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P2P Traffic Drops 10% After New NZ Law

MikeDaSpike Re:domestic increases...... (110 comments)

Back when Portugal had ridiculous data limits on international traffic, there was a version of eMule that filtered the traffic. There was even a option to allow a certain amount of international traffic and then stop allowing international transfers. It was tailor made for portuguese people tho. I'm sure in NZ there's a ipfilter.dat for utorrent that only allows inside traffic.

about 3 years ago

P2P Traffic Drops 10% After New NZ Law

MikeDaSpike Re:Hahaha. it failed. (110 comments)

The internet needs a font for sarcasm.

about 3 years ago

NSF Funds Mind-machine Interface Center

MikeDaSpike Re:NSF Funds? (60 comments)

Yes, you withdraw them from the ATM machine.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook Blocks Google+ App, Google Removes Twitter From Real Time Search

MikeDaSpike Re:Fortunately redirecting through Yahoo still wor (250 comments)

You're probably using a facebook blocking application/extension. I had to disable Facebook Disconnect before the icon appeared.

more than 3 years ago

Google To Rebrand Blogger & Picasa For Google+ Integration

MikeDaSpike Re:Google+, the social network you cannot join! (162 comments)

No they didn't. I just invited someone 3 hours ago.

What they did, and has been done since they "enabled" invites was to throttle the amount of people that can join. So only a certain amount of people can join in a certain amount of time. So if they say it's "full" then you just have to try later.

Also the e-mails aren't instant anymore. So I would believe if you get an e-mail you would get a guaranteed invite. But I wouldn't count on that.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Cloud Suite

MikeDaSpike Re:We use it here (200 comments)

The only use for the blink tag:
Schrödinger's cat is <blink>not<blink> dead.

more than 3 years ago

Gitbrew Releases OtherOS++ PS3 Linux Dual Boot

MikeDaSpike Re:Benchmarks! (240 comments)

Have you tried OpenCL? I don't know about waves and stuff, but for SHA-256 hashing my i7-930 CPU does about 8 Mhashes/s and my NVIDIA 470 GTX does about 150Mhashes/s. I heard ATI does even better when computing integers.

more than 3 years ago

Why Science Is a Lousy Career Choice

MikeDaSpike Re:Managers make that decision (694 comments)

If they did why didn't he encode a message relaying all our important documentation in advancements in technology so we could be 20 years ahead in technological terms? They have modems in the 90s, i'm sure they could understand it...

more than 3 years ago

Google Agrees To Biennial Privacy Reviews

MikeDaSpike Re:Do no evil (63 comments)

How many companies show you pages like this or this? Facebook is even worse by not letting you control what information they give out to their "partners".

more than 3 years ago

Experimental Batteries Charge In Minutes

MikeDaSpike In minutes? (335 comments)

My phone's battery charges in seconds! ~7200 seconds.

more than 3 years ago

Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Mode Predictably Controversial

MikeDaSpike Re:Cannot believe (344 comments)

Postal 2, I believe it was called "Capture the Snitch" or something like that,

more than 3 years ago

AT&T Cracking Down On Unofficial iPhone Tethering

MikeDaSpike Re:USA #1 (513 comments)

This happens to me as well, I host a FTP server in the US, if any of my Portuguese friends want to download anything at max speed (25Mbps) they have to use a download manager that allows them to use separate connections to download separate parts of the same file. Either that or I split the files with winrar and they download 10 files simultaneously. Note that it's not multiple peers like bittorrent, but multiple connections to the same IP. I believe there is an artificial cap in a router somewhere in the middle, but it's easily bypassed.

The individual connection cap seems to be around 4Mbps.

more than 3 years ago

How Do People Respond To Being Touched By a Robot?

MikeDaSpike Re:Human touch is seen as empathetic (137 comments)

So, you're telling me that no one person in the world will be able to have emotional attachment to something artificially created no matter how good it is?

We read books and watch movies, what happens in there is emulated by words and body language. None of it is real, that why it's called fiction and acting. But people still have emotional attachments to what happens to the characters in the story, even though they know well that it's not "real".

Most robots "creep" people out due the uncanny valley effect. If a robot acts too mechanically, your brain is being constantly reminded that it is not a real person even though it looks like one. The easiest solution is to make robots to not look like humans. If it looks like a big-ass toy instead of a doll there's no conflict, and you will be able to attach to it emotionally as you can with dogs/cats/other animals.

more than 3 years ago

Japanese Build Pocket Robot-Cellphone Hybrid

MikeDaSpike Re:Something odd (81 comments)

If you go over at sankaku complex (NSFW site) they once in a while post survey results (mostly from 2chan) and the majority of it shows that most japanese girls despise otaku (nerds). Also, for some reason japanese culture thinks that moaning as if you're being raped is the standard while having sex. That might be bad or good, depends on your preferences...

more than 3 years ago

A Mind Made From Memristors

MikeDaSpike Re:Artificial Brains? (320 comments)

Then someone else figures how to do a quantic entaglement of a pair of brain/brain brain/device. That would be the shit.
Instant access to all information
You could see/feel/taste/smell/dream anything else, independently of it being male/female/squirrel/cow/eagle/whale.
You could be someone else entirely different, remotely controlled by your own brain as if it was you

Me personally, I want to feel how a woman feels when she moans that much. Yeah, the killer app is fucking roleplay porn.

more than 3 years ago

HP CEO Goes On the Lam As Oracle Hunts Him Down

MikeDaSpike Re:Don't mess with Larry (137 comments)

If anything he''s a ninja. If Hollywood movies and weekend morning cartoons have taught us anything, it's that a trained ninja's ability is inversely proportional to the amount of the adversaries he is facing. Don't believe me? When a ninja is facing a thousand samurai, a single punch can thrust them meters away, and he will defeat them swiftly and without fail. When a ninja is facing a single samurai, it will be a duel that will be sung for centuries and. So if he hired a army of ninjas, all that Oracle would need to do is hire a single one to counter them.

more than 3 years ago

Open Source PS3 Jailbreak Released

MikeDaSpike Re:Patch 3.43. bye bye USB. (226 comments)

FUD are emotions. A post can't be a emotion.
I think you mean BS.

about 4 years ago

Web-Based Private File Storage?

MikeDaSpike I have the reverse problem... (467 comments)

When I die I want everyone to be able to see what the hell I was doing when they weren't around. Hiding yourself after you die is just fucking pointless, you're dead. You no longer care (or do anything else).

Probably you want your wife to be able to get those mails and pictures. Or your family might at last figure out why you were so could to them after they find out that you knew that they were a S&M troupe that made special shows every friday night and left you out of it.

Yeah my life is kind of complicated.

more than 4 years ago


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