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Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Get a Good 3-Button Mouse Today?

Misagon Re:Make your own (429 comments)

3D-printing is overkill.

When I buy a new mouse, I remove the mousewheel. Then I build a middle mouse button that fits in its place. I cut pieces of styrene and put them together with plastic cement ("model glue").

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Get a Good 3-Button Mouse Today?

Misagon Re:Middle wheel/button seems to work ok, no? (429 comments)

I use the middle mouse button mostly to open new tabs/windows in web browsing where invoking the scroll wheel inadvertently causes the page to scroll away from where I'm clicking. That is very annoying.

Most mice I have used use the same type of microswitch for the "middle button" as for the left and right buttons, but in most mice the buttons are levers with a rod on the microswitch.
These levers are usually the same on the left and right buttons, but very different on the middle press so the sensation is very different.

about a week ago

Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

Misagon Re:Missing (476 comments)

But most of Stargate SG-1 was aired in the 00-ies.

about a week ago

The Legacy of CPU Features Since 1980s

Misagon Re:Easily my favorite modern features (180 comments)

Yes, but instead of having a status register, you compare each item in one vector with each vector in another and get the results as a vector of booleans.
Then execute a SIMD instruction, where each component scalar operation is conditional according to each corresponding boolean.

Or, you could convert that vector of booleans into something else. For instance, you could count the number of leading 1's in the vector and store into a scalar, which would allow you implement operations such as strlen() or strcmp() with vectors.
(It is a bit like programming in APL, if you have tried it)

These types of operations have hitherto mostly been done by DSPs.
An architecture for general-purpose computing under development that would do this well is The Mill. Mind you, it is very interesting in other ways. There is a lot of stuff about it on the web site, and good talks about various features on Youtube.

about two weeks ago

What are you most interested in seeing out of CES?

Misagon Re:High resolution monitors with wide aspect ratio (162 comments)

I agree with what you say, but I would like to add curved to that list of things to look for now that curved screens are coming.
While curved TVs are nothing more than a marketing ploy, having ultra-wide computer monitors be curved makes a lot of sense. I've never seen anyone use a two-monitor setup with both in the same plane - always at an angle to each other.

However, I have heard said that curved computer screens would be worse for graphics design/editing work. I don't know if that refers to them not being flat, or if accurate-enough colour reproduction isn't available in curved displays yet.

about three weeks ago

What are you most interested in seeing out of CES?

Misagon Well-designed stuff (162 comments)

I want to see functional and well-designed stuff. Things that contain the capabilities that people like, those capabilities done right to modern specs and the absence of cruft.
Apple under Steve Jobs did manage to follow this ideal, except that they liked to lock people into their system and upgrade often. Lenovo has also followed this ideal, mostly.. except for their consumer space.

For instance, I am not interested in any Windows tablet without a stylus.
No curved TVs.
No laptop that requires you to open the lid to turn it on while it is "docked".
No "smart watches" that need to be recharged every eight hours, or every four hours after two years because the non-replaceable battery has degraded.


about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Should We Do About the DDoS Problem?

Misagon Re:Much like MTU handling (312 comments)

Indeed something along that line is what I think the Internet protocol needs. While IP is freely packet-switched and may appear stateless when you glance in the specs, TCP/IP routers and hosts are actually session-based internally and the number of concurrent sessions is limited.

It is not only intentionally malicious code that can cause denial of service: legitimate programs that are merely badly designed can also do it.
Then it is not the network and the other services running over it that should be punished by being throttled, but only the individual node or badly behaving program.

Also, what we don't need is something that could restrict innovation in new protocols over TCP/IP. If the Internet infrastructure would allow not much more than only email and HTTP/HTTPS (which some ISPs are doing in some countries), then attackers are just going to find another attack vector .. on top of a TCP/IP that permits it.

about 1 month ago

New Year's Resolution for 2015

Misagon Re:Don't have to wait (214 comments)

The point is that you are supposed to hold it for a whole year.

about a month ago

New Year's Resolution for 2015

Misagon Re:Missing Option (214 comments)

My new year's resolution is 210 PPI.

about a month ago

Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

Misagon Biased summary (190 comments)

These are better than the rubber domes found in membrane keyboards in a number of ways, including feel, responsiveness, and durability

No, that is not technically correct, and is somewhat of an elitist attitude.
Feel is something very subjective. Responsiveness and durability depends on the particular brand and type of switch that you use. There are some very good rubber-dome and scissor switches as well as there are mechanical switches that are crap.

Back in the '80s and early '90s when mechanical key switches was the norm there were more types available. These days, the market is dominated by the Cherry MX. It was one of the better mechanical switches then and now and it comes in several varieties. These varieties can feel quite different from each other, and you might like the feel of one, all or none of them - and that is OK.
The Cherry MX has also been cloned several times by other manufacturers, often in lesser materials and with larger tolerances.
The big durability argument with Cherry MX is not that they wouldn't break: because they sometimes do. The durability advantage is that you could replace individual key switches (or parts) that have broken.

about a month ago

Problem Solver Beer Tells How Much To Drink To Boost Your Creativity

Misagon Re:Backwards (73 comments)

Finding Danish beer these days that is not IPA or does not taste like IPA is a problem.

Of course, you could always go with cheap lager, but you wouldn't want to do that either.

about a month ago

Intel Claims Chip Suppliers Will Flock To Its Mobile Tech

Misagon Re:What is this bullshit? (91 comments)

MS Surface (and clones) are not tablets. They are merely laptops with bad screen hinges.

about 3 months ago

U.S. and China Make Landmark Climate Deal

Misagon Re:Quite the poker player (285 comments)

Those are silly numbers because they are only measurements of domestic emissions.
Around half of China's carbon emissions are because of productions of goods that are exported to mainly USA and the EU. You could say that while USA and EU are importing from China, they are exporting their emissions to China.
If you take that into account, USA and EU are much worse per capita.

I am in Sweden, which has one of the strongest economies in the EU, having got mostly unscathed out of the recent Euro crisis (Sweden still has its own currency).
Sweden has one of the lowest carbon emissions per capita in the EU, but because the economy is so strong, Swedish citizens are spending more money on imported goods than other EU citizens and are therefore among the worst polluters in the EU if you take trade into account.

about 3 months ago

U.S. and China Make Landmark Climate Deal

Misagon Effectless and effortless (285 comments)

USA pledges to reduce carbon emissions compared to 2005 levels, when their emissions were the highest ever in history.
USA has already lowered their emissions by half the 2025 goal just from the slowing the economy after the 2008 bank crash.

Meanwhile, Europe has pledged to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990's levels..
If USA would reduce their emissions to their 1990 levels, then that would be a ~20% reduction from 2005 levels, and 40% from that is still a long way to go.

Sorry, but this US-China deal is hardly any "landmark".

about 3 months ago

Denmark Faces a Tricky Transition To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Misagon Re:Home storage (488 comments)

Luckily, not many Danes move their houses around, so the batteries do not not need to be light and small.
A cheap long-lived lead-acid battery or other type of stationary battery would be more suitable.

There are other types of energy storage technologies also, such as hot water tanks to store heat from summer months to be used in winter.

about 3 months ago

What Happens When Nobody Proofreads an Academic Paper

Misagon Error: They did not use LaTeX (170 comments)

This could have been avoided if the authors had used LaTeX for writing their paper. It allows for comments in the text that don't become part of the formatted output.

% Should we cite the crappy Gabor paper here?

There are also various LaTeX packages for writing comments, adding annotations and tracking changes that could be useful when peer-reviewing a paper.

about 3 months ago

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Peter Sunde Is a Free Man Again

Misagon Re:No accommodation at all? Just asking. (356 comments)

From what I have read in articles, he did get the same food as the other prisoners except with the non-vegan parts removed.
For instance, if the prisoners were given spaghetti with bolognese-sauce, he as given only spaghetti. If the other prisoners were given meatballs and potatoes, he got a potato. That's not exactly a balanced diet.

BTW. Silly that the parent post gets mod'ed "Score:4, Insightful" when it says "Without more details it is hard to judge".
We can do better, guys.

about 3 months ago

CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As an iPad Stand

Misagon Re:Hey, MS, give them to people who will use them! (236 comments)

You can't properly use screen diagonals as a metric for comparing screens with different aspect ratio.

The Surface Pro 3 (12" 3:2) has 7% more surface area than the Galaxy Note Pro (12.2" 16:10). It is more than half an inch higher at about the same width.
The Surface Pro 3 has as much as 30% more surface area than a 16:9 tablet with the same diagonal.

about 3 months ago

UN Climate Change Panel: It's Happening, and It's Almost Entirely Man's Fault

Misagon Re:Haters gonna hate (695 comments)

"Clean up"? There is no way for us to "clean up"!

Emissions have to be radically lowered and the biosphere has to be given enough time to handle the carbon in the air. Sure, planting trees at a massive scale could help in the long run, but it would still be far from as effective as if the biggest culprits (the biggest opposers: USA, China, Australia... ) would cut their emissions to what the IPCC considers enough.

Even if we stop all emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases right now, the climate is still going to get worse from all the gases that are already in the atmosphere. By all estimates, we wouldn't be able to see a measurable improvement in the world climate until at least 2030.

about 3 months ago

Suspected Ebola carriers in the U.S. ...

Misagon Re:I say we all panic (349 comments)

A country with a modern medical system? I thought you were talking about the US ...

about 2 months ago



Fans of original RoboCop movie recreate movie scene by scene

Misagon Misagon writes  |  about a year ago

Misagon (1135) writes "Our RoboCop Remake is a fan-made scene-by-scene comedy re-creation of the original RoboCop from 1987.

"As big fans of the original RoboCop, and as filmmakers and film fans admittedly rolling our eyes at the Hollywood remake machine, we've elected to do this remake thing our own way."

The fan-film is available for free online viewing at OurRoboCopRemake.com. It contains (fake) nudity, blood and gore making it definitely NSFW"


Misagon has no journal entries.

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