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Linux Reaches 32% Netbook Market Share

Maxim Kovalenko Asia Pacific? (389 comments)

Asia-Pacific? Where people can easily get a pirated versions of Windows, which they promptly put after formatting over the linux install on the hard drive. Oh, and save $50 in the process by buying a Linux netbook instead of a Windows one? That Asia Pacific? ;-)

more than 5 years ago

After 1 Year, Conficker Infects 7M Computers

Maxim Kovalenko 7 million computers? (95 comments)

heh, they have more installations than every Linux distro combined. ;) (and no, installing a new distro every month doesn't count to the Linux total guys, sorry ;) )

more than 5 years ago

Vista Share Drops for the First Time In Two Years

Maxim Kovalenko Re:Microsoft's done itself a lot of damage lately (332 comments)

I doubt that, I doubt that highly. I am an Autocad user, and have ran both it, and office on the same machine with no problems whatsoever. Either you are full of excrement, or you are running things on a 386. I had no problems with drivers either. The experience was a great deal more pleasurable than dancing around with trying to get CUPS configured properly back then. Back when this was an issue, I was working for a CAD software/machining design firm (as a support tech/software trainer). I dealt with this configuration on a regular basis, and it sure as hell ran a lot better than Linux at that time. The only time we ever used Linux in our IT dept was a couple of Knoppix live cd's we kept with us as an emergency measure. I dealt with numerous machining/tooling/fabrication firms all over the country, and never ran into a single customer that ever had a problem with Autodesk's stuff back then. Your comments reek of pro-linux propaganda, as does much of the comments on this newspost.

more than 5 years ago

Ksplice Offers Rebootless Updates For Ubuntu Systems

Maxim Kovalenko Hmmmm...... (211 comments)

Nice idea....I just wonder how long it'll be before somebody forks it? ;)

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Says IE Faster Than Chrome and Firefox

Maxim Kovalenko Let me fix this... (532 comments)

"Loads most malware faster?" See, corrected it. It is IE after all ;)

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Withdraws Vista's Kill Switch

Maxim Kovalenko Re:If made you bitch... (635 comments)

I wish I had the mod points to mod this up. smity_one, you have great class.

more than 7 years ago



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