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Really, Why Are Smartphones Still Tied To Contracts?

MetaPhyzx Re:That's easy (482 comments)

Mod up.

Metro PCS seems to be exploding everywhere and has decent pricing. They actually saved me a ton on my Big 3 contract; I picked up the phone bill of a family member and opted for MetroPCS instead of adding them to my Voice and data plan.

about 9 months ago

How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

MetaPhyzx Re:Let it die (510 comments)

It would help if you didn't conveniently quote. =)

I never inferred that erroneus' comments were racist or discriminatory; simply that he presents his comments as a known truth. Just like the poster after him who was keen to toss out "AHA! RACISM!"

I also note that there are commonalities, but those commonalities do not lead all those others would consider to be a member of said group into groupthink (that would be me admitting certain (read ALL) groups or cultures have commonalities).

My point? Avoid doing it altogether (conveniently grouping).

about 10 months ago

How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

MetaPhyzx Re:Let it die (510 comments)

He wasn't making an accurate observation; he was providing a deliberate and presumptive conclusion. I'm not accusing him of being racist or bigoted or any other loaded term people seem to toss around because they need to have their point of view out shout the next man. I'm simply saying that what you see from individuals (which is what we all are) does not apply to everyone you deem fits in that spectrum.

I gather all deaf people do not think alike.

  I don't know this for certain but I can get some insight from deaf people I know. Even then I can only tell you what is their individual perspective, because no single person speaks for an entirety.

. I can tell you first hand all Blacks/African Americans do not think alike although we may for the most part have similar societal experiences in the US. This is the fourth time in at least two days I've seen the same type of comments deriding some social group (or gender if one includes the thread regarding women and programming).

Black Culture... White Culture... it's American culture that's at play here; where the individual meets society, and what that individual values.

My deliberate and presumptive conclusion? It's starting to look like the Yahoo article comments section in here.

about 10 months ago

Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

MetaPhyzx Re:Why are there so few black engineers? (397 comments)

That's interesting. Considering I am "Black", all I can remember my culture rewarding was self reliance, equal opportunity under the law and intelligence. Maybe that's because I'm a child of folks who counter-sat, but I don't know about that. A good number of the fellow African Americans I went to high school with ended up in careers in IT or engineering.

It is almost like saying "White culture tends to sum up all things they don't fully comprehend in a blanket of fear." That's about as inaccurate as the above.

Now, if you were to say that the present American popular culture does not reward intelligence I might be inclined to agree.

That said, I don't think Rev. Jackson's efforts are in the right place.

You want more "minority engineers", then you have to cultivate that at the primary school level. If you find that your are generating people sufficiently tooled, but lacking opportunity, then you have a problem at the higher levels.

This isn't just a problem for African American and Hispanic youth (or women for that matter), it is a problem for the United States that the skills required to fill these positions are not valued socially (a strong belief in scientific principles; mathematics; problem solving, etc.).

about 10 months ago

AMC Theaters Allegedly Calls FBI to Interrogate a Google Glass Wearer

MetaPhyzx Re:Why? (1034 comments)

Displaying a firearm in public is an established crime..

Not necessarily.


Unless by displaying a firearm you mean brandishing a firearm. Open carry (by which you are demonstrating that you do possess a firearm) can be quite legal.

1 year,7 days

Chimpanzee "Personhood" Lawsuits Fail In New York Courts

MetaPhyzx Re:so how will they earn a living (370 comments)

The example you are using to make your point involves members of the same species which says more about who we are when we have power versus how intelligent the represented other is.

Those championing American slavery for the most part knew full damned well that what was taking place was morally wrong, but had no intention of giving up the free labor/industrial power and freedom it provided.

Being members of the same species with the same verbal communication capacity (with formed language being the only barrier, not significant biological difference) a Frederick Douglass was never required; remember, free Blacks had been in America since its founding and some were slave owners themselves.

Once you factor in biological differences, you're stacking the deck against a species who cannot verbally communicate with you. Considering that there are members of some of these species that apparently can communicate with us via other means of language (sign/symbol), maybe this silliness regarding the burden of proof will die.

about a year ago

DoD Declassifies Flu Pandemic Plan Containing Sobering Assumptions

MetaPhyzx So i guess all of those... (337 comments)

...films depicting chaos and societal breakdown aren't that far off, aye?

about a year ago

Working Handgun Printed On a Sub-$2,000 3D Printer

MetaPhyzx Re:3D-Printed Revolver? (521 comments)

Mod this one up. Thanks!

about a year and a half ago

Working Handgun Printed On a Sub-$2,000 3D Printer

MetaPhyzx Re:3D-Printed Revolver? (521 comments)

And you don't think that the number of women who engage in violent crime would not increase? I'm not sure I like this thread because it has stereotypical gender based roles all over it.

In reality the solution is not simple. As long as government spends its time trying to put restrictions on long guns er... "assault" weapons when the vast majority of crimes committed with firearms is done with handguns... as long as we can dig up the non-existent tax dollars to intercede half-way around the world yet not fund mental health in a substantial way.... as long as we engage in these sharp divisions and definitions regarding politics and beliefs....

It is far from simple.

about a year and a half ago

How NASA Brought the F-1 Rocket Engine Back To Life

MetaPhyzx Re:iterative dev, no docs, took us to the moon... (221 comments)

The saturn V was not production, was only reliable with great effort, and with incredible highly skilled and trained people.

I agree with the majority of this sentence, save for the first section.

The Saturn V was launched ten times as part of a mission, which would make them all "production". That's a total of fifty F1 engines (5 per each first stage). If I'm not mistaken, two unmanned tests were scheduled; I cannot remember if it was tested on those after the engine became flight rated. With a usage window for the engine in production from 1968 to 1973 (Skylab).

I believe the OP was referring to the process to get the engine flight rated with all the nuances noted, which means his initial heads up to the managers of today accurate.

about 2 years ago

Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

MetaPhyzx Re:Guns don't kill people; bullets kill people! (1719 comments)

Kind of late to the discussion, but regulating and restricting bullets sounds easy, but no.

In order to remain proficient with a firearm, you're going to have to practice shooting. If you're the sort to prefer a certain type of ammo, you might buy 100 rounds or so (50 per box for 9mm, .380, on and on.).

You can easily go though 100 rounds at a range in one day.

Hell, you can easily go through 500 rounds in a trip to the range (.22LR) using ONE firearm. Heaven forbid you have two that use the same caliber, or multiple that use different calibers.

Now, if I take a 22LR caliber competition target pistol, and say, a 22LR rifle to the range to practice say once a month, then have to explain to someone why i'll buy another 500 rounds by ACCOUNTING for every bullet I just fired at a range (by filling out a form? By saving every expended shell? By justifying why I need to practice my marksmanship once a month?), that makes no sense.

It is almost like my boss asking me to account for every paperclip I use in the office.

I'm not attempting to belittle your question; You might not be someone who uses firearms. There's enough bickering going on here.

The reality is that Gun owners in the United States, and people who shy away from it are going to have to stop making budgetary decisions based on greed.

There is no reason we can't have background checks on every gun transaction that takes place (although I can actually think of exceptions to this rule, but it doesn't matter). Hell, I'm for a one time tax in which the proceeds go either towards prevention of gun violence efforts (supporting the apparatus that keeps guns out of the hands of those who should not have them), or as a "tax" that goes toward supporting mental health budgets in states.

There is no reason why we determine our budget cuts by undermining the weakest in society. (Healthcare, physical, mental or otherwise is not an "entitlement"; the ability to provide it universally is an extension of technological and societal progress, and if we have to pay for it so be it).

Quit the "I know better than you, My values are more important than yours." bit. On both sides. If you live in a urban area or if you live in a rural area, your lifestyles might be significantly different. It doesn't make your values any less. Quit thinking you know more that the other guy.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft's Killer Tablet Opportunity

MetaPhyzx Re:Apple is already doing it all (282 comments)

Office compatible suites? Check.
One Note? Check.
Businesses employing MDM for iPads and using them intensively in the corporate sphere? Check.

The iPad (or any other tablet I'd imagine) was not designed to replace your notebook or desktop, but still has a powerful place as a corporate asset. For most execs, being able to access email and look at documents (while taking a few notes) without having to lug around the laptop is a plus. Is it a novelty? Yes. Can it play a significant role in business? Indeed it can.

more than 2 years ago

Why People Don't Live Past 114

MetaPhyzx Re:yet more biblical contradictions (916 comments)

I always though of the forbidden fruit was not just a parable regarding knowledge, but consciousness/self awareness... That once Adam ate, death became a reality for him in that he could interpret what it meant (or to be naked, or note time passing).

  He was going to die regardless, but now he was aware of what was going to happen. After he had that snack with Eve, the party ended.

more than 2 years ago

Human Sperm Produced In the Laboratory

MetaPhyzx Re:Blood==Stem Cells==Babies????? (368 comments)

That's an anonymous sperm donor and regarding a clinical procedure..

If you "donate" your sperm the old fashioned way, good luck with that defense. There have been (at least in one case) men who have been sexually assaulted, and required to provide for the offspring of the unwanted union.

more than 5 years ago

Artist Wins £20,000 Grant To Study Women's Butts

MetaPhyzx Re:Sir Begs-A-Lot (202 comments)

See... Even white boys got to shout...

more than 5 years ago

Artist Wins £20,000 Grant To Study Women's Butts

MetaPhyzx Re:1992 is calling... (202 comments)

True Dat.... Anaconda and all. :)

more than 5 years ago

SLI On Life Support For the AMD Platform

MetaPhyzx Re:Well... (186 comments)

I'm not sure why one would buy the models you suggest, when you can get a 4870 or 4890 at less cost and fairly comparable performance. the highest of the high end ATI's are cheaper and you're not going to complain... any about performance.

I've got a 4870, and with the price point they are at these days I'd assume they're doing pretty damned well..

more than 5 years ago

US Plans To Bulldoze 50 Shrinking Cities

MetaPhyzx Re:Better places in Ohio to run a bulldozer (806 comments)

You're right. It is class warfare, not racism, but racism plays a part in all of this and how it got so damned bad.


I still own a home in Cleveland Ohio on the east side, in one of those depressed areas. Still have many of the same neighbors and I spend a lot of my weekends there. I grew up in Cleveland in the 70's and 80's, and every week I go home I find something new to either appreciate or decry.


I was one of the first kids who was subject to forced busing when Frank Batisti ordered it, which only increased the rate of white flight out of the city save for the not so fortunate poor whites who quickly became a minority.


The reasons for doing it were legitimate. Cleveland (like Boston at the time) was a sub-surface segregated city, especially after the Hough riots, but forced busing was one of the accelerants.


There wasn't the over-publicized, exaggerated 24 hour news you get today; as a young kid, my neighborhood was pretty damned good. Next door neighbor was a cop, two houses down my neighbor worked on the election board. One of the worst thing I remember happening as a young kid was a neighbor kid dying in an accidental self shooting. My parents didn't want me bused, but they weren't going to move (If you don't think that Cleveland's suburbs for a long time had an insidious policy of making any blacks unwelcome in that area, you're greatly mistaken.I spent tree years post college living in Parma in the 90's which was 90% white at the time. I was pulled over 22 times. Yes, I kept count.).


At the same time, you can't help but wonder what the hell did you do wrong save but be born different.


Where I grew up, the only time I saw anyone that wasn't of my race or Vietnamese was at school, at my dad's/other relatives on the weekend or while out shopping.


Think about that. And then think about it some more as to how fucked up that is.


Once my teen years kicked in it was a whole different world: crack epidemic, infrastructure really crumbling, city exiting default, tax abatements sabotaging the school system (brilliant idea, Mr. Voinovich).


In the early 90's it was home building (more tax abatements) in the empowerment zone corridors, as if that was going to attract back the tax base. Didn't work out so well.


Somehow most of the kids I went to school with turned out to be pretty intelligent productive members of society. And some of the suburban kids I spent summer advanced placement camp time with ended up being clerks who check me out at Target.


There's a constant refrain here, and the causes aren't simple, nor are the solutions. I sat here reading this thread just anticipating when the arguments for class warfare were gonna pop up. Everybody has a simple solution. It's always easy to anyone who only had the option of looking from the outside in.


I live in Columbus now, because that is where work took me. I make a very, VERY good living. My kids spent the first few years here in Columbus public schools which if you listen to the local town criers are hell holes. I had no problem with it because the world isn't a utopia. You have to understand why things are the way they are, and then determine how to do your part to change it.


They don't attend CPS these days. Once again, work and my desire to get from behind the wheel and bike into work took over (Columbus unlike Cleveland has a shit infrastructure for public transport. No train, no all night service...none of that).


But I still have that house up in Cleveland. I still pay taxes there. I still vote absentee there. My family's there, and I don't feel like I'm going to get blasted in a hail of gunfire from my front porch. The city has massive problems no doubt, but just driving by it and just saying how fucked up it is while ascribing to a simplistic solution isn't going to help.

PS: As a side I do appreciate the parent poster's willingness to not post anonymously. When you have something to say and believe it you should be willing to put your name on it. WHile we may disagree I can say I do indeed respect you in that difference. Kudos.

more than 5 years ago

Understanding Addiction-Based Game Design

MetaPhyzx Re:Is Virtual Companionship Good? (308 comments)

There is no substitute for physical, in-person, flesh and bone companionship.


I'm a gamer and there have been times that I've set aside what I consider an extensive number of hours to play. One such time that comes to mind is the release of Rome: Total War in 2003/04 or so. I remember playing late nights for two weeks straight including, sleeping about an hour and then heading into work. After the kid was asleep at 8:30, I'd be back at it again.


When I was younger and had fewer responsibilities (pre-children), devoting that much or more time to a game would not have been as big of a deal.


However there is a limit. Yes, it may be no different than devoting hours to a hobby and just as tangible. Yes, using an online game as a fulcrum for social interaction for those that it does not come easy to (and for those of us whom it does as well) can be rewarding, same as a hobby would.

Yet it still can't beat having a beer or a glass of wine with your friends, or a good vacation, or that certain girl/guy with a twinkle in their eye. It can't beat watching your kid run the wrong way on the soccer field.

I'm not sure the phenomenon qualifies as an addiction; we are way too eager to classify anything we can as such. By this definition texting could be an addiction. Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, on and on. But it might be a harbinger something the parent alludes to, which is our willingness to substitute physical interaction and learning how to deal with people for virtual interaction and further stratifying ourselves.

more than 5 years ago



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