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Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

Moses48 Re:HSA plus catastrophic (723 comments)

My favorite is the following scenario that's happened to me at multiple clinics in some form or another:

Nurse: "Well, I don't think there is anything wrong with you, but lets do an extra scan just in case"
Me: "Sounds good. How much does the scan cost?"
Nurse: *looks aghast at such a request* "You have insurance, why would you care?"
Me: "..." *thinks of explaining how the cost ends up being payed by me in either case*

Another experience calling the Hospital after having a child:
Acc = Hospital accounts receivable personnel

Me: "I've received 7 different bills over the last few months. I would really like to pay off any balance so I can budget appropriately"
Acc: "You have paid off all balance with the hospital"
Me: "So, I shouldn't receive any more bills for the birth?"
Acc: "I didn't say that. You will just have to see if more bills arrive."
Me: "How will I know when everything has been billed?"
Acc: "I can't imagine bills arriving next year."

Turns out the hospital, nurse midwives, doctor, anesthesiologist, etc etc etc. all bill separately and don't all put their bills in any timely manner. Took 12 months for all the bills to arrive from my last child's birth.

about 4 months ago

How to Avoid a Target-Style Credit Card Security Breach (Video)

Moses48 Re:For consumers (146 comments)

My debit card is insured like my credit card. My bank has no ATM fees pays others ATM fees for me (up to a certain amount per month). There are always companies that will screw you, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

about 7 months ago

Get Ready For a Streaming Music Die-Off

Moses48 Re:Grow up without music? (370 comments)

The future is full of wonders. Imagine your kid playing around with his guitar in front of a few friends. His mandatory house anti-terrorist (kinect like) system recognizes patented chord sequence.

        TV: *BEEP BOOP BAP* RIAAfia has determined that there are sufficient humans to constitute a public performance of patent 539fe34 "Chord sequence C A". Please cease and decist or the appropriate fees will be applied to your SSN credit line.
        Kids: Ahh man...

about 8 months ago

Should companies start using drones for common tasks, like package delivery?

Moses48 Re:Interesting (378 comments)

getting killed by a failed drone will happen at least a few times

One of the really depressing things about Humanity is that hundreds of people could be killed by an accepted part of life each year and it wouldn't make local news but the first time one person anywhere gets killed by a new and not well understood it's going to be an headline and the idiot public will be in arms about the new thing.


about 8 months ago

Tesla Model S REST API Authentication Flaws

Moses48 Re:It's not REST (161 comments)

I don't feel like we are communicating well. What are you trying to tell me? I am talking about years after he published his Thesis. I'm talking about 2004 or so, when it became the fad to start calling things RESTful. At that time if you did a google for "REST" you would get a webpage from Fielding. That's what I found at the time and went with until I researched it more. And, no, I don't put effort into correcting people on this topic. You seem to think it warrants correcting people, I don't. Words change, that's what happens to language. Amazon, Google, Twitter, et al use it to mean the calling style and statelessness (as per their API docs). If enough people care to correct their colleagues (I don't) then it'll change, but don't hold your breath.

about a year ago

Tesla Model S REST API Authentication Flaws

Moses48 Re:It's not REST (161 comments)

I understand what they mean. Multiple business partners use the term. This isn't just "the people that work next to me". This is my observation among web developers across the board. I'm talking about all the big players, they use the term wrong. While I can applaud people for having concise definitions, I'm not about to tell all the third party APIs I use daily that their REST api's aren't REST. It's too much work. If you campaign to get everyone to use the term correctly, more power to you.

(PS - I didn't read his thesis at the time. He came out with some web pages that described REST. They didn't mention linking as a part of REST, but that it was useful. As in MAY/RECOMMENDED, not even SHOULD or MUST. I'm not excusing people, I'm just letting you know how the current usage came about)

about a year ago

Tesla Model S REST API Authentication Flaws

Moses48 Re:It's not REST (161 comments)

I remember reading Fielding's blogs and work when REST was becoming a popular term. The idea of hypertext links was not as prevelent. It was there with some mention to atom rss and the likes, but it wasn't the main point of REST.
There are some that think any stateless json/http webservice means rest. There are some that think anything with resources and actions on those resources is restful (ie: an sql select statement or your webservice example). And then there are those that follow R. Fieldings work and know what he means by REST.

When I hear a colleague say REST it usually means what you have in your example. So much so, that it would take to much time and effort to correct everyone. That's the thing with language. Once a term is generally accepted among a group to mean something, it's easier to pick up their term than try to change everyone in the group. In rare cases do I run into people that think your example isn't RESTful.

TL;DR: What the author meant it to mean, and what it means to most programmers isn't the same.

about a year ago

Dispatch From the Future: Uber To Purchase 2,500 Driverless Cars From Google

Moses48 Re:Don't wanna be first... (282 comments)

Fair enough. I thought you were being a pedant and wanting literal meaning like many lawyers do. I'm completely with you on avoiding words that have connotations that aren't desired.
Have you ever head the college student petition to ban the chemical compound Dihydrogen Monoxide? He got enormous support, even from people that knew that H20 is fine. Why? Context. People don't listen to each word and their meaning, they listen to a sentence and tones and connotations. They hear "chemical" and stop right there.


about a year ago

Dispatch From the Future: Uber To Purchase 2,500 Driverless Cars From Google

Moses48 Re:Don't wanna be first... (282 comments)

Yet we call bandages "Band-Aids". We use a lift to go down. In the south they order a "Coke" when they're actually ordering Pepsi. It's common use has made it mean crash, even if it was on purpose. Hell, even the government accepts the terminology now:

Stop being such a pedant. If you know what someone means, and they communicate it in a generally accepted manner, there is no need to get uptight. It's the meaning of the words, not the actual words. If you always take things literally then I'm sorry you have to deal with people.

about a year ago

EA Takes Over Scrabble App, Wipes Player Histories and Switches Dictionary

Moses48 Really? (197 comments)

This article is about how you can get free advertisement. Move along.

about a year ago

Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

Moses48 Re:How stupid is a Mac Pro Cylinder? (607 comments)

I'm going to withhold judgement on this, as I think it looks nice. As long as the parts are all standard and easily replaceable, the shape of the case doesn't make much difference.

about a year ago

Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

Moses48 Looks like (607 comments)

The new IOS 7 UI looks an awful lot like another mobile UI I've seen without the 3d effect. We better check to see if flat images are patented or part of brand distinction.

about a year ago

Predicting IQ With a Simple Visual Test

Moses48 Re:Hmmm (325 comments)

That is a TERRIBLE correlation. It might be significant from a purely statistical argument, but the correlation is so weak that it would be difficult to eliminate other factors.

I'm not sure what a "terrible" correlation is in your book, but to me it's all about the numbers. Correlations of this nature tell you nothing about an individual, but about a population. That's why women have lower car insurance than men, even though a specific woman might be much riskier than a specific man. It is only at after looking at past data can we tell which individuals are more costly.

Even if the correlation was 95% there are still outliers. You still DON'T want to use it to judge a person's IQ. it just becomes an even better metric for populations. But again, it should not be used on an individual level.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What If We Don't Run Out of Oil?

Moses48 Re:Neverending is not infinite. (663 comments)

Except that it never approaches zero. I imagine it approaches a non-zero amount. Unless you think that usage will always be higher than production. I imagine that when extraction costs rise due to resource scarcity that the earth will be creating oil at the same rate or above the rate at which we extract and use it.

about a year ago

Judge Slams Apple-Motorola Suit As 'Business Strategy'

Moses48 Re:Motorola? (140 comments)

Look here for the timeline:
This list just shows who started what:
Nokia sues apple, apple counters, and nokia counters, etc.
Apple sues HTC, counters, etc
(HTC gives royalties to microsoft... WTF?)
S3 sues Apple
Oracle sues google, oracle fails!
Microsoft sues Motorolla, countered etc.
Motorolla sues Apple, countered etc.
Microsoft sues Barnes and Nobles
Apple sues Samsung, countered
Microsoft grabs more royalties from those without patent arsenal (le sigh)

And that is a little rundown of where we are at.

about a year ago

Supreme Court Upholds First Sale Doctrine

Moses48 Re:will not stop the publishers from making DMCA r (648 comments)

Honestly, DRM is the problem. Let's say that we have no DRM, but we still have different standards. Let's say we're talking about pictures, instead of books. Well, you have PNG, JPG, GIF.... Hrmm it appears it's pretty trivial to have one player that can handle all the formats when you don't have the DRM restrictions. The formats would need to differentiate themselves in functionality, or the best would win. The main differentiation right now is the DRM schemes.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Making Side-Money As a Programmer?

Moses48 Re:Moving to a job that pays more (257 comments)

That depends completely on your individual circumstance. Here are the costs of moving:
1) Getting out of current rent, selling house, etc. - This is the largest cost variable. If you own a home, it is worth looking into having someone manage renting it for you until prices come up further.
2) Travel costs - Gas to move with car, renting a moving truck if you have enough assets to make it worth it. Many times it's more efficient to just garage sell your stuff and buy new stuff off of craigslist at your new location. If you have a family, you might want to fly them out separately.
3) Settling in cost - First month + deposit is often required when renting a new place. Even some companies that don't provide relocation packages will consider helping you out with this. If you are single people will often put you up for a bit while you look for a place.
4) Savings for current obligations - Keep enough to pay at least another month of your current debts so you don't fall behind if the first paycheck takes a bit. If you have lots of student loans, you can ask them if you can defer a few months while you move. That might make moving easier.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Making Side-Money As a Programmer?

Moses48 Re:Moving to a job that pays more (257 comments)

First of all, that site is horrible. He weeds out people for all the wrong reasons, unless he is hiring PR people. Secondly, the linked article isn't even about the lack of relocation packages. You really don't need a relocation package to move cross-country, especially if you will be making more money.

about a year and a half ago


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