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Chatbot Suzette Wins 20th Annual Loebner Prize, Fools One Judge

Michael Kristopeit Re:not so chatty bot (257 comments)

so you apparently have only have 22 account.

bravo, retard... you win the gold in hypocrisy.

if you or your coward friends try and rape my kids, i will kill you.

more than 3 years ago

Why Facebook Won't Stop Invading Your Privacy

Michael Kristopeit Re:WHY THIS STORY IS LIE... (219 comments)

i already told you who i was. you're an idiot.

you publish comments to the world... it is the world's business who is responsible for them. if you can't handle such responsibility or liability, then don't publish comments.

you're an ignorant hypocrite.

the power is certainly mine.

you're completely pathetic.

about 4 years ago

Red Hat CEO Says Software Vendor Model Is Broken

Michael Kristopeit Re:WHAT vendors? (223 comments)

why should i believe you? i walked past the dealership today and asked the salesman what time it was, even though i had a clock on the phone in my pocket... i was testing him. he gave me the correct time.

why do you chose to not claim responsibility for your comments with your given name? why do you cower? what are you afraid of?

you're an idiot.

about 4 years ago

Disc-Free Netflix Streaming Arrives For the PS3 and Wii

Michael Kristopeit Re:Bandwidth Hog (188 comments)

it already is in the interface... choose a lower quality setting.

as for limiting bandwidth, that most certainly is a function of the router... any software solution on the other side of the router from the internet would be a less efficient hack.

about 4 years ago

Can Large Scale NAT Save IPv4?

Michael Kristopeit Re:Fuck you. (583 comments)

and some of them weren't you... making "i'm the guy above" a completely ignorant statement.

you refuse to divulge your given name or address.

my name is michael kristopeit. i own the property at 4513 brittany ct, eau claire, wi, 54701.

why do you expel effort telling me i could find your information easily, rather than provide it? why do you cower? what are you afraid of?

you're a completely pathetic coward.

about 4 years ago

Apple vs. Google TVs

Michael Kristopeit Re:tivo premier blows them both away (403 comments)

and you're replying to my original reply to someone else... jumping in a conversation and incorrectly assessing the situation.


necessity =/= sufficiency.

you're an idiot.

about 4 years ago

Bittorrent To Replace Standard Downloads?

Michael Kristopeit is it finally time to remove direct downloads? (591 comments)

no. it will never be time. i see added value in a direct download... if a company offered a direct download or a tracker to request the same download from others, i'd take the direct download unless a direct download would take more than a day and a tracker request would result in a completed download in under an hour.

about 4 years ago

Minnesota Moving To Microsoft's Cloud

Michael Kristopeit the thing the summary doesn't tell you... (345 comments)

rather than distributing less money to utilize an open source infrastructure that is provided as is with no guarantees, distributing millions of dollars through a responsibly insured bureaucracy will create more jobs... something the notably numerable members of the class of the unemployed are "pushing the big red button" for this election season.

about 4 years ago

Ubuntu 10.10 Release Candidate Launched

Michael Kristopeit Re:10.10 (172 comments)

golf > A team

about 4 years ago

Long Island Town Enacts Tough Cell Tower Limits

Michael Kristopeit Re:waaaaaah waaaaaahhhhh (310 comments)

i know you don't get it. the town can do WHATEVER THEY WANT. it's called democratic freedom.

go be a communist somewhere else.

more than 3 years ago

Canonical Designer Demos Ubuntu Context-Aware UI

Michael Kristopeit Re:what happens... (237 comments)

why do you assume you are any different?

you are NOTHING

more than 4 years ago

Security a Concern As HTML5 Advances

Michael Kristopeit Re:security is built in the application, not platf (234 comments)

why not quote the changes made to the HTML 1.0 spec... or perhaps the changes necessary to the first telephone switch? one time i installed a dead bolt upside down and had to turn it around so it would work as intended.


you bringing up HTML4 only further suggests i'm right, as you can muster no pertinent factual evidence of your own.

you're an idiot.

more than 4 years ago

BP Permanently Seals Gulf Oil Well

Michael Kristopeit Re:The last 25% (368 comments)

i ensure you, me and my family have much larger ordnances than you.

you are not capable of shooting ANY of us. we would LOVE to shoot back, and we're all waiting for you. 1 step on MY PROPERTY and i have just cause. DO NOT ENTER MY LAND.

implying that capital offenses can exist in a relative state IS IGNORANT. you are an idiot.

my address is 4513 Brittany Ct. Eau Claire, WI. 54701.

because my family and i have not yet been shot, you are also A LIAR AND A COWARD.

you are NOTHING.

more than 4 years ago

New Crypto Attack Affects Millions of ASP.NET Apps

Michael Kristopeit Re:when it comes to anything important: (156 comments)

said the idiot...

considering the platform stack ALREADY EXISTS to build on top of, it's obvious that you're wrong, and building such a stack is not "impossible". do you always curse and get agitated when realizing your own inabilities?

you are NOTHING

more than 4 years ago

Two-Photon Walk a Giant Leap For Quantum Computing

Michael Kristopeit Re:does this mean (112 comments)

ur mum's face is a troll

more than 4 years ago


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