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Reviving a Commodore 64 Computer Using a Raspberry Pi

MichaelJ Re:old tech (165 comments)

$-terminated string output. Bless ya for bringing back good memories. Gotta go now ... INT 20h.

5 days ago

DoD Public Domain Archive To Be Privatized, Locked Up For 10 Years

MichaelJ Model Releases? (183 comments)

If these images are then provided for money, does that have implications for requiring model releases for any photos with recognizable individuals in them?

about 4 months ago

Slashdot Asks: How Will You Replace Google Reader?

MichaelJ Why do I need an aggregator? (335 comments)

An application on my desktop, or "app" on a tablet or smartphone, is all the aggregation I need in order to read the RSS feeds to which I'm subscribed. The only functionality that Google Reader ever provided that I needed was syncing unread/read information across those applications. Of course, under the covers the applications were letting Google do all the heavy lifting, even the RSS feed checking. Going forward, though, all I need is an RSS reader application that's multiplatform with read/unread syncing.

about 10 months ago

Apple Updates MacBooks and Mac Pro Desktop With Haswell, "Unified Thermal Core"

MichaelJ Re:I like it! It is a brillant design. (464 comments)

I have two additional expansion cards in my current Mac Pro: FW800 ports and USB ports. I use them all. Seriously, only 4 USB ports on the new Mac Pro and all of them are in the back? That makes plugging in a camera a pain unless I pre-fill all those ports with cables and leave them dangling in the front of the machine. And only 4? I have 8 devices plugged in right now, and most of them say "Do not try to use with a hub." They definitely won't work plugged into the keyboard; they *might* work plugged into the ports on a Cinema Thunderbolt display, but who knows. Which interface will the almost-mandatory-in-a/v-work DVD drive plug into? If you're going to force me to go all-external, fine, but give me enough ports! Don't even start with me about "swivel," that's useless once the power cord is plugged in.

about 10 months ago

What Features Does iOS 7 Need?

MichaelJ Re:simple (262 comments)

No, but there's no reason why Airprint can't work with any shared printer on your Mac. When AirPrint was first announced Apple were going to support this - then they signed an exclusive with HP and disappeared the feature. There's third-party software to do this (e.g. Printopia). At one point, I found instructions for adding the appropriate zeroconf and CUPS settings to my Linux box so I could print to it (but a later iOS update borked that).

On a Mac, handyPrint works wonderfully. I have a networked HP laserjet that predates AirPrint. It's set up as a shared printer on my Mac, and then handyPrint adds the appropriate Bonjour advertising and any other necessary tidbits. Printing from my and my wife's iPhones and iPads works great. I have no connection to the company, just a very satisifed user.

about 10 months ago

FBI Releases Boston Bombing Suspect Images/Videos

MichaelJ Re:Wow (416 comments)

I believe 4chan's photos are all from the other bomb site, not where the FBI-released photos were taken.

1 year,1 day

Boeing Dreamliner Catches Fire In Boston

MichaelJ Another One Today (151 comments)

Another Dreamliner just got a fuel leak and dumped a good mess all over a taxiway at Logan until the engine was shut down. Not a good week for 787s in Boston.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Do Coding Standards Make a Difference?

MichaelJ Screw whitespace, it's about maintainability (430 comments)

I'll give you a coding standard that's worth having: use a prefix to clearly identify your module statics and globals. If in an OO language, your class statics and member variables, too. If I'm looking at your code and I see an assignment to a nonlocal variable, I shouldn't have to go off analyzing the entire source tree to find out what it is.

about a year ago

Apple Declutters, Speeds Up iTunes With Major Upgrade

MichaelJ HelveticaNeue is awful (295 comments)

The change of font is horrible. On both my 11" MacBook air and my big 1920x1200 cinema display it looks blurry, hard to read, and is too large. I've read that it looks nice on a retina display, but for the rest of us it's illegible crap with no way to correct it except by manually editing the plist file and crossing your fingers you don't screw it up.

about a year ago

How Hair Can be Used To Track Where You've Been

MichaelJ Re:food sources distort results (133 comments)

There are other bottling facilities in New England. Pepsi has one in Cranston, RI. Coke has one in Londonderry, NH.

about a year and a half ago

FCC To Allow Cable Companies To Encrypt Over-the-Air Channels

MichaelJ Re:Do Not Want (376 comments)

It's not just the cable company. It's the production company, too. I have Verizon Fios, and on my TiVo, an hour of a 1080i AMC show like The Walking Dead is 3.25GB, while an hour of the ABC show Once Upon a Time is 5.86GB. It's very obvious, too, The Walking Dead looks blotchy, full of glitches and artifacts.

about a year and a half ago

$1 Billion Mission To Reach the Earth's Mantle

MichaelJ Re:I guess you;ve been watching... (267 comments)

I was shocked I had to scroll down this far before seeing a reference to Crack in the World. Too many young'uns on Slashdot. The Core is a terrific movie when compared with Crack in the World. You want bad science? How about blasting a new moon out of the earth, eh?

about a year and a half ago

Nestle's GPS Tracking Candy Campaign

MichaelJ Tin Foil? (172 comments)

I love the fact so many people still refer to it as “Tin Foil” despite the fact we've been using aluminum foil, not tin, since the middle of last century. This gives me hope for such phrases as “dialing the phone.”

about a year ago

iPhone 5 Scorns Standards Promise To European Commission

MichaelJ Re:Fuck Apple. (543 comments)

iPod Out was a special feature that allowed the iPod to generate a display on, say, a car's video screen. It has nothing to do with the audio stream or with being able to control song play. It goes away because the analog video out signal goes away. I think only BMW and Mini actually used the feature.

about a year and a half ago

Xen-Based Secure OS Qubes Hits 1.0

MichaelJ Re:secure you say? (175 comments)

You are correct about Zones. They're even lighter-weight than paravirtualized VMs, which in turn makes them ideal for some things, and not others. Solaris also has Logical Domains (LDOMs) which are very much like VMs. They see only the hardware that has been mapped into them. If you need something to be visible to multiple LDOMs (like your network interface) you have to have a control LDOM which owns that particular piece of a hardware and virtualizes it for any other LDOMs that want to see it. They're not the easiest thing in the world to set up, but work well (on larger hardware) and are nicely isolated.

about a year and a half ago

Booted From Airplane For Wearing Anti-TSA T-shirt

MichaelJ Here's My Question (826 comments)

If you're a white male, and you were there, would you have offered this guy your shirt to wear, and then worn his shirt? Looked the pilot and Delta employees in the eye while you put it on?

about a year and a half ago

GCC Switches From C to C++

MichaelJ Re:RTFA (406 comments)

Maybe not a big deal on a Linux system with an older G++ already installed, but this could be a serious issue for bootstrapping GCC on non-Linux platforms. Where you might have only needed the native C compiler before, now you will need the native C++ compiler, which may be an expensive product.

Unless they're going to make it a multi-step bootstrap where the first pass is only C code. I highly doubt that.

about a year and a half ago

Google Granted Cloud OS Patent

MichaelJ Re:specific claim (143 comments)

We did this in the late 1980s with SunOS diskless boot of 3/50 and 3/60 workstations. They didn't get their "preferences" from a separate server, though, which would be enough to not be prior art for the patent.

about a year and a half ago

Starbucks Partners With Square

MichaelJ Phone app doesn't require interaction with phone? (145 comments)

“Pay With Square, Square’s cellphone app, which eliminates even having to take the phone out of your pocket or sign a receipt.” Okay, so how does the cell phone app work if I don't actually unlock the phone or run the app? And while you're at it, if I'm inside a shopping mall, the GPS location is going to be completely wonky and it will have no idea what store I'm actually in.

about a year and a half ago



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