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iPhone App Causes Google To Shut Down SMS Service

Morinaga I've got an easy fix for you (420 comments)

If you believe in the WHO rankings and I'm sure you do then a cheap ticket to Canada will afford you better care. I encourage you to embrace the UN rankings and try them out. Or, if you prefer you can take a bit of a longer trip to Columbia, according to the UN they are fantastic. Sure, you're taking a pretty big leap of faith when indexing your preferences based on the disability mortality rates via the UN from a report nearly 10 years ago. And sure, you're kind of taking a chance on using the widely publisized Overall Performance (OP) rannkings for your trip instead of the Overall Attainment (OA). And sure, it's kind of strange that WHO could do a study in 2000 but now they won't because it's too complicated. So, my advice is NOT to pay your $510 a month. Emergency rooms will take anyone regardless of medical coverage (some might call it forced National Health Care as you were actually paying for that guaranteed coverage with part of your $510...but I digress). When you're stable, get a flight to your highest rank WHO country and breath a sigh of relief.

more than 5 years ago

The Sun Has First Spotless Month Since 1913

Morinaga Re:Sunspots down... temperature down? (571 comments)


So... CO2 causes global warming, apparently on Mars and Jupiter too. Yet when sunspot activity decreases, this whole global warming trend slows down (to the tune of no increase of global temperature in over 8 years). And in the 1990s when sunspot activity was some of the highest ever recorded, global temperatures rose. I wonder if this is a coincidence.... or is it?

So really... are you all still addicted to that theory? That it's all about the CO2?

Hey man, everyone knows you don't get the grants with headlines that read, "looks like everything is as unpredictable as ever". If you can speculate that the sea levels will rise by 20 feet and get your universities name in the NY Times then that's a different story. Are YOU going to dedicate four years of your life to reasearch just to say you didn't find anything? Hell no.

more than 6 years ago


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