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Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

ModernGeek Re:I don't know how they pay (509 comments)

$500 / hr to the contractor with all of the equipment, $12 / hr to the illegal immigrant they put through the classes.

You're right, it does pay well!

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Unattended Maintenance Windows?

ModernGeek Re: Murphy says no. (265 comments)

This guy probably is the tech but is wanting to spend more time with his family or something.

Probably settled down too fast and can't get a better job now. My advice: don't settle down and quit using your wife and children as excuses for your career failures because they'll grow to hate you for it.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Unattended Maintenance Windows?

ModernGeek Schedule some days as offset days (265 comments)

You just need to schedule some of your days as offset days. Work from 4pm to midnight some days so that you can get some work done when others aren't around. Some days require you being around people, some days command you be alone.

Or you can just work 16hour days like the rest of us and wear it with a badge of honor.

If you are your own boss and do this, you can earn enough money to take random weeks off from work with little to no notice so that you can travel the world, and do some recruiting while doing it so that you can write the expenses off on the company.

about a month ago

My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

ModernGeek Re:Incandescent will be best for the environment. (278 comments)

I agree about the mercury in CFLs but how do you think most solar cells are made? ... They are made using "dirty semiconductor fabs." So what would you rather make with the dirty semiconductor fab, a little square mm LEDs or square meters of solar cells? Also, no one uses lead anymore.

and the alternative to the solar panels on the roof are nuclear reactors, coal power plants, or hydroelectric dams. You tell me which is going to impact the environment the most when you look at the total cost of operation from afar like that.

about a month ago

$500k "Energy-Harvesting" Kickstarter Scam Unfolding Right Now

ModernGeek Re:so how is Kickstarter not liable? (448 comments)

3.5 Pass the bar exam.

You still have to sit through law school pretty much everywhere now. No more passing the bar and becoming an attorney. I've looked at this, changing it would be hard. Considering sitting through law school, but I'd rather not if it could be avoided. Just remember, if your small business is incorporated, it is a person, and you can't represent another person in court. One lawsuit could ruin your company and you'd be stuck watching the ship go down, trying to fight for it would be futile as you'd just be thrown out of the courtroom.

about 2 months ago

Credit Card Breach At P.F. Chang's

ModernGeek Re:Cash and checks (117 comments)

Checks are more insecure than credit cards...

about 2 months ago

New Car Can Lean Into Curves, Literally

ModernGeek Re: Gimmick (243 comments)

People that drive these cars only keep them a few years, depending on the length of the lease.

about 2 months ago

SpaceX To Present Manned Dragon Capsule

ModernGeek Re:The US will of course forbid this (128 comments)

Musk is actually a huge Obama supporter, and Obama has been seen talking to, giving praise to, and visiting with Elon Musk. SpaceX and Elon Musk have been a huge part of the Obama Space Strategy. Any anti-obama sentiment comes from the ending of Republican-politican-approved programs, such as the Space Shuttle through companies like ATK and Boeing.

about 3 months ago

The World's Worst Planes: Aircraft Designs That Failed

ModernGeek Re:Does not matter (209 comments)

Yeah, you can't make a list like that without this one on it. Like they say in the aviation industry: If it looks right, it files right. Probably why Boeing lost to Lockheed for the X-35 contract. Even if it had worked, we would have been the laughing stock of the world when they saw that and said, "Ah, the Americans are here."

about 3 months ago

Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?

ModernGeek Re:Author doesn't understand Fermi's Paradox (608 comments)

Another scenario would be that they are using types of communication that are unbeknownst to us, be it Neutrinos or some sort of "subspace" FTL communication.

about 4 months ago

Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

ModernGeek Re:Talk is cheap (313 comments)

The companies with these proposals need to send some of their men to the United States so that they may learn how to lobby a government.

about 4 months ago

Wi-Fi Problems Dog Apple-Samsung Trial

ModernGeek Laziness (80 comments)

This system should have never been designed to be used over a wireless network.

about 4 months ago

Nest Halts Sales of Smart Fire Alarm After Discovering Dangerous Flaw

ModernGeek Re:Does everything need to be smart? (128 comments)

Yeah, but the WiFi Router is going to be plugged into a telephone, coax, or fiber line that is just as vulnerable to being cut.

about 5 months ago

Should Patients Have the Option To Not Know Their DNA?

ModernGeek Re:Op Out Knowledge? (157 comments)

Say that to any child currently attending a state-mandated educational institution.

about 5 months ago

MIT Researchers Create Platform To Build Secure Web Apps That Never Leak Data

ModernGeek Re: I've implemented something similar (90 comments)

I agree in that this won't be implemented because of the business implications but would also go on to say that this solution is unoriginal and undeserving of all the pomp and circumstance that the media and the educational institutions are giving it, before we know it they're going to give out Ph.D's and there patents for a high school paper on using electrolysis to make hydrogen and oxygen. Call the press!

about 5 months ago

Transformer-Style Scooter Lets You Ride Your Briefcase To Work

ModernGeek Wrong price point, wrong demographic, wrong style (102 comments)

Business professionals such as attorneys and executives are the only people still using briefcases, middle management and your average run of the mill desk jockey might buy one of these as a toy, but not at this price point. You'd have to get it down to the sub-$500 level to hit that target market. This thing is defective by an order of magnitude on many levels.

about 5 months ago

SpaceX Wants To Go To Mars — and Has a Plan To Get There

ModernGeek Perhaps Mars One and Space X are tighter than we t (236 comments)

I'm wondering if the Mars One project hasn't had a more complex working relationship than previously thought. For all we know, Mars One could just be a separatist marketing arm of Elon Musk.

about 5 months ago


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