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Lego to Open Mindstorms NXT Firmware

MicroBerto Re:Labview is an abomination (138 comments)

Whoa there, cowboys. Before anyone starts trashing LabVIEW or defending it too harshly, I'd highly recommend doing things the right way.

First off, you can demo LabVIEW online at this link or download an evaluation version at this link (pretty big download).

Next, check out the LabVIEW Introduction Course - 3 Hours Long or preferably the LabVIEW Introduction course - 6 Hours Long. I believe these were written for LabVIEW 7 (latest version is 8.0.1), but you can still get the idea.

Graphical and dataflow-based programming is much different, and it's not going to be a seamless transition. However, after working with it heavily for as little as 4 months, I am HOOKED. If you sent me your C code, I'd be lost and frustrated. Now, if someone sends me their LabVIEW code, I can "just see it" -- like Neo at the end of the Matrix. It's hard to explain, but it just makes sense at a glance now.

Another cool thing that Slashdotters would like is that there is a LabVIEW forum that is supported by both National Instruments employees and LabVIEW enthusiasts. Some guys in there just love helping you out, just as you've seen in the Linux community. forums.ni.com. Very friendly community (although if you are a flamer, NI employees won't say anything, but other customers sure will!)

So try to understand it before bashing it, or just ignore it. But LabVIEW *IS* a programming language -- just something much different than anything you're used to.

PS: No, LabVIEW is not open source. But it's "open enough" for most people.

Oh, and if you check the job listings, you'll see that knowing LabVIEW can get you a very nice salary in some industries. It's the defacto standard for anything in test and measurement, and is branching out to other things now.

more than 8 years ago



What I Learned From Being a Reality TV Character -

MicroBerto MicroBerto writes  |  more than 4 years ago

MicroBerto (91055) writes "One year ago, I was thrown into a reality TV pilot titled Crash Test, which aired on Spike TV on April 27th, 2010. On Crash Test, we used top-notch stuntmen and stuntwomen to recreate accidents and crime scenes to see who was really guilty or innocent.

I was the “biomedical scientist” of the bunch, and took measurements to determine if the real-life accidents would have really occurred in our simulations had we not been using professional stuntmen and women. Here is what I learned from being the geek on the set of a Reality TV show."

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