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The Search For Starivores, Intelligent Life That Could Eat the Sun

MindPrison Space Animals (300 comments)

There's no reason (such as I see it) that animals wouldn't exist in outer space, or near various atmospheres. We just don't know them yet, because they could probably not survive our conditions.

Have any of you guys seen that footage that Nasa officially released of all their satellite cams have picked up over the years? It was some 2 hour footage with lots of interesting stuff, you may want to look at that. PS. go to the source, don't look at the many fakes from unofficial sources found on youtube.

about three weeks ago

Russia Plans To Build World First DNA Databank of All Living Things

MindPrison Don't you mean KGB? (83 comments)

Researchers from Moscow State University plan to build a database that will house the DNA of every creature known to man.

University, yes...right...FROM...and now working for NS...I mean...KGB?
Let me rephrase that:

Researchers from KGB, Moscow plan to build a database that will house the DNA of every man known to all creatures.

about a month ago

In North Korea, Hackers Are a Handpicked, Pampered Elite

MindPrison Oh wow, what insane luxury... (102 comments)

they are often gifted with good food, luxuries and even apartments...

...because it's a nice change from the prison camps.

about 2 months ago

Trains May Soon Come Equipped With Debris-Zapping Lasers

MindPrison Popular trife... (194 comments)

"Trains May Soon Come Equipped With Debris-Zapping Lasers"

The lovely word "may" is such an abused word. There are MANY things that MAY come, on the other hand it MIGHT not as well. My money is on that it won't be here anytime soon. There are so many technical and impractical issues that arise, that this is nothing more than a "wow...lasers, we're so 1337" 21 century etc. Sure, it makes for a good read, and even better...the house-geek will have his say over the dinner table...say...did you know honey, they're putting lasers in front of the trains now to clear the tracks. OOOOh honey, that's just up your Dart Vader alley!

Guess what? I've been working with technology and prototyping for years, and it's a riot every time this actually surfaces as an article once in a blue moon, you can't just put high power lasers in front of trains, you'll have reflection issues, IR-radiation, people claiming blindness, and the kind of power you need to "zap" it clean is extreme, this isn't your average laser pointer that can be used to write your name into a cellphone or pop balloons, heck...even hefty industrial lasers used to cut metal are so focused and concentrated that if you wanted to use it to blast away debris...you'd need a HECK of a lot more space for it to be actually practical, not to mention the need for cooling.

about 2 months ago

Australian Target Stores Ban GTA V For Depictions of Violence Against Women

MindPrison Selective media censoring (310 comments)

What are we going to censor today? Please make a selection:

1) Video games.
2) Movies.
3) Opinions.
4) Drawings.
5) Retro (back censoring things that aren't politically correct today).

So what will it be tomorrow? It's like we target popular items for "insert won't anyone think of the chil...feminists" reasons here. Any idiot out there with at least half a brain knows that violence in unacceptable whether it's children, females, shemales, hemales, dogs, cats, horses (insert your preference here). If you censor ONE thing in ONE media, you have to go for the other medias as well.

We're SO close to arresting people for thought crimes!

about 2 months ago

Health Advisor: Ebola Still Spreading, Worst Outbreak We've Ever Seen

MindPrison Ebola isn't the enemy... (244 comments)

...it's people and their vast ignorance.

Around here people treat the news about Ebola like it's just another H1N1 outbreak and think nothing further of it. The schools are literally a walk-in petridish and the hygiene at the cafeterias are terrible, kids just dash in for seconds and dab their spoons gleefully into the pots and pans for more, and the next week - half of the kids and teachers are sick with the common flu. Imagine that scenario when we've got Ebola on the move.

We have lots of people who have families in Africa, they come over with their friends ALL the time, and they attend the same schools as the natives do, it's just a matter of time before this becomes a uncontrollable problem.

Proper hygiene needs to be taught, and before we know how to control this, we should limit the traveling from and to infected countries.

Personally I've stacked up like crazy, I've filled my house to the brim with food and stuff needed to cope with that time when the outbreak will be at its worst. Again - it's not Ebola I fear...I fear the people who will get desperate when they reap the fruit of their own ignorance.

about 2 months ago

Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

MindPrison Unnatural aspect ratio (330 comments)

I don't see the purpose of this, they way our eyes are placed - we're supposed to look around ourselves (landscape aspect), this will only put more strain on the eyes as we'll have to look up and down constantly. I suppose it will have its own place in eg. the design industry where I certainly can see it as useful, but I can pretty much promise you that screen will never become adopted by the mainstream public.

In fact, I'm a bit surprised that Philips Ultra Wide monitors didn't catch on as they're even better for our eyes than the 16:9, I'm guessing it's the price tag that scares people away as usual, but for movies...the Ultra Wide is the best option since even today....the movies at the theatre are much wider and when you get it on a DVD or Blu-Ray/streaming etc... it's still 16:9 and thus have been cropped for our viewing pleasures, which is a pity...because you lose some of the original artwork in the movies.

about 2 months ago

The EU Has a Plan To Break Up Google

MindPrison All your data belongs to us! (334 comments)

I'm going to put on my tinfoil hat here.

When the big boys don't get to play with the toys of the other big boys, then it's time for the boys to become men and show some muscles. This is all a dance, play with us (aka give us access to that wonderful database that knows everything about every individual out there) and we'll leave you alone.

about 2 months ago

Rooftop Solar Could Reach Price Parity In the US By 2016

MindPrison The taxes are the biggest problem... (516 comments)

...at least in Scandinavia.

I often drool over the prices in China, cheap CHEAP and functional solar panels I could have gotten for pittens. But the taxes are so high that it evens out the score. Which is kind of strange since the government is subsidizing solar power anyway, but it's all lost on the import tax alone.

about 2 months ago

Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

MindPrison They lost me at 99... (473 comments)

...pounds for the full game with updates.

I loved the Elite Frontier game, I spent SO many hours of my youth on chasing pirates, mail service for the military, mining asteroids, smuggling goods, trading and looking for interesting ads at their version of the "internet", that game was SO ahead of its time.

But I refuse to pay 99 pounds for ANY game, even if it's the super-duper-full-updates-for-life-mega-peta-giga-edition of the century. Glad I didn't plunge into the investment. Dodged a bullet there...

about 2 months ago

Cameron Says People Radicalized By Free Speech; UK ISPs Agree To Censor Button

MindPrison Re:Note to self...moving to UK, cancelled. (316 comments)

You're doing it wrong. It's called amnesty now. All you have to do is pledge to vote Democrat, and Obama will send a plane to pick you up.

LOL, I bet. Every time I visit the U.S. though, my friends over there tell me to move to Mexico and come in that way. ;)

about 2 months ago

Maker Joe is a 'Maker' Sculptor (Video)

MindPrison Re:That's real art right there! (16 comments)

Expensive art is an investment, and it has become quite sophisticated over the years. In the 70s and 80s, people were buying art when they believed the value would go up over the next few years. Now, prospective buyers have to think about what people who may buy from them later on will think of their own potential buyers (etc.), because nobody is interested to be at the end of a buying chain and be stuck with an overpriced item. It's like the castle in the air theory on steroids - everybody knows that everybody else is in the business of buying to sell later, and the market goes nuts.

Not arguing against that, if you're referring to Monet masterpieces and its likes, but not the art any monkey could have done.

about 2 months ago

Maker Joe is a 'Maker' Sculptor (Video)

MindPrison That's real art right there! (16 comments)

At least to me, that's art!

As bedazzling and cool that is however, very few takes us electronic artists seriously. I have been exhibiting my art (I've done that stuff for years too, just like Maker-Joe), except...I have my own variation where every gadget must "live forever" and be alive somehow. People think it's cute, the kids love it - but the "elite", you know...those people "who-understands-art"...or at least THINK they do, are the ones that deems all of that for amateurish gibberish if you haven't attended some well known famous art-academy.

It's like those people who can pay millions for a white canvas with some red paint splattered onto it, something that took the "artist" 1 minute to do. And the "Elitist" will see and read just about anything into the "could-have-been-done-by-a-3-year-old" works of "art", and the poor misunderstood artist can live a lavish life on the emperors new clothes, and his kids too.

Do I sound like a bitter failed artist to you? Not even close, the thing is...just like Maker-Joe...and thousands of fellow makers all over the world, I'm just having fun when I make these things. It's what makes me tick, and makes me want to wake up in the morning, dirt poor perhaps...but at least we have fun!

about 2 months ago

Cameron Says People Radicalized By Free Speech; UK ISPs Agree To Censor Button

MindPrison Note to self...moving to UK, cancelled. (316 comments)

That was the last straw for UK on my part.

I'm a peaceful citizen, the closest thing I'll ever get to battle with someone is when my neighbors dog takes a dump on my lawn.

But I am seriously tired of the ongoing acceptance of total censorship everywhere, and since I'm pretty much independent and a free spirit, I can move basically anywhere in the world I want to go. UK has long been on my list since it's not that easy to get a Green Card in the U.S. But it's fairly populated, speaks English natively...and I thought the business would be good over there. BUT at what cost, my freedom? No way, sir!

Who determines what terrorism really is? Having the wrong opinion? Disagreeing with the governments decisions? Having the wrong sexual preference? Watching illegal cartoons? Using Linux and reading the Linux Journal (according to the latest from the NSA...those people are potential terrorists).

I refuse to live in a country that suppresses its citizens, and with citizens so stupid they'll take anything they can get, laying down - butt up!

about 2 months ago

HYREL 3-D Printers Were Developed by 3-D Printer Users (Video)

MindPrison Exactly why! (55 comments)

he and other people he knows who were making prototypes and short-run parts in the Atlanta area were continually disappointed by the poor reliability of available 3-D printers, which is why they decided to make their own.

This is exactly why I've waited years to purchase a 3D printer even though I really want one.
I'm going to wait another 5 years before the prices are right, and the usability is where it should be.

about 2 months ago

Linux Foundation Comments On Microsoft's Increasing Love of Linux

MindPrison Commercialism... (162 comments)

...when someone smells money in the idealistic work of others, it's time to beware!

about 3 months ago

Canadian Police Recommend Ending Anonymity On the Internet

MindPrison Re:Licenses That Are Missing (231 comments)

4) License to have children.

Considering all the junkies, meth heads and such in the world...that actually makes sense.

about 3 months ago

Internet Archive Launches Arcade of Classic Games In the Browser

MindPrison How long will it last... (94 comments)

...before the copyright holders come to collect?

Roms are being deleted all the time on the internet, I know...because I've constantly tried to find the original Arcade Pac Man roms, but the copyrights are still in effect as various companies sell retrogames themselves, which they hold the license to.

about 3 months ago

Disney Patents a Piracy Free Search Engine

MindPrison McDonalds Search Engine (TM) (164 comments)

Yeah, big corporation with pre-programmed family values (how they perceive the world), that's the future of the old Internet.

Will the sheeple comply, I kind of wonder. We let them BF us with NSA, FBI, SAPO, InterPol etc...on the basis of a "safer world", safer from WHO? Us? The users?

about 3 months ago

HP Unveils Industrial 3D Printer 10X Faster, 50% Cheaper Than Current Systems

MindPrison Re:The 3D printing future is vastly underestimated (111 comments)

I absolutely agree!

This process can't happen fast enough, we need faster 3D printers, cost effective, better materials, more materials, better printing processes, less cleanup needed etc. And someone in here mentioned that the weak point is software...well...he's sort of partially right about that. There is a pretty hefty model-design cleanup on a polygonal level needed to print properly, and you can't just design stuff out of the blue - you must have some knowledge on modelling FOR 3D printing as the legs/arms of. eg. a character needs to be supported properly so it doesn't break etc. Material skills can't be underestimated either.

Btw: Getting people into space changed our lives immensely, we can thank research out on space for nanotechnology, and many materials and innovations that have changed our lives and what we're used to. But sure, I know what you meant.

about 2 months ago



OTTO - a LoMo hackable camera

MindPrison MindPrison writes  |  about 8 months ago

MindPrison (864299) writes "There is plenty of cheap chinacams out there in every shape and form, but they're all commercial & not that open. Well, this one has been produced commercially, but with a difference — hacking welcome. Meet OTTO the GIF camera, it's all LoMo, weird, bulky and odd looking, kind of like a camera made out of Lego, well — at least the materials.

It has a hand-crank, pretty much like the old-school cameras have, and it sort of use it in the same way as you roll to set the next frame, except — you're making a GIF, ready to use — right there and now. And to top it all of — this camera is based on the Raspberry-PI. And it has WiFi too."

Link to Original Source

How do you plan for your ultimate geek retirement?

MindPrison MindPrison writes  |  more than 2 years ago

MindPrison (864299) writes "Let's face it. We're not getting any younger, and I was thinking here the other day, I've been working forever with computers — and although I make a pretty decent living, I'm a wage slave like most of you. The pension doesn't cut it as I'm a bit of an international citizen that moves between the different countries, and investments seem unsafe these days. Banks doesn't pay much interest, so what is a Geek to do? Invest in gold? Hide my money under the mattress? Buy land?

So I ask you, the Slashdot audience, what do you do to ensure a rock solid Geek retirement?"

How to get back at the noisy nextdoor neighbor

MindPrison MindPrison writes  |  more than 5 years ago

MindPrison (864299) writes "After a long time with that annoying downstairs neighbor playing too loud music, I've been contemplating HOW to deal with it, being a teenager AND a female — you know the drill — asking nicely is NOT an option, teenagers usually get angry because you should NOT tell them what to do etc...so I came up with a quite devious way to solve the issue, and the trick is fighting fire with fire, for once :)

Here's how I did it:

I made a small low-frequency microphone amplifier, hot glued an electret microphone to the floor, and made sure there were no leaks around the microphone (to avoid audio-feedback). I connected this to an active subwoofer (this is a subwoofer that has an power amplifier built in, typically the thing you have in your average surround amplifier, and placed the subwoofer in the room next door to the mike (to avoid feedback!). Now — it's very important to disconnect any surround speakers as you ONLY want the BASS to distribute into the structure of the building itself, this makes it IMPOSSIBLE to locate the sound from YOUR flat, and the penetrating middle-tones that comes from your noisy neighbors stereo — will reveal that it is YOUR NEIGHBOR that plays the loud music.

It worked flawlessly, the entire building shook with the sound of the neighbors stereo, and the teenager had to turn down the sound several times due to multiple complaints from the ENTIRE neighborhood.

Revenge is SOO sweet ;)"



Work and life - reaching Equilibrioception

MindPrison MindPrison writes  |  more than 2 years ago

So, it happened.

Did you read the previous journal entry? Why...oh my ego, of course you didn't. It's just my ramblings, and it shall probably always remain that way, nevertheless, here you go. What happened? Did I finally manage to reach my goal of not working for the rest of my life? Being free? Not indebted by society?

Well, I sort of did, but a goal can always be expanded, there's no prize worth fighting over if it isn't worthwhile, and ideal worth fighting for would be ever lasting happiness, how YOU define your happiness - I'll leave up to you. I however...define my happiness on how much I can enjoy while being alive as we know it, this doesn't have to include cruise-ships, endless travels across the world, but simply enjoying life as we know it, as I know it.

Now, 4 years later than when I wrote that last journal...or was it 3 years? Time here...doesn't really matter, because I did in fact reach my core essence of my previous goal, peace and tranquility without the control of others, no one that I know of now control my life, I moved to a different country, I had the one success after the other, and now I'm completely independent, own my own house, land, and all debts have been paid down and the only thing that can happen now are two WIN WIN situations:

I will get unemployed, but still own my land, and have no dept, I have enough to buy food and pay for heating in my own giant 300m2 place, WIN = I have plenty of time for my private science research, and are dependent on no one, no welfare, no insurance, just myself and mother nature.

I will get continuous employment (yes, as of this writing, I am still employed, but still a bit edgy as a person...remember...I am who I am, no man, no animal, no beast controls me, I am a slave to no one), and I do so on my very own will, you see...I am an expert on what I do, and I like it, so I earn money on it, working for someone else...but the condition and rules are different from when I was poor.

When I was poor, I had no home, just a lot of debt, and no freedom. If I choose freedom (aka no employment) back then, I'd have no real freedom as I'd just be a bum, or pay the bills with forced employment (social welfare = forced cheap labor), and that's no real option to me..hence why I moved abroad...escaped...in the first place, no human, no beast can control me.

I realized I got to fight for it, just like millions before me, so I finally got a chance, I got a home, fully paid, no debt, and started to work away all the debt I had from education and all that, still...not liking my employers...(I never truly have, any employer), managed to hold out, and survive enough here in my new country to survive and still keep my new house (it's old..but new to me) without taking up loans. Now I'm steadily working up my account, earning and working hard...but moving with light speed towards freedom.

And the best part? I'm well and truly free. Never before could I just quit my job if I didn't like it without risking it all, now I can. Now That's job satisfaction!

Yes ladies and gents, I'm finally free.


I don't want to work!

MindPrison MindPrison writes  |  more than 6 years ago

No, really - I do not want to work.

Basically everyone works, it is the way of our life - that is what our planet is based on and that's what most people aspire to do. I'm 40 years "young" now, I don't see me as old...I look pretty much the same as I've looked the last 20 years (at least I think so) ;) but that's besides the point I'm trying to make here. Heck...I really don't care if you get it or not, follow if you like.

I was sitting here in my home thinking over my life past the 20 years or so of work and unemployment in my life, not to mention the countless times I've googled about people and their job satisfaction or basically they overall satisfaction with life itself, I am really wasting my precious time on this planet. Sure - If everyone got the idea that they shouldn't work - this planet would probably come to an end pretty quickly, or would it? There will always be people like me - the odd ones out, so I think we're going to be fine.

When I go to work, I'm not happy, no no...I really like the line of work I'm in - but I end up disliking the people around me simply because they always seem to have some kind of hidden agenda, especially females, maybe it's just me who's getting old and "outdated" when it comes to the "in-crowd" or it's just bad luck - I really don't know (even though most people would look at this from their own point of view...don't think for a second I'm any different on that subject)...however - I really try to be - really!

The inevitable question on this would probably be something like: Why? I can't really answer that in one go, you'd have to live my life to answer that one, and even I have a hard time answering it. But you know what? I'm pretty tired of having a "hard-time". I want to have a good time....alas...a good life and I am tired of living by everyones "norms" on how-to-be..and how-to-behave. I'm not anarchistic, I prefer well educated company and also prefer people who are capable of thinking for themselves, I am also not shallow enough to only hang out with my peers - but will gladly hang out with societys dimmest of souls if they have a good heart, this however - doesn't always fall into fertile ground with the "ins".

All of this + my life experiences so far has led me to the conclusion that I really should not work. I don't want to become some
kind of loner sadly locked up by himself, barred behind some closed curtains in his technologically insane castle, I really DO want to meet people, feel the pulse as always, but I am sick and tired of being steered into whatever direction certain people feel like
they can do "with me" if allowed to do so by a certain work related situation - and this have happened repeatedly trough out my
life (and according to google & a gazillion work-rant sites) so there must be something wrong somewhere, we must be doing SOMETHING
wrong. Now...If you are thinking this trough - and these things never really hit you as it has hit me or other people then you may not be capable of judging the situation so please overlook it, you can't get it - really...you can't!

But I do realize that I must do something about my current situation, and I most certainly will - because I am really fed up
with people incompetence and "normalcy" to the brinck of madness, so instead of going there - I will "fight" towards enjoying life to its fullest and stop destroying myself on behalf of others.

That is all - move along now....


I have a question for the wanderers of this life...

MindPrison MindPrison writes  |  more than 7 years ago ...is it best to be together with someone and just be an actor for the rest of your life...or be yourself and alone for the rest of your natural life...? Though question - I know...but do you know the answer?


The 80's electronics components - today's Lego!

MindPrison MindPrison writes  |  more than 7 years ago I just love electronics, even if it's not what I do at work for a living. The eighties brought many inventions into our lives such as the personal PC that actually BECAME PERSONAL in the 80's, yes sure...you got your Altair before the 80s, but it wasnt quite the same.

Did you notice the components inside technology of the 80s? I sure did - so much so in fact that I bought my first Pilips Electronic Engineer kit (EE2003) back then when I was 12 - and got hooked on electronics ever since.

Today most electronic hobbyist exist in a chip-world of programming Fpgas and Pics and have hardly touch an soldering iron ever, not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that at all - hey...I even envy those very capable fpga designers that can do so many things I cant even comprehend - all power to you. The point I am trying to make is that the 80s gave us all some building bricks that lay down the ground rules for it all - and - can still be used to make some amazing discoveries, pretty much like students who use LEGO bricks to come up with new robotics-design and to solve issues that really needs a "hands-on" touch in order to become a reality, in other words - get our hands dirty.

Ive stored up a HUGE (well..at least to me...rather large) collection of 80s electronics components, transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, electrolytes, TTL-logic chips, microprocessors, eproms...oh...and I could go on and on.

The point is - this is just like LEGO for grown-ups of all ages, anything I have on my mind I can put into a construction with these easily manageable components. Sure - I could use SMD/SMT components - but that just isnt an option when age is hitting you and your hands are shaking, and besides - even for the younger ones these components are so manageable that tech-schools still prefer to use these components for prototyping before finally sending in the schematic to be printed out as an SMD-PCB.

I do know that many schools also use software emulation to simulate what the analog / digital circuits do and how it all work together, but time and again - this is far from realistic as the nature of components still aren't up to par with the "perfect world" of the software...and ...you don't really get that "hands on" feel of experimenting yourself to knowledge as you would if you fiddled with modules you made on the fly.

Many of us grieve over the fact that the days when the local component store where in every city, even the small cities (thats radio-shack to you Americans reading this) are long gone, and Luckily I live in a city where the city itself still is big enough to carry whole "2" competing electronics stores - woah! - Now thats what I call choice.

Have no fear - Internet is here! And eBay!

Ever since Internet became accessible to everyone and not just schools and libraries, weve got the fantastic opportunity to share the good with each other without any borders at all. Fun stuff! And then there is the eBay phenomena, that have brought life to my Electronics hobby for sure - never before have I and others been so able to endulge in our hobby on such a massive scale before - not to mention that it costs a FRACTION of the price of what we paid back in the days. I used to pay about 60 bucks for a handfull of components on a lucky weekend when I was a child (delivered many a newspaper, mind you!) to get some action NERD style, and once they where all used up - I had to go for "pulls"...thats recycled components to the non-tech readers out there. But today? Theres no need for pulls at all - I have "probably" millions of components that are brand-spanking-new, and its a dream come true for a child of the 80s, its like uncle scrooge bathing in money...whereas Id probably catch led-poisoning from bathing in components, but what the hey...I have fun!

There is NOTHING on earth like building a little transistor radio (ok...maybe building a TUBE/Valve radio), and Im looking forward to every little spare moment I have in life - this is indeed LIVING - when I can get some time off from work to complete some projects, do some weird-science experiments and boldly go anywhere I feel like

So - I don't think were ending the era of the 80s components yet, not by far! The party has barely started.


The way we perceive things - changes as we do.

MindPrison MindPrison writes  |  more than 9 years ago Every single day we have opinions, I know I do.

The fun starts when the opinions change over time and I learn something new or see things in a different light.

As the years go by - I find myself observing more rather than stating my opinion all the time. As a young boy I stated my opinions frequently. Eventually I tired from it and started looking for answers instead. A much more logical approach - don't you think so? :)

Frequently I occupy my spare time trying to answer such universal questions such as why are we here and even more ...why is there an universe and where did it all come from

Speaking of which.... these days I've come to believe that it didn't HAVE to have a start.
After all - we invented the concept of time, now didn't we? :)

The most puzzling of all my experience in life so far is the daunting number of humans (me included!) that are caught in a loop.

And what exactly am I accusing humanity of now? Not accusing - rather implying that we might be caught in our own everyday safety net of things that we did once to many times before. Let me take myself as an example:

I zip my tea. Lean back and surf the same pages on the net that I've gotten used to over some time (Slashdot anyone?) again and again. Almost desperate when not finding any news or seeing anything new I often engage in a frantic "bookmark-raid" just to find something new.

Of course ... that is a bit loopminded because it's only the same story all over again, the same people (usually) and the same issues, nothing new really. But who's to blame for that? (Me - just in case you got confused).

The above example is just ONE of many, you can probably find examples from your own life. Now having said that... looping things in life may not be a bad thing - after all - we need our social network - our habits help us feel comfortable and give us a platform to grow on further.

But my gripe with "loopmindedness" is that hardly anything new comes from this - nothing revolutionary anyway. And it's somewhat annoying to find myself caught in that safety net over and over again - especially as I try to rid myself of it. I want to see new things, I want to hear new stories - I want to discover!

Sometimes my quest for thinking the unthinkable (discovering things we have never ever seen before) is making me nuts.

I think the secret to discovering entirely new things is to rid ourselves of traditional thinking. I mean - most of the people on this planet are so preoccupied with the traditional ways that there's hardly any harm in someone taking a different approach. We might not find anything this way - or we might stumble upon something fantastic this.

In the old days people had a habit of blaming everything they didn't understand on mysterious phenomena or paranormal activities and many other things and if you dared to think otherwise you'd either be hung to burn over a campfire or chased as a evil spirit in lead with these "supernatural beings". That's humanity for you!

Oh well - at least certain things are better today, now at best... I'm a "mad-hobby-scientist-wannabe" that no one would even try to understand even if they tried just to be nice. Heck ... I'm not even sure I understand me sometimes.

Therefor I spend considerable time studying communication. It's not too good to be left alone in the dark to chew on your own theories - I need the company of the other. One mind can be nice - but together we could create a HUGE mind to find out things we never before dreamed of. But the road to entirely new thinking is long and dangerous, kind of fun though... it's filled with adventure and no promises of any kind - so you can't really be disappointed - but you COULD get surprised.

A little rambling from me :)


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