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Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

Mistakill Shoe on the other foot? (749 comments)

Imagine the outrage the US Govt would show, if say, China insisted Apple or Google share ALL the information they had stored in the US. Before you dismiss this, think about it... a Chinese Judge (lets say the Chinese equivalent of the SCOTUS) issues a warrant (which would be valid under Chinese law) demanding this...

I'm sure there would be an outrage by POTUS, Congress, and everyone else sticking up their hand.

about a month and a half ago

Public To Vote On Names For Exoplanets

Mistakill Smart move... (127 comments)

... non-offensive in any language or culture...

So they have seen what 4chan can do?

about a month and a half ago

Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

Mistakill If everyone loses their jobs... (530 comments)

If everyone loses their jobs, who will be able to buy the products?

about 2 months ago

Encryption Keys For Kim Dotcom's Data Can't Be Given To FBI, Court Rules

Mistakill Re:Umm... (149 comments)


He has broken no laws in New Zealand... the NZ Police and the GCSB overreached with their spying and the execution of the search warrant (the warrant was found to be not legal). The US tried to get him extradited, so the Judge asked to see some of the evidence... (presumption of innocence you know), and the US said 'were the US, we want him, hes guilty', so the Judge said prove it. Seeing as the extradition hearing still hasn't been heard in it's entirety, he's still here in NZ.

You can argue luck all you want, but what matters here is New Zealand law, and the opinion of the Judge (btw Kim Dot Com is a New Zealand resident, so is subject to all the rights that kiwi's have)

about 2 months ago

Auditors Release Verified Repositories of TrueCrypt

Mistakill Re:Truecrypt authors-WARNING: TrueCrypt is not sec (146 comments)

The current train of thought, which may never be verified, is that the authors got a National Security Letter from the NSA (like Lavabit)... If so, pointing people away from it to something like BitLocker may be a way for the NSA to gain easier access to encrypted data

about 3 months ago

Interviews: Ask Jennifer Granick What You Will

Mistakill Penalties for false claims (58 comments)

Ms. Granick can you say why there is no penalty for false claims (often repeated and obvious false claims) about ownership of content. This seems to be one of the biggest issues of contention, if people were to accept that the DCMA itself is acceptable

about 3 months ago

Why Is US Broadband So Slow?

Mistakill One word (513 comments)


about 6 months ago

All In All, Kids Just Another Brick In the Data Wall

Mistakill What happens when... (110 comments)

Parents data wall the teachers and staff?

about 6 months ago

Federal Smartphone Kill-Switch Legislation Proposed

Mistakill Re:Just because you can... (173 comments)

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Just like the remote kill switch that was proposed in cars. This is a solution looking for a problem, and more over it's a solution that's ripe for abuse.

Exactly... if there's a switch, it will be exploited... just look at the encryption on Blu-ray or DVD's... or even some of the RSA encryptions... no matter how good the digital lock, it will be broken eventually...

about 6 months ago

FBI: $10,000 Reward For Info On Anyone Who Points a Laser At an Aircraft

Mistakill Someone invent... (445 comments)

Someone should invent dye pack armed laser seeking missiles... have a drone fly around an airport, someone uses a laser pointed at a plane, and poof, theyre fluro green, and theres video proof for court... win/win

about 7 months ago

HTML5 App For Panasonic TVs Rejected - JQuery Is a "Hack"

Mistakill Re:Beta is terrible! (573 comments)

I'm with you, Fuck beta

about 7 months ago

Network Solutions Opts Customer Into $1,850 Security Service

Mistakill Opt them in to a service (405 comments)

$2000 a month should get their attention, require a phone call and 1 months notice of termination, and a $2000 early termination fee

about 7 months ago

Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014

Mistakill Re:"Devices" != PCs (511 comments)

I know people with MacBook Pro's, that just bought them because facebook and facebook games are faster... *facedesk*

about 7 months ago

Australian Teen Reports SQL Injection Vulnerability, Company Calls Police

Mistakill Idiots (287 comments)

If you smiled at a safe, and it burst open... its not your fault the safe was faulty...

about 8 months ago

PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES

Mistakill Why not Windows 7 (564 comments)

I'm sure if the big manufacturers banded together, they could get enough demand for windows 7 licenses...

about 8 months ago

Govt. Watchdog Group Finds Apple Misled Aussies On Consumer Rights

Mistakill Terrible Title (85 comments)

"Govt. Watchdog Group Finds Apple Misled Aussies On Consumer Rights"

Which Government? China? France? Kenya? Brazil? Rome? Would be more helpful with which country this involves in the title

about 8 months ago

Disney Pulls a Reverse Santa, Takes Back Christmas Shows From Amazon Customers

Mistakill EULA's dont apply where i live :) (418 comments)

EULA's are non binding in New Zealand... the Consumer Guarantees Act sets out consumers rights, and it CANNOT be contracted out of. Once I purchase something, it's mine... If Disney took them back from me, they'd be in for a bad time...

IMO, a contract which has no negotiating room, SIGN HERE OR ELSE, is a worthless pile of poo

about 8 months ago

Gov't Puts Witness On No Fly List, Then Denies Having Done So

Mistakill Re:Just drive there (462 comments)

Flying is a privilege, not a right. She can just drive to court.

It's not like we don't have interstate highways in every state in the union.

Maybe should could have driven there, or taken a bus/train, except she wasn't informed until she was trying to board the plane... lets say you had a court date in NY and were in Cali... you get told at the ticket counter you cant fly... think you will make it via driving/bus/train? And they lied about it, in court...

about 9 months ago

IDC: PC Shipments Decline Worse Than Forecasted, No Recovery Expected

Mistakill Re:Expected (393 comments)

I blame Windows 8.

I blame Windows 8 partially... some people are happy with it... and thats fine... I used it for 2 months and went back to Windows 7

Personally I blame manufacturers... they're now almost exclusively selling all in one machines, which arent that upgradable, have proprietary parts (motherboard/PSU). They also install 500MB - 2GB of 'bonus software' which just slows the machine down

Most people i know, have only needed a faster GPU, more ram and a SSD recently - dropping an SSD into a 1-3 year old PC is so remarkable, in the performance upgrade (Im using an Intel I7 870 *socket 1156* system, and only have USB2/SATA2, and my Samsung 120GB 840 model SSD makes my machine zip along, especially with 16GB of RAM)

about 9 months ago

US Military Settles Software Piracy Claims For $50M

Mistakill The RIAA (127 comments)

This company should have hired the RIAA's lawyers...

about 9 months ago



Kim Dotcom Wins Case Against NZ Police

Mistakill Mistakill writes  |  about a year ago

Mistakill (965922) writes "It would seem the case against Kim Dotcom for the NZ Police isnt going well, with Kim Dotcom scoring another victory in his legal battles.

"Police have been told they must search everything they seized from Dotcom and hand back what is not relevant to the US extradition claims."

Justice Helen Winkelmann told police their complaints about the cost and time of the exercise were effectively their own fault for indiscriminately seizing material in the first place.


Link to Original Source


Mistakill has no journal entries.

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