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Officers Lose 243 Homeland Security Guns

MoxCamel While the officer was inside? (125 comments)

The vehicle was stolen while the officer was inside.

Worse. Law enforcement Officer. EVAR.

(Ohhhh, wait, nm I see wut u did there...)

more than 4 years ago

"Calvin and Hobbes" Creator Bill Watterson Looks Back With No Regrets

MoxCamel Re:Best comics (327 comments)

I too have ranked The Far Side right up there with C&H for years, and then for Christmas somebody bought me a gigantic collection of Far Side strips (don't remember which one), and I've gotta say TFS really hasn't held up all that well. Yes, there are some classic gems that are damn funny still, but on the whole it's pretty meh. Unlike C&H, which is going to be fresh for many decades--perhaps centuries--to come.

more than 4 years ago

Boot Camp For Suckers?

MoxCamel Message for Captain Obvious (610 comments)

Boot Camp is really just a plan to get Windows users to convert to OS X.

Well...duh! Did anyone think Apple was doing it as a public service?

Next up: Publishers put nice pictures on their book covers so you will buy them. Bastards!!


more than 8 years ago


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