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Apple Camera Patent Lets External Transmitters Disable Features

Meest Tape? (268 comments)

Uh,,, i see Infared and think why not just cover the IR sensor with Tape/some other thing that would block it from picking up signals??

Thats what i did growing up to stop the channel from being changed by my siblings...

more than 3 years ago

McDonald's Hacked and Customer Data Stolen

Meest Marketing company, Not McDonalds (178 comments)

This should read. "Marketing Company McDonalds contracted was hacked" I don't see anywhere that it says an actual McDonalds server/store system got hacked...

more than 4 years ago

Minutes I spend on the phone, on a typical day:

Meest Re:Less than 30? (264 comments)

1. Teach your Girlfriend how to text. No seriously! She'll love it! Then they start using that thing called twitter and following all the famous people they like so much and you never have to deal with them calling you again, or discussing the latest rumor mill, or who is dating who, and all that BS!

2. Get your mom some e-mail! I trained my mother by responding to her voicemails via e-mail. She now knows to e-mail me if she wants a quicker response.

If you don't mind talking on the phone, then ignore these suggestions. I have better things to do than to re-arrange my day for a silly call from my mom asking if the latest e-mail chain is true or not, or that my girlfriends co-worker was playing solitaire all day while she did hard work.

more than 4 years ago

Big Brother In the School Cafeteria?

Meest Re:Big Brother? Not Quite. (425 comments)

Where do you live that they haven't done this already?? The local schools haven't had soda served in them in the last 7 years at least, along with candy. you can only buy "healthy Juice", milk and bottled water. They also have "healthy" muffins and fruit salads you can buy from machines.

I don't see why this is such a big deal either... I live in north dakota, and the school district here implemented this back in 1995? My parents would check to see what I bought to see if I was buying extra food when I wasn't supposed to (sure enough i got caught buying a 2nd slice of pizza).

How have these schools been doing this for so long without such a system??

more than 4 years ago

Compared to a year ago, social networks now ...

Meest Re:..are as superfluous as ever. (270 comments)

Its like opening the refrigerator and then closing it, only to open it 5 minutes later in the hopes that some magic pudding/beer/left overs suddenly show up....

more than 4 years ago

AMD Hates Laptop Stickers As Much As You Do

Meest Re:This is one place Apple has it right (597 comments)

Then why don't you buy a car with no logo's?? If they want to sell the car they'll do it. Last 2 cars I've bought I've told them if they want to sell it, to remove all their billboard advertising from the car including the annoying paper license plate place holders

Heck I've had them remove pin-striping before I would buy it. I de-badged my pickup of all forms of brand (You could still tell it was an S10 by its shape) on the outside with the addition of a billet grill that I wanted..

Have you ever ASKED them to remove it?

more than 4 years ago

Superheroes vs. the Westboro Baptist Church

Meest ambiguously amusing (631 comments)

I saw this title and the first thing that came to my mind was two guys dressed up as the ambiguously gay duo joining them in protest....

more than 4 years ago

Starbucks Frees Wi-Fi

Meest Re:Yay! (241 comments)

You know, I tried to not pose for Society one time...

But then the officer told me to put my pants back on....

more than 4 years ago

I last bought 3.5" floppy disks ...

Meest Just last week (505 comments)

I was ironically thinking about this the other week when I had to go hunt some down. The Theatre I volunteer in has a light board (Manufactured in 2006) that still uses floppy disc's to save the show data. The same company used Floppy disc's for their architectural settings up until a year or so ago also.

I was lucky enough to find a 5 pack on clearance of course at the local mom and pop computer store... it was the last one... Gonna have to search for a few more containers, as this board isn't going to go anywhere anytime soon.

more than 4 years ago

MPAA Shuts Down Town's Municipal WiFi Over 1 Download

Meest hhhmmm (323 comments)

I think this village just found their idiot!

more than 5 years ago

Facebook VP Slams Intel's, AMD's Chip Performance Claims

Meest Re:You're Computin' for a Shootin' Mister (370 comments)

So, if he's looking for this form of technology for their servers, why doesn't he just be like google and roll his own if he isn't happy with what the other offerings are? Is he just lazy and feels like complaining?

If I can't find a solution to an issue I normally try and find my own solution instead of standing around complaining, as that will get me no where.

more than 5 years ago

Bush's Electronic Archives Threaten To Swamp National Archives

Meest Re:Wouldn't work here (185 comments)

A question that should be asked. Is why was there not a network admin/security offical managing this data durring the administration? Did all of this data just get dumped into a hard drive with no organization?

Sounds like another bad excuse for not planning for the future... This should have been proactivly handled and organized. Now the "Oh Shit" factor is very large and daunting.

Time to hire a security/system admin for the president administration...

about 6 years ago

Battle Over Minimum Pricing Heating Up

Meest Re:MAP vs Price Fixing (272 comments)

It's not just because of the discount. Lets go back to the 800 dollar cost. Internet store company sells 20 of the 1000 dollar speakers a month. Well now it can put all 20 of those on a pallet and stock them because it knows it can sell them.

20 speakers will give you free freight because of the order size (Just like at many other stores you may order stuff from)So now the speaker costs 70 dollars less per speaker. Now that store may feel like selling alot of speakers for less than the normal amount to make the same amount of money with more volume since they bought 20 speakers and they want to make sure they sell them all that month so they don't have any carry over to the next month when they order another 20. They now again have an upper hand on the smaller dealer.

Raw numbers will let a dealer outperform another dealer.

more than 6 years ago

Battle Over Minimum Pricing Heating Up

Meest Re:MAP vs Price Fixing (272 comments)

Just a quick question.

Are you an authorized dealer with Intel, the case manufacturer, and the Ram Manufacturer? If you are I'm sorry as this won't apply.

But with speakers There are dealer minimum sales to stay a dealer. So for JBL lets say I need to sell 15,000 in speakers a year.

If I can not sell that many speakers, I can not stay a dealer, therefor I can not become an authorized parts dealer, and I am not authorized to handle warranty work for speaker issues. Therfore A speaker I sell to a customer that has a warranty issue I can not handle.

Therefore How do I sell a speaker to a customer if I am not an authorized dealer? If I sell it to them they will not have a warranty? Sure I can get it through a distrubutor but thats being shady to the customer, and downright bad business.

more than 6 years ago

Battle Over Minimum Pricing Heating Up

Meest Re:MAP vs Price Fixing (272 comments)

Exactly. Protecting the Dealers from other dealers is the reason for MAP Pricing.

I worked in pro audio for 5 years. MAP is very prevailent in that market. I live in North Dakota. Its not like I sell 1000 dollar speakers every day like Musician's Friend does. So if I'm a dealer and the 1000 dollar speaker costs me 800 dollars. plus 70 dollar shipping. I'm making 130 dollars per speaker.

If there is no MAP. then The online retailer is able to then sell the speaker for say 850 dollars and and then sell more, getting better pricing so that the speaker may only costs them 700 dollars. well now they're able to sell it for less than what the smaller local dealer can and still make a profit. and make up the extra amount in gross sales. Isn't this reminding you of Wal-Mart?

These companys want to keep their local dealers open. They want to have a place for you to take your unit back to for support. if they don't have MAP there is no reason for that local dealer to even been selling the product if they can't even be competitive with the pricing.

Make sense?

more than 6 years ago

FCC Approves Unlicensed Use of White-Space Spectrum

Meest Re:Great! More interference (138 comments)

Do you do any research into this subject?

Musician's and production company's have not been ABLE to buy the correct licensing to run the microphones in the first place!

In order to get the permit you have to be a licensed broadcaster or broadcast media creator. Then you can get a permit.

So in a sense the musician's and company's that use these pieces of equipment aren't even able to get the correct licensing by law because of the law.

And as for buying something else. Please tell me where I may buy a Sennheiser EW300G2 IEM system that is in a correct frequency band?? Thats right, they don't make any!

So lets see if I have all your arguments here.

Q. They don't have the licensing
A. They can't get the licensing because of the FCC laws.

Q. Why don't they buy something else?
A. Because their is nothing else.

Please remember next year when your city wants to budget more money for replacing their wireless equipment that they have in any civic center/event center/broadcast center they have, to think back to your answers here.

My quest that I would like to ask is. What becomes of the people that actually were able to get licensing for their units? Is it now tough luck, thanks for playing?

more than 6 years ago

Inventor Open Sources "TV-B-Gone," and Why

Meest Re:A Necessary Addition (340 comments)

I don't even know how many places this will work? Are there alot of places that do not have Professional grade TV's installed in their places??

I just recently left a commercial installer and all the professional TV's we were installing had no IR/RF it was all RS232 control. If they did the IR was on the back, and we would cover up the sensor with a backup IR control eye with a patch so nothing else could controll it.

Most places I've gone to have done it right and installed TV's that you can't mess with.

There are a few bars that have normal TV's. But if you're in a bar why would you be shutting of someone else's TV's in the first place?? what gives you the right?

I just don't get why you don't just move/leave/go to another establishment...

more than 6 years ago


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