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Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:Input devices (341 comments)

Shit go real keyboard.

Unicomp, Ducky or Filco.
A Corsair RGB if you like bling.

9 hours ago

Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:As a matter of fact... (341 comments)

One prime example is Netscape. Microsoft bought Mosaic, called it IE, and gave it away for free. Bill Gates was renowned for "declaring war" on small companies. He is absolutely ruthless when someone says no to him, and lashes out like Stalin on steroids.

That is wrong. MS couldn't give it away. No one wanted it.
Instead MS merged it with Windows and forced people to take it for free,whether they wanted it or not

12 hours ago

U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:Expert. (340 comments)

Gives new meaning to Blue Screen of Death.

2 days ago

Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:Uuugg (216 comments)

OMG! It's a monkey version of Tammy Faye Baker!

2 days ago

Microsoft Lays Off 2,100, Axes Silicon Valley Research

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:This was one of the most interesting parts of M (107 comments)

Bill Gates didn't do that great a job He produced MSBasic, convinced IBM to hand him a monopoly for software that he bought. They managed to write a few pieces of software for the Mac with support from Apple which they then ported to Windows. From there on it was mainly anticompetitive practices, until the internet came along at which point Gates totally ignored it. Until; it became too popular to be dismissed, then to make up for the huge blunder, they had to engage in anticompetitive practices so onerous the government could not ignore it. Which then handcuffed MS so badly they could not compete in new markets.

In the end under Gates they wrote more dog GUI OS's then they wrote good ones.

So really it's just they got a monopoly and sat on it till momentum brought it down.

2 days ago

Alice Is Killing Trolls But Patent Lawyers Will Strike Back

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:Technological Software as Patent Eligible (92 comments)

My feeling is that SCOTUS has mostly felt that most business methods/software patents should be invalid, but that there are a few which are absolutely justified. They have not wanted to throw the baby out with the bathwater. and were hoping that the CAFC would find some rule that would allow pick out the few worthy patents.
but have given up on this. and are now taking action on their own.

One further thing shaking up the landscape is Rader leaving the CAFC.

2 days ago

Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

MouseTheLuckyDog Bad systemd videos (377 comments)

I found a ton of videos on youtube where the speaker claims systemd is the best thing since sliced bread. In most of them, the guy speaking was this weird person called Poettering.

Anyone know of any videos explaining why systemd is bad?

3 days ago

Astronomers Find Star-Within-a-Star, 40 Years After First Theorized

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:Wait, these are for real? (72 comments)

Actually if the neutron star is in the center then the added gravity in the layer near it will cause greater fusion, when increases pressure causing the layer to expand outward. As it expands it encounters the next layer, which will absorb the energy and begin the same process on a smaller scale. So forth untill it reaches the photosphere. In the mean time the inner layer has transfer excess momentum, has cooled some from it's expansion, it rate of fusion decreases and it collapses to the point it was before, actually a little less. Then it begins the process again. The result is a slightly variable vibrating star. I wonder is it might be possible to create sympathetic vibrations that way. Probably not, It would be most interesting.

There is however one major flaw in the above model. Supposedly the neutron star was once part of binary system with the red giant. It is not suddenly going to appear in the core. Instead, it is going to slowly absorb material until it's orbit "decays" into one below the photosphere. I don't know if parts of star will be eject when gases impinge. Certainly tides on the star will help. ( Also the neutron star will generate tides on the giant affecting it's weather. )

So the neutron star will act like a giant stirring, slowly stirring up layers of the gas. The romantic in me would like to think this is going to generate some massive and quite interesting effects. The realist though says that any effects will probably be small and hardly noticeable after a few millennium.

4 days ago

Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports

MouseTheLuckyDog Sapphire glass? (207 comments)

Why would they use that? Other than snob appeal.

about a week ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

MouseTheLuckyDog Waaa? (910 comments)

Seems some atheists are smoking some very potent stuff.
As well as some slashdot editors.

about a week ago

Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

MouseTheLuckyDog DIY (187 comments)

I don't know about the state of technology now, but when I was young and interested in that kind of stuff, you were considered a pretender if you didn't make your own including grinding your own mirror.

about a month ago

Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:$230 (611 comments)

Actually, I have watched TV shows because of ads.

about 1 month ago

Phoenix Introduces Draft Ordinance To Criminalize Certain Drone Uses

MouseTheLuckyDog Ferguson (200 comments)

watching livefeeds of the Ferguson riots, I keep thinking the press could use drones for videoing or at least placing cameras in convenient places l;ike on top of lampposts.

about a month ago

C++14 Is Set In Stone

MouseTheLuckyDog What about (193 comments)


about a month ago

Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer To Escape Its Reputation

MouseTheLuckyDog A rose by any other name... (426 comments)

or dung pile.

A word to Microsoft:
You can run, but you can't hide.

about a month ago

Google Expands Safe Browsing To Block Unwanted Downloads

MouseTheLuckyDog So which is safer ? (106 comments)

Firefox running NoScript or Chrome not running NoScript ( since last I heard it wasn't available for Chrome )?

about a month ago

Interviews: Ask Bjarne Stroustrup About Programming and C++

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:Douche (427 comments)

Much of the theory and practical applications was worked out a long time ago. Mistly by physicists out of jobs when the SSC was canceled. Just another reason to keep funding the sciences.

about a month ago

Interviews: Ask Bjarne Stroustrup About Programming and C++

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:ABI (427 comments)

Let me add to this, do you think an ABI plus a specified subset of C++ to be used in the creation of script interpreters and REPLS which can use binary modules created by C++ is a good idea?

about a month ago

Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where To Hide a Dead Body

MouseTheLuckyDog Siri says: (160 comments)

"I'm sorry Dave I'm afraid I can't do that."

about a month ago

Comcast Drops Spurious Fees When Customer Reveals Recording

MouseTheLuckyDog Re:Automated notice not necessary here (368 comments)

On virtually every "customer service" call I have ever made, before I get connected to a person I hear a message This phone may be recorded for quality insurance.. Does that mean that even in a two party state, I can record without telling them? After all it seems like they have given permission.

about a month ago



Obamacare subsidies struck down.

MouseTheLuckyDog MouseTheLuckyDog writes  |  about 2 months ago

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "A federal appeals court has just struck down, the provision for granting tax subsidies for those who get their insurance through the federal website.

This in particular, shows up all those wnnabe geek idiots, who have been in ./. discussions saying that "The Supreme Court has found Obamacare constitutional.", that it is now "settled law". ( Just like "global warming is settled science". ) Obamacare was found to impose it's mandate constitutionally, and even then all aspects of "the mandate" were not considered, just whether it was constitutional to impose a mandate. Obamacare is complex and large. Very large. We now see two aspects of it, contraception and subsidies struck down. Whether it's some left/right thing, some Apple/Google thing, some tablet/desktop thing, some C/.Jabva/C#/Python thing, it is becoming common for one aspect to of an argument to be used to justify an entirely different argument ( "Double Checking Locking doesn't work therefore C sucks for multithreaded apps." ) let Obamacare stand as an example that, one must understand the context of an argument if one is to understand the argument."

Slashdot screws up story big time.

MouseTheLuckyDog MouseTheLuckyDog writes  |  about 4 months ago

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "Todsay on slashdot it was announced that
Linus would teach a MOOC on linux.
A Stevens level course on linux is something I think a lot of people would be interested in. Such a course taught by Linus himself wow.

Turns out that Linus just did an intro. The actual course teacher is Jerry Cooperstein. I am certain that the course itself will be worthwhile, but I feel a certain amount of people will be dissapointed that the course does not actually involve Linus himself.

OK. Now seriously, do the editors think they should correct the article before some fan chokes on the fluid from an aborted Linus-gasm?"

Community Manager for game company fired for partially supporting Sterling.

MouseTheLuckyDog MouseTheLuckyDog writes  |  about 5 months ago

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "Josh Olin, community manager ( whatever that is ) for Turtle Rock was fired for sending tweets saying that Donald Sterling should not be fired for being a bigot in his own home.

This adds to the bout of recent politically correct actions taken by companies about people like Adria Richards, Brandon Eich."

DoJ closing porn stars bank accounts.

MouseTheLuckyDog MouseTheLuckyDog writes  |  about 5 months ago

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "In a recent story on it was reported that the DoJ is closing down the bank accounts of porn stars.
Not knowing the site I googled around and found another site, the Guardian.

The story does not end there. It turns out that this is part of a larger scheme ( ironically ) called Operation Choke Point. Also reported in a Washington Post article that downplays the practice.

According to Cryptocoin news. There are thirty industries the DoJ is now targeteting:
        *Ammunition Sales *Cable Box De-scramblers *Coin Dealers *Credit Card Schemes
        *Credit Repair Services *Dating Services *Debt Consolidation Scams *Drug Paraphernalia
        *Escort Services *Firearms Sales *Fireworks Sales *Get Rich Products *Government Grants
        *Home-Based Charities *Life-Time Guarantees *Life-Time Memberships *Lottery Sales
        *Mailing Lists/Personal Info *Money Transfer Networks *On-line Gambling *PayDay Loans
        *Pharmaceutical Sales *Ponzi Schemes *Pornography *Pyramid-Type Sales *Racist Materials
        *Surveillance Equipment *Telemarketing *Tobacco Sales *Travel Clubs

But more can be added. ( I notice alcohol sales is not on the list)."

Maryland Police have their eye on you.

MouseTheLuckyDog MouseTheLuckyDog writes  |  about 8 months ago

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "Forgive the blatent politicalness of the link. [1]

Reading this particular story caused s chill go down my spine,. and I think it will send chills down the spine. of many slashdot readers.

A Florida man was pulled over driving through Delaware last Christmas. He was asked where his gun is. This was outside the presence of his wife.He said he left it at home. His wife was asked and said she did not know. The cop told the man that he was lying and detained the family for a couple of hours.

Now comes the chilling part. How did the police know he owned a gun?

The simple answer is that they probably didn't know, what they knew was that he had a conceal carry weapons (CCW) permit in Florida. Florida does not give other states access to it's CCW database. So apparently Maryland is mining databases for CCW holders.

Of course another thought that will send a chill down spine. What other things are they mining for? What other states are mining databases?

A final aspect of this story. As you drive through Maryland, Maryland has automated license plate scanners. When your plate is scanned, MD's database is scanned for suspicious individuals.

So people watch out Maryland is watching you.

[1] Though that does not stop other slashdot members."

The grinch that stole Halowe'en

MouseTheLuckyDog MouseTheLuckyDog writes  |  about a year ago

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "A crazy woman in North Dakota will be giving obese children notes for their parents instead of candy.

What kind of trick should the obese children play on her? My vote is getting together and burning ... well I may be a bit extreme.

PS: All the pendants out there will notice I used the apostrophe. Just to keep you guys happy."

The new CEO of Microsoft is ... Bill Gates?

MouseTheLuckyDog MouseTheLuckyDog writes  |  about a year ago

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "The New York times is speculating that the new CEO of Microsoft could be Bill Gates

Now a lot of people have been saying that it was Ballmer's assumption to the CEO job that has led Microsoft's decline. I have always maintained that while Ballmer has not been the best of CEOs that the decline was not his fault and is more of a result of forces put into play at Microsoft a long, long time ago.

So what do you think would BG's return signal a reemergence of MS?"

WTF Ben Affleck as Batman

MouseTheLuckyDog MouseTheLuckyDog writes  |  1 year,28 days

MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "What can I say: after creating the Adam West series and dragging the franchise way down. TPTB came back with Michael Keaton and Tim Burton, only to again drag the series down even worst then West. Somehow they made some very intelligent decisions using Christian Bale and Chris Nolan to resurect Batman.

Now they seem determined to drag it down by
casting Ben Affleck as the new Batman, in the Superman sequel. "


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