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Four Facepalm Bugs In USPS Label-Printing Site

Merk42 Re:My God... (182 comments)

What's he getting out of this?


about three weeks ago

Time To Remove 'Philosophical' Exemption From Vaccine Requirements?

Merk42 Re:freedom 2 b a moron (1051 comments)

what if GP has a child that can't get vaccinated due to an allergic reaction and therefore relies on the herd immunity?

about a month and a half ago

Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

Merk42 Re:They should've gone to 11 (171 comments)

That's Apple's move.

Latest version is 10.10.1. they seem rather reluctant to go to 11.

about 2 months ago

Firefox Signs Five-Year Deal With Yahoo, Drops Google as Default Search Engine

Merk42 Re:...Feeling (400 comments)

Negative, that's how you should feel.
{tech company} did something new? ARRRG change is bad!
{tech company} stayed the course? ARRRG it's stagnating!

about 2 months ago

Firefox Signs Five-Year Deal With Yahoo, Drops Google as Default Search Engine

Merk42 Re:Market Share in 2019? (400 comments)

I think AC is saying Mozilla is making Firefox work for the majority of its users which may not include you.

about 2 months ago

FCC Says Net Neutrality Decision Delay Is About Courts, Not Politics

Merk42 Re:"Net Neutraility" a cover for regulating Intern (60 comments)

Who would you rather control the Internet? Government or Big Business (who pays off Government)
I'm not saying one is better than the other, just that it's inevitable to be one or the other.

about 2 months ago

Mozilla Updates Firefox With Forget Button, DuckDuckGo Search, and Ads

Merk42 Re:Can't wait for this! (327 comments)

They'd probably be fine with that. Those kind of users are self-entitled whiners who believe people should work on Firefox completely for free because gimme. Also that work is always wrong because it's either a change and change is bad, or it's no change and that's also bad because then they're clearly just wasting their time.

about 3 months ago

Terrorists Used False DMCA Claims To Get Personal Data of Anti-Islamic Youtuber

Merk42 Re:Typical muslims (389 comments)

That won't solve all of it though, in every case of a person carrying out a violent threat, it's a human. We should just exclude humans from human rights.

about 3 months ago

Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin Leaving Google

Merk42 Re: Did he leave or was he invited to leave? (82 comments)

Those settings in iOS, while they might not be the level of control you are looking for, are more than what Android offers. So that answers your orignal question of "In what way is Android playing catch up with iOS? Are they features people actually use or even know about?"

about 3 months ago

Debate Over Systemd Exposes the Two Factions Tugging At Modern-day Linux

Merk42 Re: How about we hackers? (863 comments)

That's right, Linux is monolithic, but on the other hand--and this is a crucial difference--Linus is hugely concerned about preventing breakage. Of all the large packages I use, the kernel is the one that gives me the least worry when it comes to upgrade time.

L. Poettering, on the other hand, seems to relish in breaking things. He sure isn't big on commiserating with people whose systems his code has broken.

OK, well then let's do what Linus says is best. What's that? He has [no] particularly strong opinions on systemd itself”? Systemd it is then!

about 2 months ago

Net Neutrality Comments Surge Past 1.7M, an All-Time Record For the FCC

Merk42 Re:Good (81 comments)

As a result of that - and NOT GOING FOR this campaign - you're going to end up with some sites performing fine unless you pay more. It'll be like Cable TV packages all over again. Well done, fucktards. The internet won't be what it is, in another ten or fifteen years. Just remember to look back over your shoulder and blame yourselves for it.

about 4 months ago

Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Merk42 Re:My opinion on the matter. (826 comments)

Translation: "Anything new is bad. Once something 'works' it can never be improved upon"

about 5 months ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Merk42 Re:Nobody else seems to want it (727 comments)

So the sale price of software is inversely proportional to its quality?

about 5 months ago

Skype Reverses Decision To Drop OS X 10.5 Support, Retires Windows Phone 7 App

Merk42 Re:See what happens when you whine enough? (99 comments)

XP got extended for years, twice. What would be 'well enough'? Forever?

about 6 months ago


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