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Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

Matheus Re:So stream it... (579 comments)

Um... that already happened (of course ti was against Sony's will but none-the-less it's out there if you want to see it!)

2 days ago

Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates

Matheus Re:Does the job still get done? (653 comments)

Maybe a clear distinction of wants vs. needs? Take the Star Trek example: Energy and Food and Housing seem to be pretty much "free". You need to live? You can sit on your ass all day and live all you want. Transportation is also free so you can travel and see stuff and live and also do no "work".

BUT If you want to do anything more interesting then either you're signing up for Star Fleet (military) or you're doing something more interesting "of value" that affords you the resources to do that.

It's a radical shift in how the world works but I think it is a feasible destination even if the journey isn't realistically possible given the current state of human nature. I would like to get past the point that my *survival is dependent on performing some task for some other person for currency.

2 days ago

11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

Matheus Re:11 Trillion Gallons? (322 comments)

It's about 0.37% of Lake Superior...

Anyway... according to the news and Google they've received about 10Trillion gallons of rain in the past 10 days SO guess problem solved ;-)

3 days ago

Curiosity Detects Mysterious Methane Spikes On Mars

Matheus Re:another possibliity (67 comments)

Nope. It's gotta be aliens farting... There is NO other acceptable answer.

3 days ago

Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them

Matheus Re:Fire all the officers? (515 comments)

Yes. Until the police face "real" consequences for violating our rights and the rules (theirs and ours) then what justification do they have for not continuing to act as they please?

I live in Minneapolis where several settlements amounting to Millions of dollars of taxpayer money have gone to people our police force have inappropriately dealt with. We've had gang and drug task forces basically running a racket stealing goods from law abiding citizens for their own use. "We no knock raided your home because some junkie said you were dealing. Sorry you're innocent and we destroyed or confiscated all of your stuff but also sorry you can't do anything about it!"

We're rolling out a pilot lapel camera program that will hopefully spread to the rest of the force but honestly it's hard for me to believe our prosecutors will actually do anything meaningful *criminally with the additional evidence. Protect their own has gotten comical in its abuse.

I feel the same way about this as "Support The Troops".

"Support The Troops" BUT not the ones who are raping their fellow soldiers and committing atrocities in service.

"Support The Police" Their jobs are hard too BUT have zero tolerance for those who abuse their power and cause harm to the people they are charged with protecting.

Those with power should be held to the highest standards.

about a week ago

MIT Removes Online Physics Lectures and Courses By Walter Lewin

Matheus Re:Just wondering... (416 comments)

Meat Tosser!!!

about a week ago

Keurig 2.0 Genuine K-Cup Spoofing Vulnerability

Matheus Re:Holy Fuck! (270 comments)

No. That will inspire them to create an amendment and make the Keurig Coffee Tax part of the Constitution.

about a week ago

The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

Matheus Re:You're Doing It Wrong (566 comments)

If normal users could watch multiple pr0n side-by-side they totally would.

about a week ago

CIA Lied Over Brutal Interrogations

Matheus Re:Really? (769 comments)

Excuse me... "one the the biggest failures of the Obama administration"

Failure to prosecute his predecessor you mean? Obama is the executive who signed the executive order calling for a cease of such methods so... I'm all for blaming Obama for everything as you pubs can't help but do constantly but give it a rest, please. It's laughable.

about two weeks ago

Bluetooth Gains Direct Internet Access, Security Enhancements

Matheus Re:How ? It doesn't have 3G / WiFi. Needs a router (47 comments)

DRTFA and BRTFS but I can give you an few lil tidbits about this:

1) Everything connected to the internet is connected to a router somewhere along the line... that's not interesting.
2) There are a lot of ways to connect to the internet that have absolutely nothing to do with WiFi or 3G.
3) Right now a Bluetooth device can connect to another device. That device may provide a variety of services for said Bluetooth device including providing network connectivity BUT that device isn't really connected to the Internet itself. The new spec provides this device to be connected "more directly" to the net as in it will have its own IP address. The router that it is connecting to supporting the BT4.2 protocol is really no different from the WiFi access point your WiFi equipped device is talking to. Just need to add to the alphabet soup: a,b,g,n,bt

about two weeks ago

Trains May Soon Come Equipped With Debris-Zapping Lasers

Matheus Re:They're leaves. (194 comments)

I have a 1 W Laser (kinda super). Not *nearly powerful enough to vaporize leaves although I have lit a few cigarettes for people with it :-)

As for SWAT they leave me alone so long as I don't point aircraft with it...

about two weeks ago

Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?

Matheus Re:any salary at or under 100k/yr should get OT (545 comments)

Ignoring the problems with the flat number ignoring cost of living mentioned by my fellow commenters...

Since this particular number would not help me I want to mention the problem that I would like to have fixed: Excessive / required overtime. As a salaried employee I never really expected to get overtime based on my field / earnings and I really have no problem working variable hours and always getting the same paycheck so long as those hours balance out to something somewhat fair.

My previous job blew that "fair" ratio way out of the water. Specifically this would occur when we were on-site. Those trips almost always required more than 40 hours in a week because we were spending long hours troubleshooting the whole reason we had to be on-site in the first place. 50-60 hours weeks were pretty typical. I had a sequence of trips where that blew up to 100 hours / wk. At some point I forced the company to compensate me for some of that but on their side, aside from me sticking to my guns and having a sympathetic Senior VP in my corner, they have no incentive to keep me anywhere close to my actual paid hours. In fact it is in their best interest that you work > 40 every week so they get more bang for their buck. Making the bold statement "I only the 40 hours you pay me for" is great in a perfect world but when the job doesn't get done or done right on time then that's of small consolation. Having to pay (even regular pay) for any hours over 40 gives the company an incentive to hire enough staff or otherwise keep your workload manageable in a normal week.

Honestly I don't care if I get time and a half... sure it'd be great but I make plenty per hour I just want to get paid for ALL of those hours. THAT is a big reason why I work as a consultant now. I work exactly 0 hours I don't get paid for and that makes me happy. If a project doesn't have a budget for overtime then I go home after 40 and get to enjoy my life outside of work. The project I'm on just decided they wanted to fix some schedule issues and approved overtime so I'm now working more than 40 hours a week and getting paid for them all. I like it.

about two weeks ago

Trains May Soon Come Equipped With Debris-Zapping Lasers

Matheus Re:They're leaves. (194 comments)

Exercise for the reader: Try sweeping the leaves off of your driveway or sidewalk when they are wet and stuck to the pavement. Now imaging accomplishing that in a single high-speed sweep.

IANATE but I believe many trains already have such a brush but even if they don't they are not effective.

Freaking laser beams have a bunch of other issues but are WAY cooler ;-)

about two weeks ago

DOJ Launches New Cybercrime Unit, Claims Privacy Top Priority

Matheus Re:So let me see if I get this right. (61 comments)

It's a PR division pure and simple. Good Cop Bad Cop as literal as it gets.

"FBI did something 'bad' so we gave them a spanking... of course they like spankings so we gave them a bunch more and OOOH BOY that was fun! Then we went out and got wasted. Good times."

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness?

Matheus Willpower (312 comments)

As with anything worthwhile in life this requires willpower. I'm surprised it took you all the way to grad school to have trouble plowing through boring text books. The truth of the matter is no matter how far we've advanced we aren't really any better at shoving knowledge into your brain. The real change that has happened in the Google universe is that the philosophy of "Why memorize it when I can Google it?" has taken over. Unless you have some form of ADHD (honestly severely over-diagnosed but does exist) then the ability to sit down and read something long that is not interesting falls to pure willpower. I didn't want to do homework either but if I didn't my grades suffered. "Consequences" All of these distractions that are more "interesting" to you can wait. Don't blame technology for giving you more distractions to choose from.

about two weeks ago

Ultrasound Used To Create Haptics That Can Be Touched and Felt

Matheus Sexting... (41 comments)

Just got a whole lot better!

about two weeks ago

How the FCC CIO Plans To Modernize 207 Legacy IT Systems

Matheus Re:Good For Him (74 comments)

You are severely underestimating an organization's ability to apply band-aids when needed.

I'm in the middle (well towards then end) of just such a legacy replacement project. I can, without any hesitation, say this project is a success but the head aches we've dealt with are pretty severe and it took a great, well managed team, a solid couple years to get to a 95% point. The problem with legacy systems is not necessarily the errors in the code (of which there are plenty... can we say type UN-safe languages??) but the layers upon layers of process and paperwork and siloed domain knowledge that have been built up around the system to cover those bugs for *decades.

Requirements gathering is a fuzzy mess:
You start with the business and you better interview just about *everyone if you expect to get all of the edge cases the system will expect. Gather every tiny little requirement you can because at the end of the day *all of these little Easter eggs will be important.
You look to the original source code (assuming you still have access to it) to see what *it thought the business rules were and line that up with what the business thinks those rules should be. They will *not agree with one another.
You have lots of meetings to try to hash out what the rules really *should be and hopefully end up with an answer that everyone is happy with (including regulators if you're in a government office).
Than you develop the system and assuming you're being at least somewhat agile prepare for exhaustive labors every time the outputs of your system don't exactly match the outputs of the old system because even if the old system was wrong (which it was if you're doing your job right) you have to prove beyond a doubt that is the case before you can get past QA.
That pile of 500 reports the old system cranked out? Those are band-aids for bugs the old system had that the people "fixed" by reporting on the data. You will have to code the generation of a LOT of these only to throw most of them away when your code eliminates their need.
That convoluted process they want you to replicate? It is band-aid on band-aid on band-aid on band-aid on a system flaw that was never really diagnosed which you have now fixed in your reimplementation but still have to wade through how much of that process is no longer needed and convincing the stakeholders they really don't need to do it anymore because the problem is "fixed".

This is 1 system and you can guarantee all 207 will have the same headaches.

This is all "doable" but he really sounds like he has no clue about what it will take to "do" it. The mention of "cloud-based, common data platform, that's "ideally open source." also makes me want to shoot him and get started working on finding his replacement. Fuck your buzzwords and do your job. None of those concepts says *anything about the hard part of getting this done.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Biometric Authentication System?

Matheus Re:too complicated (127 comments)

I agree that this is not a great usage for biometrics... maybe if you were adding security to the whole lab not just a step verification.

BUT if you were to go Biometric then you should use Iris (Not Retina or Face). It is the easiest, fastest and most accurate for 1-1 Verification (Assuming you get your tech from Morpho... they have a patent on the only good tech right now)

Retina is just too invasive and doesn't give you any more (maybe even less) accuracy than Iris.. not really used much any more.

Face is great these days (NOT Facebook/Apple's tech... "real" matching tech) but is not ergonomic for your use-case.

about three weeks ago

Jackie Chan Discs Help Boost Solar Panel Efficiency

Matheus Re:old joke is old (194 comments)

I for one am really looking forward to my brand new Enter The Dragon solar panels!

about three weeks ago



MN-US Ceases Attempt to Blacklist Online Gambling

Matheus Matheus writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Matheus writes "In response to a lawsuit filed in federal court against the head of the MN Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division the order for all ISPs to block access to a list of on-line gambling sites has been dropped. This topic came to light here when the order was placed the end of April. Thankfully a bad mistake undone by my home state!"
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