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OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review

Matheus Re:Windows 8 (300 comments)

Oh my I have a fan! Too bad they are shy and remain anonymous... Only someone with a personal vendetta OR a true fanboi would get so worked up over that innocuous comment. Guess I hit a little too close to home.


An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man

Matheus Re: Agner Krarup Erlang - The telephone in 1909! (310 comments)

That method is working fine here for at least one particular grocery store. A large regional grocer named Lund's does this at a number of their stores. Of course the stores they are using it in have a certain dynamic and layout that seems to compliment its use.

Other than grocery:
Best Buy uses this method during the Christmas Season and seems to be expanding that to other times of the year when they are busy.
Local Electronics/Computer shop Microcenter has done this since they opened.
The bathrooms in our stadiums end up working this way.

Definitely works well... not sure why others aren't catching on.


How Curved Spacetime Can Be Created In a Quantum Optics Lab

Matheus Re:Overweight (89 comments)

"Hey Baby! My space-time curvature deviates from the standard model... wanna come back to my place and distort physics??"

3 days ago

Mixing Agile With Waterfall For Code Quality

Matheus Re:Shocking News - One Size Doesn't Fit All (132 comments)

Can't speak for the development community at large but I have yet to work in either a purely Agile OR a purely Waterfall project yet. Every one has been a balance of both and it has worked quite well so this research seems stale to me.

Given I've "only" been in the development world for 15 years I missed Waterfall's heyday (Thank Jebus) but its not like the switch flipped all the way over. Agile and a variety of other procedural breakthroughs just add to the development toolbox from which to pick the best style for each team and project.

4 days ago

OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review

Matheus Re:Windows 8 (300 comments)

Damn... you beat me to it.

M$ should sue for copying their idea!

4 days ago

Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More

Matheus Re:iMac with Retina display. (353 comments)

Um... "Yes."

The retina display is a "brand" for Apple. The term was supposed to imply that the display's ppi was great enough that your eye couldn't perceive any improvement with better. Of course it was shown pretty soon after that they were wrong BUT the measure is fairly close and they stuck with the name.

My new Dell has a less snappy name for its display "QHD+" but I'm not complaining since it has a noticeably higher PPI than Retina (as well as supposedly better tech for a brighter image at that rez)

5 days ago

Scanning Embryos For Super-Intelligent Kids Is On the Horizon

Matheus Re:Plenty of Einsteins right now... (364 comments)

This may show a couple different things:

1) IQ may be (possibly is) a terrible way to measure what makes an Einstein. Specifically the concept of creativity is complicated. There has been a bunch of research / analysis in this area with most of what I'm seeing saying an IQ test can indicate creativity but not purely the score but with in-depth analysis of how the different questions are answered (subtle).

2) There are a lot of geniuses dying on the vine for the unlucky habit of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3) A genius may or may not choose to exercise their abilities in the way Einstein did. Many a genius would be pretty smart to be able to live their life in peace without the struggle. Apply your genius to a worthy goal of spending the rest of your life on a beach :-)

SO... is the OP actually saying we need more "contributing" geniuses?

5 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview?

Matheus Re:Patents, employment, and invention (224 comments)

Ya... I was working at a company about a decade ago that was purchased. When the new bosses came in they handed us a bunch of paperwork to sign including a non-compete which we hadn't had previously. It had explicit language that said any thing we created on or off clock at work or at home was theirs expressly. I refused to sign and urged my coworkers similarly. At some point I ended up on a conference call with the legal team at overlord corporate negotiating an alternate version of the contracts which all technical staff at my firm ended up signing instead of the original. Fun moment in my career for sure.

As for IP and employment it can be very lucrative. My most recent previous employer had at least a few employees on staff who's primary job responsibility was to keep their IP in house. They collected nice fat paychecks to do very little (essentially support for implementations and debugging of potential issues with the patented algorithms). The key is knowing the value of your IP to your potential employer and take no less than everything they are willing to compensate for it without actually giving up ownership.

5 days ago

Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated

Matheus Re:I thought they loved it! (404 comments)

Nah.. I think that's more common than that. I fly delta almost exclusively and they don't seem to mind at all (especially since on most flights you're watching a video anyway unless the video system is broken which happens a lot)

I've refused to follow the stow electronics rule just about as long as I've had electronics to stow. I've gone as far as to push the flight attendants for an actual *reason why we had to stow and only got one good answer (other than because I told you to) *ever. "If we have a problem during takeoff or landing your headphone/cords will interfere with the ability to quickly clear the seats/aisle" not that that dissuaded me.

Of course I also refuse to wear my seat belt. In the nearly half million miles I've flown that's only been an issue once and that was just sliding forward on a particularly hard landing (which I compensate for with the extremely challenging action of not having my feet tucked under me on landing) Aside from the dramatic scene in "Flight" where he barrel rolls the plane there are very few scenarios where that little strap is going to save me from whatever calamity we're going through.

Anyway... flying for me is like riding a bus these days (especially with TSA pre-approved to save the hassle going through security) so much like just about everyone on the bus I really only want to be interrupted by the crew on my way on and off the bus.

about a week ago

Snapchat Says Users Were Victimized By Their Use of Third-Party Apps

Matheus Re:that's not a lot... (90 comments)

Yeah and part B SnapChat pics are *really small... low rez and tiny so you can fit a lot in a little.

about two weeks ago

Ubisoft Claims CPU Specs a Limiting Factor In Assassin's Creed Unity On Consoles

Matheus Re:boo hoo hoo (337 comments)

Get off my lawn!!!

about two weeks ago

Why Do Contextual Ads Fail?

Matheus Re:Because they are really dumb (249 comments)

...but that would be actually thinking and these guys went into marketing so they wouldn't have to. OK that's not fair but honestly these concepts aren't new in the sales world. I worked for Best Buy as a retail computer salesman for 4 years. The computers we sold were mostly losing money but we made *gobs on the accessories SO that's where our sales skill were directed. Cool the guy bought a machine from us BUT you get the pat on the back for the guy walking out with Computer + Monitor + Printer + Cables + Paper + Ink + Webcam + Office Furniture + Service Plan + "Hey do you have a subwoofer in your car yet?" That's the sale that makes money.

Amazon seems to work well in this way... the "Customers who bought what you just bought also bought the following" section is fantastic. Oh hey you're advertising to me stuff that there is actually a high chance I might want to buy now! That field recorder really does need an SD Card and a Carrying Case and an extra Power Supply and USB Cables and Batteries!

The difference is Amazon actually has that data. Facebook *might if they learned to better farm theirs but let me expand. Amazon knows what people actually buy. Facebook may or may not have that information. This gives Amazon a huge advantage in targeted marketing because they get all of the associated product connections for free. Facebook can see that you were shopping for the Zoom H4n and so will slam you with ads for the H4n. They need to dig a bit deeper... so 1 level deeper says Hey the H4n is a "digital recorder" so we can show ads for all "digital recorders". That's nice but I already bought my H4n so I don't need to see more digital recorders. Dig another step deeper and they add to their database "Digital Recorder Accessories" so then they could slam me with ads for those and I might actually need some of that. NOW take that kind of customized relationship mapping and extend it to the billions of products spread over countless product categories. Facebook needs to look at what everyone is browsing and try to cobble that kind of data together into a reliable map. The task is definitely possible but by no means straight forward or reliable. Amazon gets this data for free (heck they make money when we give it to them) and it's quality data. Privacy issues be damned I'm surprised Amazon isn't selling this data because it is *truly valuable.

The article itself wants Facebook to truly understand us and market what we might want to buy soon that we haven't even searched for yet. If they can't get the above working properly how the hell are we to expect them to develop advanced intelligence like that??

about two weeks ago

Apple Sapphire Glass Supplier GT Advanced Files For Bankruptcy

Matheus Re:How can you (171 comments)

Honestly give me the $578M... I'll burn through it in a matter of days.

Of course what I'd be spending it on is probably quite different than what they did (if they spent it at all... could be scam)

Just an off the top of my head guess:

Get large, lucrative, long term contract with Apple to deliver a component. Get large advance to get production up to speed. Spend all of it (or more... high tech factories are expensive) ramping up said production only to have your first expected large order get pushed to "undefined future". Realize you didn't budget for that and file bankruptcy.

I've seen posted that this isn't the biggest part of this company's business plan but I could easily see a company like this 'betting the farm' on this deal and screwing themselves in the process. Happens a lot. Bankruptcy is also a variety of different things so this isn't them being broke or going out of business necessarily but an acknowledgement that they are unable to fulfill their current level of liabilities. Apple may lose a bit or a lot on their investment but not really a big deal due to a combination of A) They more than anyone else in the world right now can afford it. B) They probably haven't lost as much as you think. Apple made the choice to not include this component in the '6. I'm sure they were aware of such an issue when they made such a decision. Just beans being counted.

about two weeks ago

Engineers Build Ultrasmall Organic Laser

Matheus Re:Now we need (22 comments)

Sorry couldn't shrink the sharks...

SO we got you ill-tempered minnows instead! Really ferocious little things...

about two weeks ago

User Error Is the Primary Weak Point In Tor

Matheus Re:Security is too hard (70 comments)

Incorrect. Your average criminal may be less moral BUT to lead a successful criminal life requires a level of intelligence the law abiding citizen does not require. It's easy to follow the rules laid out before you. Society has created a reality for you in which you choose to reside unaltered. The perpetual criminal chooses to reject that reality and so must not only create the one they choose to live in but constantly maintain the battlements between theirs and the rest of society's in order to not find themselves in a small locked room. An intelligent person may even be more likely to become a criminal to some degree in the respect that they see better than most the gray-scale of the world. Right and Wrong as taught to us as children is never so black and white in the harsh reality of adult life. Refining a complex moral code of your own creation and then holding yourself to it while living aside others is not for the simple minded.

As an aside, your presumption may be that the average criminal gets caught (ergo unsuccessful) but I'm afraid that is most likely an incorrect assumption. People break the law on a daily basis probably more than they think they do. The ones who knowingly do this would be your "criminal" but to assume they are well represented by the news-worthy ones being dragged off on TV is a bad assumption. Entire swaths of this society live their entire lives breaking law after law after law and dying peacefully in their old age comfortable that they lived their life the way they chose to.

about three weeks ago

Boeing Told To Replace Cockpit Screens Affected By Wi-Fi

Matheus Re:Boeing didn't contribute enough campaign donati (142 comments)

Actually (from above post copying the FAA report)
" In addition, Boeing did an independent safety review and also determined that the DU blanking was a safety issue using its own risk assessment process."

Boeing thinks this is a problem too... it's the airlines that don't want to pay for the repair. (AKA it's *their lobbyists that aren't doing their jobs)

about three weeks ago

Google To Require As Many As 20 of Its Apps Preinstalled On Android Devices

Matheus Re:worse than crapware (427 comments)

This. (Mod points lacking or I would).

The only reason I log into Google+ is for Hangouts because it's just that useful. Dismissing it because they named it poorly (if it is... don't mind the name myself aside from it's being a bit too 'friendly' for the workplace) is ignoring a very useful product.

The whole "don't want to be tracked" thing I find quite entertaining coming from all the cromags who have no clue what's actually going on. The whole don't install the Facebook App and Messenger App thing is pretty hilarious. Sorry people... you lost your privacy years ago so why cripple yourself now?? Privacy and Security are an illusion. The faster people realize this the better this world will become.

about three weeks ago

Google To Require As Many As 20 of Its Apps Preinstalled On Android Devices

Matheus Re:Empty shell of a Facebook account (427 comments)

I actually use my FB account but have been fairly cranky with people who can't bother to create a dummy one to see something I've posted there. "So you *really want to see something on FB but creating an empty no-effort account is crossing a line? Sorry... if you really want to see that you have to get over it."

As for Google+? I've had an "account" forever just because it just sorta happened. I post to YouTube and had a gmail address (just a forward) but the "login" to that ecosystem turned into a Google+ account so it kind of stuck. More recently I actually started using it a *tiny bit because their remote conferencing is actually really well done so we use it here to tie our various offices together for free. It's also better than uStream for what they provide (and free) so I've started using it for streaming live shows.

"It" is relative... Google+ the social network? I basically don't use it. Gmail, Hangouts, IM, Maps, etc... all of those are tied into that ecosystem so peripherally I use it all the time.

about three weeks ago



MN-US Ceases Attempt to Blacklist Online Gambling

Matheus Matheus writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Matheus writes "In response to a lawsuit filed in federal court against the head of the MN Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division the order for all ISPs to block access to a list of on-line gambling sites has been dropped. This topic came to light here when the order was placed the end of April. Thankfully a bad mistake undone by my home state!"
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