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Wii Aches — Couch Potatoes Working It Up

Mmm coffee Re:How long (336 comments)


Can the joystick nunchuck sense motion, too? If not, you could use two Wiimotes...

Richard Simmons the video game. Not a joke, played totally straight. Take a Simmons workout video, add a Wii-ified DDR for the upper body. Get him on O'Brien, Letterman, and Leno and advertise the shit out of it. No real marketing, just Richard Simmons playing this stupid little game on late night television.

BOOM. You've just sold the Wii to at least a half million people who would have never played a video game before. Hell, hook up four Wiimotes and two fat housewives can compete at how hard they can out-workout Richard Simmons!

It was named the Revolution for a reason.

more than 8 years ago


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Mmm coffee Mmm coffee writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I have signatures disabled. I loathe signatures, I could care less about people's snippy little sayings or advertisments. They're annoying, I detest them, I do not wish to see them.

Over the past few weeks I've noticed more and more that people are using a fake signature, where they add to the end of thier posts -

This is my idiotic signature blah blah

to get around those of us who have sigs disabled. This. Pisses. Me. Off. I do not want to help you get a "free" iPod. I don't want to know about your shitty web design company. I don't want to see your name appended to every post because quite frankly, unless you're on my friends list I do not give half a shit about you.

Therefore, I have started to put everybody who appends their post with a fake sig in my foes list. This list is set to hit your comments with a -245643 bonus so I never see them. If you are on my foes list and wonder why, it is because you are an inconsiderate moron. Fuck off and good day.


Legal notice for my comments

Mmm coffee Mmm coffee writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I seemed to have struck a nerve in the Free BIOS thread, so I'll just post this notice --

Permission is hereby given for others to republish any or all of my posts verbatim in any form - digital or otherwise - provided this notice is preserved and I am given credit.

Credit can be attributed to "Mmm Coffee" on slashdot. I'd give out real information about me, but I've posted drunk on this site too many times for comfort, and as such don't want this account linked to me publicly.

Never drink and post, kids.

Comments enabled in case anyone wants to say hi.


A little bash help?

Mmm coffee Mmm coffee writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Learning bash scripting by writing a "dir" script that emulates the look and feel of Windows's dir command. I have a problem that I can't quite figure out. I want to make text (say in a variable $i) uppercase. So far I've made it work using a fuxx0red up sed command -

nameinupper=$(echo ${filename[$outputcount]} | sed -e 's/a/A/g' -e 's/b/B/g'\
      -e 's/c/C/g' -e 's/d/D/g' -e 's/e/E/g' -e 's/f/F/g' -e 's/g/G/g' -e 's/h/H/g'\
      -e 's/i/I/g' -e 's/j/J/g' -e 's/k/K/g' -e 's/l/L/g' -e 's/m/M/g' -e 's/n/N/g'\
      -e 's/o/O/g' -e 's/p/P/g' -e 's/q/Q/g' -e 's/r/R/g' -e 's/s/S/g' -e 's/t/T/g'\
      -e 's/u/U/g' -e 's/v/V/g' -e 's/w/W/g' -e 's/x/X/g' -e 's/y/Y/g' -e 's/z/Z/g');

I could care less that it's ugly. I do care that it really kills the speed of the script. Is there a better way to make text upper case in a bash script without having to write a C program that uses toupper()?


Just saw this at the store today...

Mmm coffee Mmm coffee writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I thought I'd share this, in case anyone might read my journal. I found it neat enough to share. =)

Anyways, I live in a small town in Kansas, USA called Haysville. It's about two miles south of Wichita, and has roughly ten thousand people. I would think it's about as stereotypically Kansas as you can get. Flat as hell, surrounded by wheat and corn fields, and filled with idiots. We have a major Independance Day celebration each year, with the entire town being decked out in red, white, and blue. In October we have the Octoberfest, where the town hires some fscking evangelical Christian artists to play on Saturday Night, paid for with the income from speeding tickets. We got eleven churches, two liquor stores, two diners, and a shitload of speeding cameras used by Nazi cops who do nothing but write tickets and harass the local teenagers.

Yes, Haysville is your small town out in the middle of nowhere. Born and raised here, by damn.

So I went to the store the other day to pick up some random junk food, when I walked by the magazine rack on my way to pick up toilet paper. And what did I spy standing proudly amongst Better Homes and Gardens and Sixteen? Why, Linux World, of course. In BIG BOLD WHITE LETTERS AGAINST A BLACK BACKGROUND that screamed LINUX to all the soccer moms buying diapers for their kids.

I remember the last time I visited the Linux user count website there were two people here in Haysville who used Linux. Me, and some other guy who I have never heard of before.

We're invading small town Kansas, baby! :-D

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