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Consumers vs. IP Owners: The Future of Copyright

Minna Kirai Re:Powerball (415 comments)

people lined up at your doorstep throwing wads of $50's at your head for that exact same program - even though you haven't written a single line of code since - you're going to say "No, no, folks - keep your money! I shouldn't expect to keep getting money for something that's two years old!

That is the "finite virtue fallacy". It supposes that a person with even a minor mortal failing has no right to comment on what is good or bad.

Simply because someone profits from an existing system does not prohibit him from arguing against the same system. For example, the CEO of believes that software patents are wrong, but as long as they remain legal, his corporate duty is to continue profiting from them. It might be nice if everyone could afford to sacrifice themselves for their principles, but it's unreasonable to demand that as a baseline.

more than 8 years ago


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