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BlackBox Voting Tests California Diebold Machines

MioceneMan Diebold is doing a little happy dance! (238 comments)

There are about as many ways Black Box Voting can mess up this test as there are ways to cheat elections that use these easily programmed voting machines and tabulators.

Computers are machines which we use to manipulate data. Votes are not the kind of data we want manipulated. End of case, electronic voting machines are a bad idea.

The "paper trail" some of these machines produce is not the ballot that is actually counted, it is an auditing tool. In California only 1% of these paper votes will be compared to the electronic vote. Unless the audit is very carefully designed, and some very stringent security measures enforced, there will be many opportunites to cheat, since 99% of the electronic votes will not be compared to the paper votes. Paper trails and electronic votes are much easier to mess with than boxes and boxes of voter verified paper ballots. People tend to notice when large bulky ballot boxes are being messed with, but nobody can see what's happening to their votes inside a memory cartridge.

more than 9 years ago


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