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VoIP Providers Worry as FCC Clams Up

MoceanWorker I'll tell you what happens.. (204 comments)

As a Vonage customer.. I have received numerous notifications (ok, i'm lazy) to activate the E911. Just last week, I got what I perceive as threats from Vonage, claiming that if i DON'T activate my E911 service, they WILL discontinue my service immediately.

I understand their reason for pushing this, but the discontinuation is such a lazy way for them to just say "ok, so when the FCC checks us out, we don't have to worry about that guy because they won't know if he did/didn't sign up for E911".. problem solved, sadly..

This should be totally optional to the customer. If they don't want to set it up.. fine.. that's their problem, not OURS..

Vonage.. your prices are great.. your image as a company not giving into the FCC and protecting your customers.. horrible..

more than 9 years ago


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