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What Do You Call People Who "Do HTML"?

Mouse42 Front-end developer (586 comments)

A lot of you are completely missing the value of someone who is an expert with HTML and CSS.

I call these people "Front-end developers" and their skill set can range from from HTML and CSS, to Javascript expertise and the ability to integrate their work into the system themselves. Cross browser compatibility and clean, extensible, maintainable work is an extremely valuable skill set.

And a skillset that many regular 'ole web developers just don't have. My previous company had no clue of the value of a good front-end developer and just figured they could do it all themselves. They then had, literally, 50% of their bug database filled with front-end related issues. Just because you can write awesome algorithms, and a content management system from scratch doesn't mean you can also "do" HTML, CSS and Javascript.

For my current project, I am specifically looking for a front-end developer. We have plenty of people to code, and a good design. But if I have to spend anymore time fixing IE bugs and trying to make the "perfect" WYSIWYG editor I'm going to start pulling my hair out. The front-end developer I am looking for would not be treated any differently from the rest of my team. They are a developer who focuses on front-end issues.

A front-end developer is not a designer. A "Web designer" is a designer who specializes in web as a medium. Some designers are capable enough to produce very good HTML, CSS and Javascript... most, however, should try to not leave their primary skillset because they suck balls as developers. Quite frankly, the personality type that would make one a good designer simultaneously makes them really shitty developers.

more than 5 years ago

Repairing / Establishing Online Reputation?

Mouse42 Create many other sites or profiles that are you (564 comments)

A similar thing happened to me, but where someone with my name from my home town was in a newspaper article talking about how she did drugs, had children, and was trying to find her way in this world.

Flood the market by telling everyone and anyone who you are. Create a website with your name as the domain name, and talk about yourself or interests. If you're a developer, make it a developer blog talking about the things you've contributed and discovered. Ensure the sites you develop have good SEO, like by putting your name in the title, and an h1 tag at the top of the HTML document with your name in it.

If you have multiple varied interests, create a website of your work for each one and link to each other. Join other sites and create profiles using your real name, and interlink each other.

Eventually you'll end up showing Google that your name means you, and not that other guy.

more than 5 years ago

Court Rules Autism Not Caused By Childhood Vaccine

Mouse42 Re:No proof yet... (1056 comments)

The theory I have had is that autism is a genetic trait. I see it woefully common that people with severe problems are children of one or both parents who had only marginal problems.

I think the rise in autism, then, is 1) increased social acceptance of differences, 2) changes in "mating patterns", 3) the ease of finding like-minded individuals.

more than 5 years ago

Best Open Source Alternatives To Enterprise Apps

Mouse42 Drupal? (348 comments)

I'm honestly shocked that his list for web CMS options leaves out Drupal in favour of Alfresco and OpenCMS. Especially when he mentions that OpenCMS merely has promise to be great. Well, Drupal is already great.

Drupal has been making such great waves, that I haven't had to advertise my Drupal services for the last two and a half years. Potential clients just come directly to me specifically requesting Drupal.

more than 6 years ago

When Teachers Are Obstacles To Linux In Education

Mouse42 Re:Let's cut the conspiracy theory (1589 comments)

As a web developer, the open source CMS I use *is* my livelihood. I contribute a small amount, and everyone else contributes a small amount. We're all helping each other make the web a better place.

Perhaps it is analogous to unions - we all pitch in a little more so we can take advantage of working as a team.

more than 6 years ago

Bug In Android Passes Keystrokes To Root Shell

Mouse42 Re:Open source, remember? fix already out (205 comments)

I learned of this bug late last night and confirmed it. This morning I was prompted for an update which fixed the bug. Updates, BTW, are extremely easy to install.

Your question of "how quickly" was answered: Pretty damn fast, actually.

more than 6 years ago


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