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Ties of the Matrix: An Exercise in Combinatorics

Moblaster ties (51 comments)

Tie boy: Do not try and tie the tie. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Tie boy: There is no tie.
Neo: There is no tie?
Tie boy: Yes, you jackarse, this is a techie film and people don't wear ties unless they dropped in accidentally from the Wall Street movie set next door.

about 8 months ago

EU Should Switch To ODF Standard, Says MEP

Moblaster Re:It's lunchtime, you're hungry We know how you f (111 comments)

There once was a first poster from Perth
Who instead of talking about Open Document Format made mirth
He took first post for granted, and talked pizza, backhanded.
Until modded down by European Bureaucrats who.. who ... who remanded - oh I got nothing.

about 8 months ago

Illustrating the Socioeconomic Divide With iOS and Android

Moblaster Re:People with money (161 comments)

Studies have shown that most people who hate apple fanboys are themselves closeted apple fanboys who are subconsciously terrified to confront that fact.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: the State of Open CS, IT, and DBA Courseware in 2014?

Moblaster Re:Translation (84 comments)

Hold on - WHY do you need a CS degree to work as a programmer? Apparently something like 15% of people working at Google nowadays don't have bachelors degrees. When it comes to hiring developers, if you have relevant experience, that is ALL that is important to MOST companies. Get some web pages together with some interesting Javascript, AngularJS, Backbone, jQuery, whatever. Read a book on developer interview questions and learn how to write a recursive algorithm and reverse an array and perhaps a basic sort or two... this can be done in a day or two. Go find yourself a junior developer position paying $60k per year (not hard in Silicon Valley) and you'll prepare yourself for a $100k job within a year far more effectively than a CS degree... which will prepare you for the $60k job. If you already know how to code, and you are a self-learner, you are 80% of the way there. Move out to Silicon Valley, start combing through craigslist, and call up companies looking for junior roles (speak with a person, don't just email them a resume). If you get past a phone screen and get to an in-person interview, right there you have at least a 25% shot of getting the job. One, three, five or six interviews later... you will be hired an on your way... figure on up to two or three months. If you want to make life easier for yourself, hook up with a few tech recruiters. They will line up interviews for you all day long. Just put "developer" somewhere on your LinkedIn profile and they will start to call you. Stop philosophizing and just move to the center of the action and start acting. It's not as hard as you think.

about 8 months ago

Lasers May Solve the Black Hole Information Paradox

Moblaster Re:Backup your data now (75 comments)

Why go through all that trouble? If your hard drive had anything important on it to begin with, it would equal 42.

about 8 months ago

Klingon Beer

Moblaster Klingon Beer Haiku (100 comments)

Five point five percent?
This not Klingon beer, humans.
This dilute breast milk.

about 8 months ago

Linux May Succeed Windows XP As OS of Choice For ATMs

Moblaster Embedded (367 comments)

So does this mean we can expect our special hardened ATM Linux OS to have names like Filching Finch, Moneybiting Mongoose, Overcharging Oranguatan?

about 8 months ago

Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found

Moblaster more evidence (269 comments)

If they thought finding gravitational waves was hard, just wait until they try to locate a drooling autotroph.

about 8 months ago

Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

Moblaster Re:God (794 comments)

Long-story-short-summary: Go to Whole Paycheck, buy the food, skip the ONE WORLD! ONE MIRACLE! DR. BRONNER SOAPS! and you'll narrowly avoid being labeled a vegetarian hippie pagan whose holistic massage business is doing particularly well.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Are We Still Writing Text-Based Code?

Moblaster Church of Pain (876 comments)

Well, Grasshopper, or Unschooled Acolyte, or whatever your title of choice may be...

You did not hear this from me.

But most developers belong to the Church of Pain and we pride ourselves on our arcane talents, strange cryptic mumblings and most of all, the rewards due the High Priesthood to which we strive to belong.

Let me put it bluntly. Some of this very complicated logic is complicated because it's very complicated. And pretty little tools would do both the complexity and us injustice, as high priests or priests-in-training of these magical codes.

One day we will embrace simple graphical tools. But only when we grow bored and decide to move on to higher pursuits of symbolic reasoning; then and not a moment before will we leave you to play in the heretofore unimaginable sandbox of graphical programming tools. Or maybe we'll just design some special programs that can program on our behalf instead, and you can blurt out a few human-friendly (shiver) incantations, and watch them interpret and build your most likely imprecise instructions into most likely unworkable derivative codes. Or you can just take up LOGO like they told you to when you were but a school child in the... normal classes.

Does that answer your impertinent question?

about 10 months ago

Antarctic Climate Research Expedition Trapped In Sea Ice

Moblaster Re:First Pole! (209 comments)

It's not about being the frist pole. It's about being the first best poler who can spell.

about 10 months ago

Swiss Government Backs Privacy Oriented ISP

Moblaster doesn't matter (109 comments)

It's clear this is merely some darknet to protect the black market for Swiss chocolate smuggling. But at last my secret Toblerone stash will be untraceable. So I got that going for me.

1 year,21 days

IE 11 Breaks Rendering For Google Products, and Outlook Too

Moblaster Re:Hmm... (231 comments)

Well they were definitely building something that distracted them. Because in all my years of web development, IE has definitely been the most standards-compliant browser. I've never heard of a situation in which IE did not render something correctly, or in a non-standard fashion, or in any kind of fashion that causes developers to scream at the screen, angrily toss their mouse outside the window, and yell foul obscenities at a Bill Gates they cannot see, in a place far away where they cannot touch.

about a year ago

Capturing the Flag, SQLi-Style

Moblaster real world (24 comments)

Real world SQL injection usually ends badly. The last SQL injection that actually worked in real life was The Empire Strikes Back. So yes. I agree. SQL injection is usually a disaster.

about a year ago

Book Review: Secret History: the Story of Cryptology

Moblaster Alice and Bob (71 comments)

Alice locks her signed copy of the book in the chest with her lock. She sends the chest to Bob. He slaps his lock on it. And send the chest back to Alice. She correctly interprets this as a big FU from Bob and takes a chainsaw to open up the chest and get her damn book back since he obviously doesn't want it.

about a year ago

For Playstation 4 Owners, Bad News On USB, Bluetooth Headsets

Moblaster Bluetooth woes (292 comments)

My bluetooth won't work. My USB won't work. That's sucks. But I got first post. So I got that going for me.

about a year ago

Book Review: Getting Started With Drupal Commerce

Moblaster making money review (37 comments)

Here's my review... after using Drupal extensively on several projects, I can tell you the best way to make money with Drupal is not to use it in the first place. It's absolutely amazing how quickly trying to do anything even remotely interesting in Drupal turns your codebase into a nightmarish, unmanageable mess. Well, at the least first six time you build a Drupal website. After that you'll have learned enough to realize the investment will never quite pay off. You might as well code up a site from scratch in PHP, Javascript, jQuery and HTML/CSS. You'll have the same problems putting it together, but at least you'll be able to find developers who can maintain it without a four month straight vertical learning curve to the land of 35%-of-normal productivity. Ok, rant over. Drupal lovers can mod me down now. But from my perspective, the only people who should be loving Drupal are consultants getting paid by the hour. Because it's one heck of a top-dollar billable-hour generator.

about a year ago

D-Link Router Backdoor Vulnerability Allows Full Access To Settings

Moblaster discipline (228 comments)

The Beatings Will Continue... Until the Firmware Improves.

about a year ago

Who's Getting Pay-By-Phone Right? The Fast Food Industry

Moblaster Micropayments (153 comments)

Oh great. The burger outlets have discoverd pay-by-phone. Next thing they will discover micropayments. And then we'll have pay-by-fry.

about a year ago

The W3C Sells Out Users Without Seeming To Get Anything In Return

Moblaster Re:Some questions (348 comments)

The question of what "we" get is not very meaningful until there is an actual "we." And if you are talking about programmers making mass-scale demands of any significance, you first need to have a common base of opinion for that mass to have a unified voice. Now let me ask you -- if programmers were inclined to join together in this kind of way, wouldn't that first have expressed itself as some kind of coherent economic grouping like -- say -- a union? I'm sure there are a few unionized programmers out there ... uh... somewhere... but I've personally never met one, ever.

So if they won't do this for a core economic interest (salary, working conditions) then how realistic is this idea that there would be some kind of coherent constituency agititating for something "in return" for DRM? Because as it turns out, quite a few programmers benefit from being employed by companies with a stake in DRM. And that is, on some level, almost every for-profit company on the internet which makes it business selling proprietary information (content, programs, web services). Which is just about everyone, besides the relatively small proportion of economic activity at companies relying on open-source business models.

This is not about programmers at all. If anyone is going to complain, it's "consumers." There are a lot more of them, and the population of potential complainers is much larger. Whether or not that means diddly squat in a major capitalist system where all the for-profit internet-connected companies really, truly ARE a significantly incentivized interest group that pretty much like the perceived benefits of DRM... well, color me skeptical about that.

about a year ago


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