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Air Force One Flyby Causes Brief Panic In NYC

MikeXpop Re:Wow.... (898 comments)

I'm a 7 minute walk from Logan International Airport. 747s do land in what is practically my front yard every day. That doesn't mean I wouldn't be alarmed at the sight of one being tailed by two F-16s when flying low over a major city. Particularly if that same section of downtown was famously attacked by two commercial airliners not even a decade ago.

more than 5 years ago

Air Force One Flyby Causes Brief Panic In NYC

MikeXpop Re:Wow.... (898 comments)

If you were in Manhattan and saw a low-flying commercial airliner tailed by two F-16s, you wouldn't blink an eyelash?

more than 5 years ago

Best Buy Coughs Up $54 Million For Napster

MikeXpop Re:Stupid (164 comments)

I remember when they launched this and the story broke on Slashdot. Back then the draw was $0.88 DRM-free WMAs, which now seem to be MP3s. I can't check the site at all on my mac, so I don't know if the price-per-song has changed. In any case, the Amazon store seems to have made Wal-Mart's service obsolete; Amazon delivers cheaper albums in DRM-free MP3s available on all platforms.

about 6 years ago


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Attention anyone in the DC area!

MikeXpop MikeXpop writes  |  more than 9 years ago I'm doing a National History Day documentary on the Committee on Public Informaion during the First World War. I'm done my research and script and have started filming various pieces of it. Unfortunately, I'm a bit strapped for time and I need more photographs.

Here's where you come in. One of the things I need a photo of is a building in Washington DC. The adress is 10 Jackson Place. This was a former headquarters-of-sorts for the CPI, and had previously belonged to Senator Daniel Webster. I don't know where this is exactly, but a little poking around on google showed me it should be near the White House. Unfortunately, it may be within closed quarters.

If anyone can get me a (or some) digital photographs of this building, I will pay you $5 (via paypal) and be forever grateful. You'll also be mentioned as a 'special thanks', if you wish. If you can do this, know someone who can do this, or have any questions, comments, or information about the house, please email me or, preferably, instant message me (aim: mikexpop).

Thank you!

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