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University of Michigan Student Wants SafeNet Prosecuted

Medevo Re:p2p != illegal (393 comments)

This attitude stems from the fact, I think, that music HAS been free for God knows how long on the radio.

Music, and TV, while you don't pay a cent for when you watch or listen still has a cost. For these systems the reason why they seem so happy to give it away for nothing is because of advertising.

Music isn't free on the radio, even if thats the public perception, and its not unreasonable that these companies would like make money from not free music on the internet. The problem is part of the effectiveness of advertising is not realizing that it actually has any impact on you, the ad companies don't want people to realize that they are paying for radio by listening as many will typically "pay" less.

Media companies and the advertising industry are inexorably linked currently. Without moving to a pay-per-consumption like many computer games (even though they are moving closer to the dollars of ads) or iTunes et al I doubt this problem will go away soon.

more than 6 years ago


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