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"Install Other OS" Feature Removed From the PS3

Mongoose Console game development (739 comments)

Even professional console developers use PS3Linux at home and work for prototyping. If they sold a Debugging Station for $2000 I'd rather do that, but then you need to do all that legal bullshit. Also taking kits home would set a bad example / end up losing kits depending who does it. :D

more than 4 years ago

Is Apple Doing All It Can to Beat Vista?

Mongoose Re:Neither can compete with the cost of Ubuntu! (773 comments)

It takes more effort, sure. However you can run about any game under Linux now. You might need to have a special patched version of Wine for a certain game ( eg QuakeWars and Eve ), but often you just need to tune 'off-the-shelf' versions ( Oblivion and Morrowwind ).

It's not for everyone, but I like the flexibility and the cost. I don't have to buy Windows to play the game for example, or boot out of my main OS either. I should disclose I'm the guy that wrote a few patches and HOWTOs for Wine games. If you can follow simple instructions and have an Nvidia GPU that supports OpenGL 2.1+ you're set for the most part. I'm waiting for reports from AMD ( ATi ) users to see if the new drivers have any effect on the dismal performace and support of OpenGL and more specifically GLSL. The more choice for GPUs on Linux the better.

more than 7 years ago


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