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Umberto Eco on Paper vs. Electronic Memory

MilesBehind Re:Required reading (290 comments)

I think that when people accuse academics of using confusing terms and concepts, the issue is actually more with the listener than the lecturer.

Much like when a speaker is giving a lecture on Comdex you wouldn't expect him to explain email, internet, or describe what exactly java, .net and terms like that mean, you can't expect Umberto Ecco when talking at an event geared mostly towards literature historians to cross the interdisciplinary divide and clean up his speech for the techies.

Think of this "The more clearly you can state a complex idea, the better the author." next time you are trying to explain issues in mozilla cross-platform development to a person with little or no training in that field. Sometimes it's just not possible, most often it's not really worth the effort. In order to get something out of some academic discussions, one needs a foundation to participate.

more than 10 years ago


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