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Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

MatthiasF Re:Science is a religion, so this makes no sense (213 comments)

I present a rational argument and instead of addressing the fact by definition Science is a religion, you go off into a strawman argument trying to ostracize me long after my comment had been censored by others sharing your views.

The irony being that you literally did what you say religious people do and yet you seem so certain it is not a religion.

2 days ago

Google Introduces HTML 5.1 Tag To Chrome

MatthiasF Re:5.1? (87 comments)

Microsoft is not a part of WHATWG. They have cooperated with it's members, but are not adhering to the standard. And for good reason it seems, since they avoided the CANVAS specs worried that items in it were not royalty-free and sure enough Apple patented it and numerous other issues.

WHATWG is just as incompetent as W3C. The only way to reach a reasonable standard is for dialog and not bullying. Google has done nothing but bully over the last five years, making WHATWG more dangerous than helpful. Chrome itself has numerous behaviors that are counter-productive specifically to differentiate itself and cause a divide instead of a method of progress.

I firmly believe that those who are deciding these standards should be working as independant contractors, following an ethos and not being paid directly by any one player. Otherwise, there seems to be a lot of bias going on because so many rely on Google (from advertisements or direct payments), and we should not be trusting Google if we want an Internet without massive invasions of privacy.

2 days ago

Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

MatthiasF Science is a religion, so this makes no sense (213 comments)

The fact people are convinced that Science is not a religion is really distressing. I know many people immediately think of religions as being relying heavily on the supernatural, but there are and have been plenty of religions that had no gods or mysticism. A religion itself is simply a set of shared beliefs, rituals and philosophies, just like culture is a shared set of preferences, symbols and styles.

Science itself is just that, a shared set of beliefs as detailed by theories, the Scientific method itself a dogma and there are numerous common philosophies mingled together all rooted in materialism.

The latter, materialism, is why most people do not believe Science is a religion, because most religions over the years always had elements that at face value seemed supernatural and thus non-material. This misinterpretation is mostly because materialists recognize integrated symbols (from the cultures of the people in the religions) or allegories as literal when that is not the case.

And this is also why there is so much of a rift in politics concerning Science, because many people that support it do not realize that the knowledge it presents is not absolute and thus just as fallible as some of the seemingly ludicrous alternatives. Numerous theories are also heavily laced with other religious beliefs and many people do not even see the relationship.

Don't get me wrong, there are numerous aspects to Science that have been a huge help to innovation and progress, such as the requirements of reproducibility, but anyone that thinks that the Scientific method is they ONLY way to discover things needs to spend some time diving into the history of humanity's technological progress.

4 days ago

How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest

MatthiasF Re:All of these are supported by Red Hat (232 comments)

Red Hat also has many spin-offs that offer services under their own brand but are partially owned by Red Hat.

Ansible for instance, a competitor to Chef and Puppet mentioned in the summary.

They also have a lot of commitments to shared libraries, such as Gnome.

So, I do not understand what the summary is getting at exactly.

5 days ago

Writer: Internet Comments Belong On Personal Blogs, Not News Sites

MatthiasF Re:Jezebel? (299 comments)

From the Jezebel article you link:

"Another editor slapped a guy when "he told me he thought he had breast cancer." (Okay, that one made us laugh really hard.)"

Men can get breast cancer.

So, it seems like the editors on that site are violent and ignorant, and I should hate you for making me read it.

about three weeks ago

Massive Russian Hack Has Researchers Scratching Their Heads

MatthiasF Re:Objection! (102 comments)

So, you're saying Chrome is malware?

about three weeks ago

Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome

MatthiasF Re: Why is (201 comments)

Depends on the circumstances, doesn't it?

In these cases, the issue is a want (consume content) and not a need (consume food/water/air). So, you are ripping someone else off because you want what they have but do not need it.

And in those circumstances, you are the one being unethical. Only when you have a need that someone acts unfairly to address it, does ethics start to play a role.

Otherwise, you're just being inaccurate and melodramatic.

about three weeks ago

Massive Russian Hack Has Researchers Scratching Their Heads

MatthiasF Re:Objection! (102 comments)

Since Chrome can be installed w/o admin rights on most boxes, this has been problematic.

Why is the installation of Chrome without admin rights a problem?

Not meaning to contradict, just interested in the reasoning.

about three weeks ago

Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs

MatthiasF Re:So, what does the in-memory database option do? (97 comments)

In-memory tables allow the indexes of database tables to reside in memory to speed up transactional updates. These in-memory indexes are typically hashed for unique versioning so queries can spread throughout all of the processors in a computer, which presents the problem of the table de-syncing as each processor/core makes a change.

So, this Xeon model has special instruction set that helps keep the in-memory index synced across all cores in the server. Here is an Intel brief describing the technology and it's use:

about a month ago

Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

MatthiasF Re:Or upgrade to llvm ... (739 comments)

LLVM was started at the University of Illinois and is still copyrighted by them. Apple only hired one of the creators, so I do not see why you are giving them complete credit for developing it.

about a month ago

Nano-Pixels Hold Potential For Screens Far Denser Than Today's Best

MatthiasF Re:What's the point? (129 comments)

This is an important point. Today, most screens are designed for only 2d in mind, meaning the light is being sent out omni-directional.

If pixel density increases past what can be seen by the human eye, they could develop 3d displays using polarized films that could allow for directional displays. This means they would be similar to today's planar holographs, where as you move your head you would see a different version of the image.

This would be a huge advancement in display technology and such science fiction concepts as holodecks could be possible for numerous people to walk around a boxed display and see accurate 3D.

about a month and a half ago

FAA Pressures Coldwell, Other Realtors To Stop Using Drone Footage

MatthiasF Re:Not a rule (199 comments)

FAA has no authority below the mandated altitudes for air travel. Property owners have air rights above their property up to the FAA's mandated altitudes or as locally mandated by code.

So, the FAA should kindly go fuck itself. It does not tell us what we can do in the immediate vicinity around our homes or property.

If I want to hire a drone to do a fly through of my home, or my realtor offers to do it themselves, I will do it and the feds can shove their rules as far up their ass as they please.

about 1 month ago

Insurance Claims Reveal Hidden Electronic Damage From Geomagnetic Storms

MatthiasF And how much of the equipment... (78 comments)

How much of the equipment was actually faulty?

If the news tells them there's a major solar storm that can destroy electronics, how much of these insurance claims are simply people seeking a free upgrade for a old, working piece of equipment?

You will notice that on the worst days, there were not significantly more claims; just that on significant solar days they were more claims probably because those days got into world news.

Or insurance companies themselves only allow such claims during certain periods around such reported days.

about 1 month ago

Ask Slashdot: Unattended Maintenance Windows?

MatthiasF Automate but cover your bases (265 comments)

Only automate tasks on systems that can be quickly snapshotted and simply QC'd using scripts.

For instance, if you have a web server you want to update weekly, then setup a script on the virtual host that snapshots the virtual machine before the upgrades and then runs a series of checks on the web server after the upgrades. If the web server does not respond as expected to the post-upgrade checks, the virtual host can revert back to the pre-update snapshot and send a message to you notifying you of the upgrade failure. You could also snapshot the failed virtual machine, spin it up on another machine or instance without networking to check the logs for any errors that occurred during upgrades.

If the virtual machine is *nix based, you could mount the snapshot directly on the host and browse the logs as well, or even automate the collection of failed logs too.

Any upgrade procedure that cannot be easily scripted or delayed in such a fashion should be done manually and well attended by someone knowledgeable.

about 1 month ago

15-Year-Old Developing a 3D Printer 10x Faster Than Anything On the Market

MatthiasF Lacking details (203 comments)

What...the high intensity youtube video with techno-music and flying text wasn't enough proof?

Man, what are they gonna have to do to get through to you... make it work or something?

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Replacing Paper With Tablets For Design Meetings?

MatthiasF Top 10 Suggestions Migrating to a Tablet (143 comments)

1. Create an intranet for collaboration. There are numerous open source projects and proprietary products that can make collaborating between tablets very easy. Some allow easy customization to generation tracking or forms systems to allow you to process and share data instead of using spreadsheet or word processing applications.

2. Make sure you have a nice stylus with palm recognition and pressure sensitivity. Adonit's products for iPad, Samsung or Microsoft's own products are great as well.

3. Use Screenleap to share a desktop with several tablets. It has HTML5 support, is pretty cheap (pay as you go) and very well made API if you want to integrate it with your intranet.

4. Stick to open standards. Use established Internet standards like HTML5, PNG or SIP, and not browser-specific features or plugins, WebM or WebRTC.

5. Do not use a program like Evernote or OneNote, when you can just as easily use iOS or Android's built in handwriting systems to just insert text into documents or web-forms.

6. Buy plenty of power chargers.

7. Invest in wireless access points that allow for two gigabit up-links so you can take full advantage of 802.11ac. Max theoretical speed is around 7 Gbits.

8. Do not buy the cell modem version of a tablet unless you are off-site constantly or have a lot of transmissions when off-site. Otherwise, rely on smartphone data sharing, shared mobile hotspot devices or local wireless.

9. Make sure any design/paint/doodling app you decide to standardize on has versioning built-in so you can easily undo mistakes, because you will be making a lot of mistakes.

10. Recognize that the first six months will most likely be frustrating, but by month five you will be working as fast as paper and after month six you will be saving time.

about 2 months ago

Robert McMillen: What Everyone Gets Wrong In the Debate Over Net Neutrality

MatthiasF He is right...but (270 comments)

He isn't taking the regulation far enough.

We should not only enforce fair pricing on interconnects (perhaps even require public data on them) but we should also be demanding that Quality of Service (QOS) is honored from end to end.

There are numerous applications that are running across the Internet today that require higher QOS levels but the priority gets dropped 2-3 hops out so they can only be run on local LANs or private WANs.

about 2 months ago

Google: Indie Musicians Must Join Streaming Service Or Be Removed

MatthiasF Re:FYI: remove from Youtube not from 'Google' (364 comments)

Google does not have a monopoly on streaming video, but it has a massive marketshare for viewership that could be considered a monopoly in some regions.

about 2 months ago



I don't want to live in a world...

MatthiasF MatthiasF writes  |  about 6 months ago

MatthiasF (1853064) writes "Where I need to worry that any moment of my life can appear on online without my permission.

Where I need to worry someone has turned on and off their recording at opportune times of that moment that appeared on online to make me look bad without giving full context of the situation.

Where I need to pay money to remove said videos from the Internet.

Where I cannot walk down the street, eat at a restaurant, workout at a gym, or celebrate at a bar without worrying someone is recording to be uploaded and judged harshly by tens of thousands if not millions of people.

I doubt anyone else wants to live in that world either, but every time someone resigns themselves to allowing it that world arrives that much sooner."


MatthiasF has no journal entries.

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