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White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization"

Mike Frett Re:Baby steps (352 comments)

Carter put Solar on the roof of the White House and when Reagan was elected, he revoved them. So you do have a point.

about two weeks ago

The CDC Is Carefully Controlling How Scared You Are About Ebola

Mike Frett Re:Increased public vigilance?? (478 comments)

If you come in like that, most Hospitals will give you something for the symptoms and send you home. And that's the sad part.

about three weeks ago

Snapchat Says Users Were Victimized By Their Use of Third-Party Apps

Mike Frett Re:That 4chan guy, at it again. (90 comments)

That's because Kids don't know any better and Parents don't care.

about three weeks ago

If We Can't Kill Cancer, Can We Control It?

Mike Frett Re:Can't or don't want? (140 comments)

The thing about AIDS is the fact that while it could have been controlled and extinguished a long time ago, it works on the Human desire to procreate. I know it's really hard to take and will upset people but if we did mass testing on the entire planet and placed all the infected people on a large Island inhabited only by them; AIDS would be a thing of the past for the rest of us. But things like silly morals get in the way of that.

What really bothers new is all the NEW Viruses just in the past 10-20 years. Nobody wants to say it but we all know it's because of overpopulation. Until we do something about that, you can expect more of the same. There just comes a time where you have to throw morals out the window in order to correct things.

about a month and a half ago

Technological Solution For Texting While Driving Struggles For Traction

Mike Frett Re:A solution in search of a problem... (326 comments)

It says "people are increasingly unwilling to be cut off from constant communication". In those cases I suggest putting those types of people in some sort of rehabilitation facility. If you are unable to stop using your Phone, then my friend, it's called an addiction and they can get very dangerous for you and especially others if you are unwilling to control yourself.

Most people will say they "need" a phone or a some other form of technology; no you don't. Water, Food and a place to live are needs and other things such as a Phone are wants. People greatly confuse Needs verses Wants these days.

There is simply too much reliance on Technology now. A World War or some sort of Space event is all that's needed to stop your Phone from working and the way you have entrenched this Tech into your life, your survivability without these devices in the event you are cut off for many months is low. The unfortunate part is that no one will do anything about this reliance until it's too late. Humans have a knack for waiting until it's too late.

about a month and a half ago

5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked, Google Says No Evidence Of Compromise

Mike Frett Re:OK (203 comments)

My account is leaked also but I was one of the first to get a Gmail account and it's an extremely common word. People use mine as their Spam email and it's a big hassle. The password listed for mine is nowhere close to any of mine. So whoever is using my email are the ones in trouble.

about a month and a half ago

L.A. Times National Security Reporter Cleared Stories With CIA Before Publishing

Mike Frett Re:A little scary (188 comments)

You would be surprised how very little power the President actually has. It's the people in the background that turn the keys and press our buttons.

about 2 months ago

New US Airstrikes In Iraq Intended to Protect Important Dam

Mike Frett Re:news for nerds? (215 comments)

There is no such thing as ISIS. It's Government/Mainstream Media nonsense created to keep you in fear. It's been quiet for awhile and they needed a new thing to keep you in check.

Turn off and tune out and you'll live a more stress-free life without living in fear and worry that the little brown skin people will come bomb you.

about 2 months ago

Comcast Tells Government That Its Data Caps Aren't Actually "Data Caps"

Mike Frett Re:Let me get this straight (341 comments)


As long as they can Watch their TV and squint their beady little eyes at their Phones; they don't care what's happening.

about 2 months ago

Household Robot Jibo Nets Over $1 Million On Indiegogo

Mike Frett Re:crap hardware (61 comments)

I had a Speak n Spell when I was a child, damn thing was awesome. I actually learned things that helped out in school. Kids today have so many technologically advanced tools available to them, there is no reason to make anything less than A's.

about 3 months ago

Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

Mike Frett Re:666 (753 comments)

Yeah it's going to be funny when something happens to the Satellites and Internet connected systems and you can't access any of your money. And don't say it can't happen, we all know the dangers but choose to be ignorant about radiation, space debris and war.

about 4 months ago

DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

Mike Frett I'm sorry (188 comments)

I am extremely sorry, but if we "Humans" can't learn to live without this type of nonsense and live peacefully together as one people on one Planet; then maybe it's time to pull the plug on this Civilization. We have brainwashed ourselves in such an extreme fashion that we allow our primitive side to completely engulf our ability to reason.

about 4 months ago

Peer Review Ring Broken - 60 Articles Retracted

Mike Frett Re:Wikipedia (178 comments)

Change something and watch what happens, It'll be gone in five minutes. Same with the Blu-ray Wiki, post anything true but condemning and check back five minutes later -- poof. "They" get paid good money to keep things in the companies best interest. Which is also why I don't donate anymore to Wikipedia.

about 4 months ago

Gamestop's Ludicrous Idea: Require Preorders To Unlock Custom Game Content

Mike Frett Young Gamers (86 comments)

You young gamers have it rough i would say, back when I played Games, ALL the content came on the disk and the Game didn't require a patch every two days. We played a finished product that some company put love into because they themselves were Gamers and wanted to get it right "the first time".

I feel really sorry that you've all just gave up and accepted being ripped off and cheated. It's sad you don't what a good Game really is but I'll give you a hint: It's not Graphics. Multiplayer? We had that too, but nobody ever send messages threating our lives if we killed them in-game. Again, I feel sorry for you younglings and your loss of meaning for words like "Good" and "Fun".

about 4 months ago

Russia Wants To Replace US Computer Chips With Local Processors

Mike Frett Good News (340 comments)

Hear me out. The more Countries that turn from American Hardware/Software, the more American Companies will question cooperating with agencies like the NSA. How can that not be good news? unless you care nothing about your rights or the Constitution.

about 4 months ago

Draper Labs Develops Low Cost Probe To Orbit, Land On Europa For NASA

Mike Frett Re:NOOOOOOOO!!!!! (79 comments)

What's this "Book" thing you speak of, some Ancient form of communication or something? I've heard of it but don't really know what it is.

about 4 months ago

Researchers Find "Achilles Heel" of Drug Resistant Bacteria

Mike Frett New Drugs (106 comments)

Yeah I've had some of these so-called new Drugs like Antibiotics and such and the side-effects are worse than the disease. A lot of people including myself are unable to take some of the newer things like Avelox and Levaquin without turning yellow and having Heart palpitations. I think Aspirin and Penicillin were the last breakthroughs that gave the best performance with little to no side-effects for most people.

Better testing and more focus on eradication of side-effects is what's really needed for any new Drug. That's going to be hard with the FDA pushing everything through because of under the table "donations". There are even a lot of Drugs now for conditions that are seemingly made up, it borders on ridiculous.

about 4 months ago

Physical Media: Down, But Maybe Not Out

Mike Frett Physical Media (116 comments)

Call me crazy but I prefer to have the physical copy. This way I can watch it anytime I want and I don't need to worry about the inevitable loss of Internet connectivity. It's the same with Cash, I prefer Cash as it's inevitable that via some Galactic event or War; Satellites will be disabled. People don't generally think about these events, but they are inevitable.

I still buy DVD also, I turn my nose up at Blu-ray due the ever-changing DRM and sorry quality of the players. Upscaling HDMI DVD Players are the best they have ever been and look just as good as HD Programming on TV. There is also a rumor among companies like Warner and Fox that they are currently taking a loss on Blu-ray sales by trying to match the DVD prices; you see it costs money to go back and do new transfers and add all that extra content. Not to mention all the angry people that will come when they realize they need to buy the Disk again when 4k/8k and whatever else arrives. And to be fair I tried to get into Blu-ray, the quality upgrade wasn't worth the constant lock-ups, slow menus and firmware nonsense.

Also for people like me, having to replace 1000+ DVDs is not financially possible since I own all the movies I ever wanted and have no real interest in "modern" films; they're all either remakes or reboots anyway and consist of 90% CGI. But if I were forced to choose, I would probably skip Blu-ray and go Digital Download, as if I wanted, I can record the stream and make my own DVD. For anyone who has done it, a DVD made from an HD source is very high quality, even better than the retail version.

In any case, I don't think Physical Media is going away anytime soon. I think you would have a better chance of dying in your own Bathroom.

about 5 months ago


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