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What Restrictions Should Student Laptops Have?

Matt867 Re:No offense... (1117 comments)

Do you honestly think the school is giving away laptops out of the good of their heart? Sorry, the students are getting these because they will be required to do work on them. That may seem like it's no big deal to you but as an 11th grader with a really stupid/crazy IT admin, we can't even get to Google Images here (or any search engine other than google for that matter). In google, the safesearch is turned all the way up, and still I'de say a good 90% of what we can even see on the search list is blocked by a company called lightspeed. This renders all of the school computers basically useless and nobody wants to even attempt doing their schoolwork on them anymore. I don't have a problem with this so I just don't use the computers because I'm lucky enough to have a high-speed connection at my home. We live in an area with no broadband and pretty much the only fast connection most people can access is at that school. It's really shameful that they let a Christian extremist set up our filter. She has even stated in an email she sent to every teacher in the school that her #1 priority wasn't the students, it was keeping the network safe she was threatening to take away teacher computer privileges for letting kids use flash drives to move their work between computers. To add insult to injury, we have several networked hard drives that the students are no longer able to use because she says it's a "security risk". The teachers have no way around the filters and we can't even use the run command on these things (I use run to open word, paint, etc,. so I don't have to click around). In case I haven't got the point across these computers are WORTHLESS. If they were to give us laptops with the same ridiculous policies, not only would I remove them, I would teach everyone I know how to do the same and tell them to teach everyone they know.

more than 6 years ago

Sprint Cuts Cogent Off the Internet

Matt867 Re:Affecting other ISPs (413 comments)

I've also noticed my latency TRIPLE based on pinging Google (from 30ms average to 100ms average). I've been checking my equipment for malfunctions for days and have been unable to find any. I use a small ISP that is not involved with Sprint or Cognet, I hope the FCC gets involved in this.

more than 6 years ago


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