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Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

MildlyTangy Re:Annex? (309 comments)

Since when has "being illegal" stopped Russia from doing what it wants?

2 days ago

Mr. Schmidt Goes To Washington: A Look Inside Google's Lobbying Behemoth

MildlyTangy Pay to Play (110 comments)

Pay to play.

Isnt bribery supposed to be illegal in the US?

Why does their government get a "get out of Jail free" card with respect to bribery laws?

2 days ago

UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

MildlyTangy Re:Singapore (381 comments)

It is a pleasure to live there, as long as you have no political ambitions.

And as long as you absolutely hate chewing gum.

Also, dont go there if you have no problems committing the heinous and abhorrent crime of "jay walking".

Actually, make sure you dont walk around your house naked while over there. Thats illegal too.

Also, realise that hugging without permission is highly illegal.

Also, be *very* careful if you dont beleive the local religion. Sedition is a very serious crime in Singapore.

Come to think of it, if you are a westerner, just stay away, period.

5 days ago

Heartbleed Coder: Bug In OpenSSL Was an Honest Mistake

MildlyTangy Re:I don't believe him (444 comments)

I don't believe him. He and the reviewer that ok'd his code submission should be brought in for questioning.

You are totally correct. As it is "you" who does not beleive him, governments of the world should work together to bring this man and his reviewer in for questioning.

This is now a matter of urgent and International importance.

Hurry before its too late! AC has spoken!

5 days ago

Stephen Colbert To Be Letterman's Successor

MildlyTangy Funny host (193 comments)


The late show will finally be funny.

Letterman and his backup band are so predictable, so bland, and so American-Cheesy, its unwatchable for the rest of us.

To be fair, the only truly funny regular joke is in the opening credits where New York is described as the best city in the world.

5 days ago

Nat Geo Writer: Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover

MildlyTangy Loose Ends (289 comments)

From what I can remember, in the early 1900's, physics only had a few loose ends to go before 'everything' was discovered and known.

Then Einstein explained the photoelectric effect, and the rest, they say, is history.

For all we know, one of these 'loose ends' may end up rewriting physics as we know it. Again.

It aint over until the fat lady sings.

5 days ago

Anti-Game-Violence Legislator Arrested, Faces Gun Trafficking Charges

MildlyTangy Makes NO sense (234 comments)

This makes absolutely no sense....In America, isnt "agreeing to perform official acts in exchange for the money" a fundamental part of how the American government works?

Isnt this how their Senate operates? The media tend to call it "lobbying", and the "lobbying industry" has sprung up around this practice, so how come this politician was arrested for this?

Im confused, isnt this a perfectly legal thing in the USA? Its been going on for so many decades, why start charging people now?

about three weeks ago

Tesla's Fight With Car Dealers Could Help Decide the Next Presidential Election

MildlyTangy Re:Plase, not Slashdot too (282 comments)

In case anybody is curious, the next Presidential election is over two years away, none of the horse race talk means a goddamn thing right now. This is just talking heads needing to fill airtime with inane babble because covering the events in Crimea would be too depressing.

Crimea river.

about three weeks ago

Minecraft Creator Halts Plans For Oculus Version Following Facebook Acquisition

MildlyTangy Re:Sincerity or Negotiating Ploy (300 comments)

Notch is already rich as hell. I don't think he cares about more money at this point. Minecraft could have already made him oodles more cash if he'd change it to a freemium model. But he's not.

You seem to be living under the false assumption that there is such a thing as "too much money".

about three weeks ago

Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

MildlyTangy Nooo! (535 comments)

I feel devastated that Facebook is buying Oculus. I was hoping so very much to get the retail version one day, but now that Facebook is involved, I greatly fear for the future of great VR. It may turn into great VR hardware, but it will inherently suck to due to significant privacy concerns because of the involvement of Facebook.

Oculus was at the cutting edge of VR innovation, they held so much promise...

Truly, with one hand they giveth, and the other they taketh away...

It is a sad day indeed.

about three weeks ago

Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found

MildlyTangy Re:Creationists (269 comments)

Why should we take what Creationists say seriously?

about a month ago

New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla

MildlyTangy please explain to a non american (342 comments)

As a non-American, can somebody please explain to me why it is "wrong" for a car company to sell cars directly?

Why do car dealerships get any special treatment, laws and government protection to prop up their existence?

What is so special about a car dealership, why are they allowed to ban a car company from selling.....cars?

Why does this weird shit happen in America?

Im not aware of this weird state of affairs happening in any other country, what is so special about cars?

Its like banning HP from selling computers. Makes no fucking sense at all.

about a month ago

China Deploys Satellites In Search For Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

MildlyTangy Re:International Charter on Space and Major Disast (142 comments)

It hasn't been activated for Malaysia Airlines Flight 307, nor was it activated for Air France Flight 447 in 2009 --one would think that they'd be all over this sort of thing like a cheap suit. Does anyone know why not? A computer search for a debris field that wasn't there during the previous pass would seem like a no-brainer.


One plane going down is a tragedy.
100 planes all going down at once is a major disaster.

about a month ago

Samsung Galaxy Glass Patent Plans To Turn Fingers Into a Keyboard

MildlyTangy QWERTY keyboard (63 comments)

While they are at it, can they fix the slow-by-design QWERTY keyboard layout and come up with something to make finger key input as fast,efficient and easy to use as possible?

This is the 21st century, we shouldn't be slowed down by the limitations of the mechanical typewriter.

about a month ago

F-Secure: Android Accounted For 97% of All Mobile Malware In 2013

MildlyTangy Re:Does Apple Maps count? (193 comments)

Surely the software wasn't that bad without malicious intent.

You underestimate the power of deadlines Luke.

about a month ago

New Review Slams Fusion Project's Management

MildlyTangy Re:Not the way to economical fusion power generati (109 comments)

ITER is a all the proof anyone should need that the Tokamak is not the way to economical fusion power generation. Of course neither is inertial confinement fusion, while we're on the topic. It would be one thing if these projects were sold as basic science, but instead they are sold as being practical approaches to fusion power generation. It's a lie.

All the report has shown is that humans are greedy and the bureaucracy expands to fill the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.

Nothing in the report implies the engineering and science is impractical and uneconomical. This is a research reactor, not the final commercial product.

Unfortunately, your post is very light on "why" it is a "lie" or why it is uneconomical, so one must assume you are either lazy, or are trolling.

about 2 months ago

Radar Expert Explains How To Cheaply Add Radar To Your Own Hardware Projects

MildlyTangy Re:Silly Acronyms (69 comments)

What is a CRT? It it pronounced like Kurt, or CeeeArrrrrTeeee? Do they come with any cool apps? I do like the idea of my own ray tube though. Sounds pretty up and coming. Anybody know of any upcoming IPOs investing in this tech?

If only there was a way a person could use Google to do a quick search to find out what a CRT is. If that were possible, then you wouldnt even need to spend all that time and effort to post a question on a Slashdot article in the vain hope somebody will tell you the answer.

If only there was a way to use Google, everybodys life would be so much easier.

Maybe some day a smart person will figure out a way to do this, but unfortunately it looks like you will have to wait for your answer. Sucks to be you.

about 2 months ago

The Road To VR

MildlyTangy Re:In the early 90s we all read the hype (61 comments)

The articles were filled with very optimistic visions of a VR future that was "coming soon"

I worked for Disney Imagineering R&D at the time, so money was available to buy some stuff and play with it

We bought the "state of the art" system, and hooked it up..it was not super impressive

When we showed it to the President of WDI, he said "don't show this to anybody else, it makes us look bad"

Years, and many millions of dollars later, we managed to create our own VR headmount display and opened "Imagineering VR Lab" at Epcot

It was better, but still nowhere near lived up to the hype

The obvious course of action is to liquidate and disband Occulus. Remember folks, VR didnt work in the 1990's. We are wasting precious time, money and resources trying to make it work in the 21st century, with all of the advances in display tech, miniature MEMS sensors and all the advances in computing hardware and software that we have had since then, it obviously can never ever work. It failed in the 90's guys, lets close up shop and forget about the dream of immersive VR.


about a month ago

NSA and GCHQ Target "Leaky" Phone Apps To Scoop User Data

MildlyTangy Re:WEARABLES BECOME TRACKABLES (144 comments)

You may refuse and dont want a GPS bracelet on your ankle or wrist but that is what you will have. A dog collar for all of your LIFE.

WEARABLES, it's the future... (not your future as you have non in your digital cage) :)

Dont want a GPS bracelet tracking your every move?
Dont wear one.

It is optional to wear one ( unless you commit heinous crimes ).

The question becomes, do you *need* to wear one?
Today: not really.
The future: would be a 'nice to have' and cheap as chips. But probably still optional.

Your phone has a GPS too and ou can be tracked via cellular triangulation, so if you are worried about tracking, you might as well not have a mobile phone at all.

TLDR: Dont worry, you are allowed to not buy one.

about 3 months ago


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