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What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

Moppusan That depends... (152 comments)

...on what the definition of "is" is. It never gets old!

about 2 months ago

US and UK Governments Advise Avoiding Internet Explorer Until Bug Fixed

Moppusan Could they.... (153 comments)

Couldn't they have just said "Don't use Internet Explorer, anytime, anywhere, ever?" That's so much easier.

about 5 months ago

How interested are you in Virtual Reality tech?

Moppusan Virutal and/or Augmented (202 comments)

I don't think Virtual Reality or even Augmented Reality will really take off until anything that needs to be worn is VERY unobtrusive, light, so easy a caveman can use it, etc. OR nothing needs to be worn at all. High-tech contacts could be in either category (worn/not worn) imho, since I've been wearing contacts for 15+ years and I'm so used to them. Maybe a retinal implant. Yeahhh. Okay, retinal implants or Holodecks. Anything less would be uncivilized.

about 6 months ago

Apple Demands $40 Per Samsung Phone For 5 Software Patents

Moppusan Patents... (406 comments)

Aren't patents supposed to cover "not obvious" things? What, are Samsung phones not supposed to sync data? TAPPING on a phone number to CALL it? Simply amazing. I don't suppose anyone at Apple ever thought the money spent waging war against Samsung would be better spent...oh, I don't know...making better products?

about 6 months ago

Dinosaurs Done In By... Dark Matter?

Moppusan Dinusaur-sized grain of salt but... (135 comments)

Which Dinosaur? There were lots of sizes! I need to quantify this immediately or my brain will turn into dark matter! Get it? Grey matter, dark matter...Laugh or I'll turn this solar system around and we'll go right back to the dark matter.

about 6 months ago

NSA Infected 50,000 Computer Networks With Malicious Software

Moppusan Year Zero (264 comments)

More and more the concept album "Year Zero" by Nine Inch Nails is becoming less "concept" and more "reality."

about 10 months ago

No, Oreos Aren't As Addictive As Cocaine

Moppusan Maybe not oreos but... (285 comments)

...what about Nutella? You can't say Nutella isn't like crack. Excuse me while I inject my veins with Nutella flavored Nutella on Nutella cookie with Nutella sprinkles. What were we talking about?

about a year ago

Indiana Man Gets 8 Months For Teaching How To Beat Polygraph Tests

Moppusan Not allowed as evidence? (356 comments)

I always thought polygraph results weren't allowed as evidence, thus making their fake results even more useless. Am I missing something here? I refuse to RTFA, Slashdot posters are way more interesting. Thank you in advance for any amusement.

1 year,14 days

If I search online for my full name...

Moppusan For me........ (213 comments)

Full first, middle initial, full last I get a date of death as the same year I was born. FREAKIN ME OUT, MAN.

about a year ago

U.S. Independence Day is a ...

Moppusan Independence Day (330 comments)

...has lost all meaning. Who cares this chunk of dirt on the western hemisphere has independence from a different chunk of dirt on the eastern hemisphere? I also no longer consider this to be the United States of America. America used to mean -- to me -- a free and fair land to be proud of. Just United States now. Although I admit, better than a lot of hell holes on other parts of this spinning blue marble. Still could be better. Much better. Stop F'ing the poor and good F'ing the corporations.

about a year ago

New Moons of Pluto Named Kerberos and Styx; Popular Choice 'Vulcan' Snubbed

Moppusan "Vulcan" (194 comments)

Really isn't a name for just a moon but for a whole planet. That's my opinion. Seems logical.

about a year ago

Are You a Geek or a Nerd?

Moppusan Re:Missing options (267 comments)

Actually I think being called a dork is sometimes meant positively. Something my girlfriend would say to me "you are such a dork," or my best friend's wife, "you two are such dorks." when we act amusingly weird.

about a year ago

Are You a Geek or a Nerd?

Moppusan Both mostly the same. (267 comments)

A geek and a nerd are mostly the same. I've always thought nerds like learning for the sake of learning, and geeks obsess about certain topics and learn about those. Nerds are more introverted (like me) and geeks are more extroverted. Basically geeks are nerds that want to be socially accepted while nerds -- who still like positive attention -- don't expect social acceptance. Geeks have more friends, nerds have less. Actually geeks may have more acquaintances than close friends, while nerds have more close friends than acquaintances. I consider myself a nerd, if anyone wants to know "who in the hell typed that?" Okay, thank you for your time, please return to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.

about a year ago

Sony Touts 25 Hour Battery Life For Haswell-Equipped Vaio Pro

Moppusan Battery Life (154 comments)

"25 hours of battery life claimed." So in reality it'll be about maybe 4 hours of actual use, unless Sony's reality is screen dimmed until you can just barely make out shapes and just staring at it for 25 hours. Yep, that sounds about right for Sony Reality.

about a year ago

Bug In Samsung S3 Grabs Too Many Images, Ups Data Use

Moppusan Re:Fanboys overstating minor problems (99 comments)

Why does it seem when major problems like this arise companies are quick to dismiss/deny/ignore whatever as the first response?

I am not sure of your personal beef, but from the article which identifies a minor bug "have contacted Samsung to report the issue." Where is Samsung dismissing or denying...or ignoring the problem.

Calm down there sparky, I'm no Samsung fanboy (although I am looking at a Samsung monitor right now), I was just referring to the summary "So far Samsung didn't acknowledge the problem though it seems to affect all S3 phones." I guess I should never trust /. summaries to be accurate in any way, shape or form.

about a year ago

Bug In Samsung S3 Grabs Too Many Images, Ups Data Use

Moppusan Company reactions to major problems. (99 comments)

Why does it seem when major problems like this arise companies are quick to dismiss/deny/ignore whatever as the first response?

about a year ago

4K Computer Monitors Are Coming (But Still Pricey)

Moppusan 4k? Okay, but... (286 comments)

High pixel density is one hurdle we're getting over but color gamut should be focused on too. Density beyond what the human eye could ever differentiate and the entire gamut of colors possible would be drool worthy. Hmm. While I'm at it, add an extra thin profile, IPS v2 (complete 180 degree viewing angle, though completely pointless. HEY, I can see the side of the TV AND the movie! THIS IS SOME TECHNOLOGY!) anti-glare, touch compatible, under 5 lbs., 100W max load, 0.001mW standby, built-in wireless petabit internet, built-in 500 exabyte Super-SSD (30x faster than current SSD technology!) and an 8 slice toaster.

about a year ago

Nasdaq Fined $10M Over Facebook IPO Failures

Moppusan Fake "Market" (91 comments)

I've never understood the stock market and never will. It feels completely fake to me, like a real-money MMO. It's like a rigged game where most people get shit on and the elites get all the loot. Let's all pretend we're "buying" a part of a company! Maybe it was a good idea at one point, but it's just a big joke now.

about a year ago


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