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Portables Without Cameras?

Michael.Forman Re:Sounds like you've covered it pretty well (442 comments)

I work in a very secure environment that cannot have cameras as well. Our cameras are disabled in hardware by opening up the laptop case, disconnecting the camera cable from the motherboard, covering the camera lens with an opaque sticker, and then placing a tamperproof security sticker over a case screw. Our laptops are inspected by our security force by verifying the presence of the opaque sticker and tamperproof security sticker. Almost all laptops have separate cables for the integrated camera, however the unibody 17" Mac Book Pro that I just purchased does not. They had to pull the cable on the camera, Bluetooth, and WiFi all at once. I have to use a third-party wireless card for WiFi now but to me that's just part of the job.

more than 5 years ago

Sysadmin Toolbox Top Ten

Michael.Forman Re:ren-regexp (304 comments)

Wow. You're a snarky little bastard aren't you? :D

As an alternative to getting stuck in an endless cycle of suffering from and then countering your negativity, let me just state the perl mantra: there's more than one way to do it. I thank those who have posted snippets of code and who have emailed me similar programs. It's this kind of willingness to share that made Linux and Perl what it is today.


more than 8 years ago


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