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Chinese City Sets Up "No Cell Phone" Pedestrian Lanes

Morpeth Send them into traffic (46 comments)

... seriously, sent the texting/chatting group into a lane that walks them right into traffic. That way, you address China's population problem, and you remove lots of idiots from the genepool (hopefully), or at least take out some of those who endanger the rest of us (I can only imagine how those types drive...). The one's who don't walk into traffic survive their Darwinism test.

2 days ago

World's Fastest Camera Captures 4.4 Trillion Frames Per Second

Morpeth Yeah well... (94 comments)

but does it go to 11 ?

about a month ago

Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Morpeth Jackson should critique the black community first. (514 comments)

This is not a racist rant, but a realistic look at some of the issues Jackson might want to address within the black community first before taking his usual stance of blaming everyone else:

72% of black kids born out of wedlock (compared to 17% for Asians). The Rev [cough] Jackson himself had an affair & fathered a child with another woman.
Double the unemployment rates of whites (roughly 5.4 to 11.5% as of last month)
Why doesn't he talk about the negative affects of hip-hop culture (glorifying violence, promoting misogynistic attitudes to an extreme, promotes wealth through any (often illegal) means)
On average, African American twelfth-grade students read at the same level as white eighth-grade students. 54% of African Americans graduate from high school, compared to more than three quarters of white and Asian students. []
50% of the murders in the country are committed by black men, who comprise only 6% of the total US population. NEVER talks about, but will spend endless hours race baiting over a single case like Martin.
Look at the murder rate in Chicago, his home town (and the perps)

As a liberal myself, Jackson's race baiting and racial profiteering sickens me -- he only uses his racial politics to advance his own ego and fatten his wallet. He hasn't been a civil rights leader in decades in my opinion, he's a self serving jerk who actually promotes racism, a dependence culture and victim mentality. He's done more damage to the black community than good, but is such a smooth talker, his fans don't see it.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?

Morpeth What I DON'T want it to do (427 comments)

- broadcast my location to anyone
- store any personal information (or at least allow me to have total control over what is stored)
- be hackable
- require me to charge it like a cellphone, fuck that, I want it to last for a year+ like a regular watch
- require the presence of my phone for its functionality
- act like a Dick Tracy gadget, there's enough asshats talking out loud via Blueooth et. al.

Honestly I'm not interested in a 'smart' watch, to me I see it being mainly just another piece of tech that people will be f*cking with when they should be watching the road, or making eye contact while talking to the person in front of them.

about 3 months ago

Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Can't Be Searched Without a Warrant

Morpeth Re:Not in USA (249 comments)

Tell that to people in Gitmo, etc., who have NEVER been to court after how many years? Slap on the words 'terrorism' or 'national security' and you'll be lucky if you ever get your day in court.

about 3 months ago

Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order

Morpeth Re:Really? (210 comments)

Love the childish condescending tone. Some of us actually like to OWN what we buy. If I like a movie I will get in DVD/blu-ray because I don't have to worry about the cloud, licensing, proprietary this or that, some clause on the 37th page on the EULA etc. Shockers... I even still buy CDs for music for the same reason.

about 3 months ago

Life Sentences For Serious Cyberattacks Proposed In Britain

Morpeth Re:Much like in the US... (216 comments)

I was thinking the same thing -- never known anyone getting life for aggravated assault, even for attempted murder. Seems like a terribly written law that could be very easily be broadly applied and abused by UK authorities.

about 3 months ago

Life Sentences For Serious Cyberattacks Proposed In Britain

Morpeth Proporionate to other UK sentencing laws? (216 comments)

Anyone from the UK care to comment. Because I never thought of the UK as being draconian in their sentencing (if anything, a little light on some crimes).

What's the sentencing range for serious crimes like rape, aggravated assault, attempted murder, or causing serious bodily harm, etc? I mean do people get life for causing serious injury in the UK? I doubt it, so why does a football hooligan not get life for beating someone severely, but equivalently hurting someone with a computer merits life? Sounds like the UK it taking a lead from the US (and that's not a compliment)

about 3 months ago

AT&T Hacker 'weev' Demands One Bitcoin For Each Hour He Spent In Jail

Morpeth Re:Um... McVeigh a hero? You lost me pal (449 comments)

I didn't say the adults lives weren't valuable, so don't put words into my mouth. There is NO way an infant or toddler could make ANY choice or cause ANY action that could in any way be a threat to McVeigh. Hence my pointing them out. It's not a prop or news-speak, sorry you're so cynical.

While I don't in any sense condone ANYTHING he did, he could try to argue adults can make choices or actions that in some whacky way he could attempt to rationalize as a threat -- my point of bringing up the kids, is that they had ZERO, absolutely ZERO to do with whatever beef he had in his twisted mind.

about 4 months ago

AT&T Hacker 'weev' Demands One Bitcoin For Each Hour He Spent In Jail

Morpeth Um... McVeigh a hero? You lost me pal (449 comments)

I absolutely detest the state of things right now, the NSA/Snowden revelations, corporations/lobbyists running the gov't, rights being ignored, etc. BUT that said, TImothy McVeigh was a murderer... including 18 children:

Peachlyn Bradley, 3, Oklahoma City
Gabreon D.L. Bruce, 3 months, Oklahoma City
Ashley Megan Eckles, 4, Guthrie
Baylee Almon, 1, Oklahoma City
Danielle Nicole Bell, 15 months, Oklahoma City
Zachary Taylor Chavez, 3, Oklahoma City
Anthony Christopher Cooper II, 2, Moore
Antonio Ansara Cooper Jr., 6 months, Midwest City
Aaron M. Coverdale, 5 1/2, Oklahoma City
Elijah S. Coverdale, 2 1/2, Oklahoma City
Jaci Rae Coyne, 14 months, Moore
Taylor Santoi Eaves, 8 months, Midwest City
Tevin D'Aundrae Garrett, 16 months, Midwest City
Kevin "Lee" Gottshall II, 6 months, Norman
Blake Ryan Kennedy, 1 1/2, Amber
Dominique Ravae (Johnson)-London, 2, Oklahoma City
Chase Dalton Smith, 3, Oklahoma City
Colton Wade Smith, 2, Oklahoma City

Many people are angry and frustrated, but please read those names and ages and tell me again about his 'heroism'?

about 4 months ago

Game Industry Fights Rising Development Costs

Morpeth Voice acting... ugh (111 comments)

There's a huge waste of time and money imo. No friend I've gamed with ever really gave a flying frack about fully voice acted dialogs. Though I only beta tested, since I didn't like the game, Elder Scrolls online for example -- there was SO much pointless voice acting, with well-known to famous actors (like John Cleese). How much money did they spend on that? Most people just click through thinking 'yeah... yeah... give me the #$%! quest already'. They apparently spent a small fortune developing it, and after all that, I'd still just rather play Oblivion or Skyrim.

I also think many game companies have become obsessed with 'oh shiney!' tech and forget about basic stuff, like a good, even [gasp] original storyline -- instead of the cliched, overused, derivative crap that seems to make up 90% of the titles. I've been playing a lot more games from smaller studios, that seems to be where the real innovation in game design is imo. And no, I don't mean the tech, I mean the story, the interfaces, the character concepts, etc.

about 4 months ago

Pluto May Have Deep Seas and Ancient Tectonic Faults

Morpeth Ancient Teutonic Knights... (47 comments)

... that's awesome!

The brain is a funny thing...

about 5 months ago

The Comcast/TWC Merger Is About Controlling Information

Morpeth Re:GIve it up (107 comments)

One of the best posts I've read on /. in a long while.

about 5 months ago

Elite Violinists Can't Distinguish Between a Stradivarius and a Modern Violin

Morpeth Re:It is like that rat poop coffee. (469 comments)

I made a similar comment about wine, and the so-called experts.

I've had $40-50 per lb coffee (Kona or other Hawaiian coffees) that was just ok, and I've have $8 per lb coffee that was terrific (several of Trader Joe's organic fair trade coffee are really, really damn good, and only run like ~ $8-9).

about 5 months ago

Elite Violinists Can't Distinguish Between a Stradivarius and a Modern Violin

Morpeth Sounds a lot like wine... (469 comments)

Reminds me of the many blind studies show how 'experts' on wine are very often totally full of shit -- which is why my eyes begin to roll when I hear people throwing around their pretentious adjectives when describing their favorite Cabernet or whatever.

about 5 months ago

Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine

Morpeth Re:We need a US base in the Ukraine (623 comments)

And many Americans want to think of the US as the hero of WWII. Really, it was Britain. They were fighting alone for almost 2 years until the US got off its ass an entered the war -- and only after Pearl Harbor.

Something like only 10% of Americans wanted to get involved and/or help Britain before Pearl Harbor, even though they were getting pounded during The Blitz, civilians killed, cities on fire, etc. (not to mention what was happening in the rest of mainland Europe) The US did nothing, sent some supplies after a while, but that was it until Pearl. And Britain lost 10x as many civilians alone during the blitz as the us lost military personnel in Pearl.

Sure, US industrial strength and involvement was critical as the war progressed, but the war would have been over before the US entered if it weren't for the pilots who fought in The Battle of Britain, the country enduring The Blitz, along with everything else they did.

about 5 months ago

Men And Women Think Women Are Bad At Basic Math

Morpeth Re:Hardly anybody... (384 comments)

"cherry picking exception cases" Here's a mirror for you.

So some random YouTube videos from some wannabe comedians that you keep linking to is your non-biased scientific evidence? Yeah, sure, ok.

I'm starting to think you're just a troll.

about 6 months ago

Men And Women Think Women Are Bad At Basic Math

Morpeth Re:Hardly anybody... (384 comments)

"That is just speculation based on your wishful thinking."

WRONG again. AmiMoJo is correct, there have been many, many studies -- if you bothered to look, showing bias in hiring based on things like gender or names (preference towards European for example)

The wishful thinking (that gender bias doesn't exist to any meaningful extent) is on your part, not AmiMoJo's.

about 6 months ago

Men And Women Think Women Are Bad At Basic Math

Morpeth Re:Hardly anybody... (384 comments)

As I said, this guys is actually making the case for the article -- he's making assumptions based on gender without facts, and facts won't change his mind.

about 6 months ago



Morpeth Morpeth writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Morpeth (577066) writes "By signing the rights stripping Military Commissions Act, George Bush has further damaged democracy in this country and kicked it in the gut. The effective suspension of habeus corpus and ignoring of the Geneva Conventions among other outrageous parts of this Act should scare people. The current government is actively destroying democracy in order to 'save' it. The very things that made this country great are under attack.

Keith Olbermann's 'Beginning of the end of America' is worth reading and watching. It may sound like a sensationalistic title, but I highly suggest people look at this and think hard about what kind of government they want.

I'm reminded of this famous quote -
'First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the trade unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.' [Martin Niemoeller (1892-1984)]"


Morpeth has no journal entries.

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