... Guess what you're a junkie.

It's not gateway... it's the same fscking thing wrapped in a pretty package and delivered with a prescription.

about three weeks ago

Stanford Team Creates Stable Lithium Anode Using Honeycomb Film

Matheus Re:Bigger phone batteries would be nice. (119 comments)

I don't recharge every night. I get a good night's sleep maybe twice a week my phone should be able to do at least as well.

Seeing as several phones I have owned have lasted on a full charge for days if not weeks that is not an unreasonable expectation for the average smart phone to live up to.

about three weeks ago

Stanford Team Creates Stable Lithium Anode Using Honeycomb Film

Matheus Re:More Range Needed (119 comments)

I'd love to have an 800+ mile range but no car I've ever owned has ever even teased that (best tank ever 436miles). That being said there has been a certain standard set by the automotive industry that I *do expect electric cars to conform to or I have no problem complaining: 1 "fill" ~ 300 Miles. Your average gas tank is sized for that measure and that's a fairly reasonable amount of distance before demanding a break. I'll be a little more demanding and say I want my charge time to be roughly equivalent to my gas fill up time which is closer to 15-20 minutes. SO give me a ~300 mile range car that can charge in 20 minutes and I'll consider an electric car a viable option for the kind of long distance driving I do.

I always found it fairly disturbing that Doc Brown wasn't able to wire Mr. Fusion into an electric motor back in 1900 (or even when he installed it in 2015!). He had the know how and the means but that would've just effed up the plot now wouldn't it have!

about three weeks ago

Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

Matheus Re:What?!? (928 comments)

FYI... small missed point... this is NOT an "air waitress" or whatever you want to call her. This is a gate attendant "over glorified ticket taker" who over-reached her authority in the first place by violating long-standing airline policy of letting family board with their privileged patron (or better yet the explicit "families with children" who are allowed to board first anyway). She then made matters worse by threatening unjust legal persecution (which she in her position has the ability to thoroughly abuse) because she didn't like what was said about her.

The airline can choose to serve or not serve whomever they choose but honestly this gate attendant should be fired.

about a month ago

Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

Matheus Re:Uncertainty/fear? (550 comments)

Not sure where you went but my procedure involved nothing of the sort... ?

Full disclosure: I had PRK not LASIK. PRK is the older tech that I was forced to have because of a severe case of GPC. The difference at least in simple terms is as follows: With LASIK they use a laser or a blade to slice a flap off of your eye. They do the correction then the flap is repositioned. This results in extremely quick healing because it resembles a paper cut. With PRK they remove the front covering of your eye. Do (seemed like) the exact same correction procedure but then let the surface of your eye grow back from 'scratch'. Healing is significantly longer in duration and discomfort BUT they can use this method where LASIK isn't good (in my case severe risk of hemorrhage) AND they are able to do a better job at repair as well with less of the side effects (my night vision was completely unhindered).

I was fully conscious and had full eyesight for the entire procedure. It's actually kind of surreal as the whole thing is going on then (with PRK) they place a "band-aid" contact on the eyes while they do their initial healing. 5 days later those come off and you enter the "OCD with 5 different kinds of eyedrops" phase for about a month. After the 5 days tho I was fully functional just my comfort and vision improved as the days passed. Completely normal by about 3 months. Immediately after the procedure I tested 20/10 but settled out to about 20/15 as the healing progressed.

Honestly it's the best money I've ever spent. Yes there is the probability that my vision will slip over time but 6 years in with no complications or slide yet and I'm happy with the investment. Eventually as I get older this doesn't stop the tendency towards presbyopia either but I'll take readers over my old vision any day!

about a month ago



MN-US Ceases Attempt to Blacklist Online Gambling

Matheus Matheus writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Matheus writes "In response to a lawsuit filed in federal court against the head of the MN Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division the order for all ISPs to block access to a list of on-line gambling sites has been dropped. This topic came to light here when the order was placed the end of April. Thankfully a bad mistake undone by my home state!"
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