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Microsoft Links Malware Rates To Pirated Windows

Merithiel Patches tend to fuck up more than they fix (348 comments)

Very true in my experience. There hasn't been a machine which I've had which at some point I stopped doing updates on because some sequential update killed the machine irreversibly. Rarely, one can roll back or uninstall some update or go back to a restore point, but most of the time the only thing to do is to back up data and do a sys repair/reinstall/ghost.

For example, I got me one of them awesome Gateway P7805u notebooks a while ago and it came with a Vista SP1 license. I installed some stuff and then remembered that I can do updates. So I decided to go to SP2. Long story short, it fucked up some essential drivers and no amount of rolling back would help. Restoring from image was simple, but imagine having to do so with a vast array of installed apps and whatnot just because an update killed it all.

Hence, this is why I can't see a reason for actually buying licenses. I mean, the IEEE gives me oodles of them to use, so everything's all legal and nice...but if they didn't, I'd have no problem installing a Pro build 2600...

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