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Adobe's Digital Editions Collecting Less Data, Says EFF

Mr Foobar Adobe DE used for something besides stripping DRM? (32 comments)

Erh, people actually -use- Adobe DE for any other legitimate purpose besides stripping out that damn DRM on an ebook?

Didn't know it was useful for any other reason...

about 3 months ago

Infinite Browser Universe Manyland Hits 8 Million Placed Blocks

Mr Foobar Re:um... (67 comments)

I was actually thinking Crystal Caves or the original Duke Nukem.

Kinda fun, though, I logged and and created some stuff. No one minded. Wish I could do that in WoW.

about 4 months ago

OpenMandriva Lx 2014.1 Released

Mr Foobar Re:Open? (30 comments)

Well, there was (or still is?) SCO OpenServer... oh, wait.

about 4 months ago

A New FOSS Conference Comes to Florida (Video)

Mr Foobar -Not- Bryan S Smith... (9 comments)

But Bryan A Smith. Two different Bryans Smith's.
Thought I should clarify that.

about 5 months ago

Fighting Invasive Fish With Forks and Knives

Mr Foobar Re:Bioaccumulation Ahoy (180 comments)

As a long time resident of the Central Florida - Orlando area, I give you beautiful Lake Apopka.

Ah, once beautiful. It was the bass fishing capital of the South. Large clean lake, the tastiest bass you could ever catch. A virtual paradise before Disney.

Then WW2 happened, the top third of the lake was drained for war-time farming. Then the land was given over to the farmers, who loved their pesticides and fertilizers. All that flushed into the lake, freely and without restriction.

The fish, and everything else that depended on the fish, like the birds and the lake's fisherman, all died out. The lake turned into a huge sewer, almost completely bereft of any hint of life. On a hot August day, residents said you could smell the lake from downtown Orlando.

In the last twenty years, we've slowly brought the lake out of its catatonia, and life is starting to return. Birds have come again (at least two times, the birds were killed by the lake's poisonous muck), and there are fish, not bass, and not edible.

But to celebrate Lake Apopka becoming possibly beautiful and fishable, there's a nice proposal to build a large airport very near it. That won't scare the birds, we're advised.

about 5 months ago

Two Cities Ask the FCC To Preempt State Laws Banning Municipal Fiber Internet

Mr Foobar Re:Bullshit (200 comments)

Yes. When I think government service, I think good customer service. Then we would have the choice between an ISP that charges for carry on and another that is modeled after the DMV.

I don't know about your state or province (or whatever), and as a resident of Florida, I can certainly find a lot to complain about with my state's services. Our DMV is not one of them. Excellent and friendly service, in and out in minutes (beside a the small wait in the lobby), just an overal great experience from off all places, a freakin' state agency. As the guy ahead of me mentioned, my time with AT&T is nothing to compare with our DMV. A lot of companies could learn from them.

about 6 months ago

Mt. Fuji Volcano In 'Critical State' After Quakes

Mr Foobar Re:racist html (151 comments)

Weird. It previewed the three kanji, but on submission it won't display them.

about 6 months ago

Mt. Fuji Volcano In 'Critical State' After Quakes

Mr Foobar Re:racist html (151 comments)

For some reason it won't let me type mt. Fuji in kanji.

about 6 months ago

Reviving a Commodore 64 Computer Using a Raspberry Pi

Mr Foobar Re:This could be cool (165 comments)

you are correct. I keep them in a climate controlled area, but id say 1 out of 10 that I try are corrupt. Its a shame but I just cant bring myself to throw it all away eventhough the truth is they are 100% useless, even if they work in todays world

I still have my old Kaypro's, an '83 IV and a 10, loved them then and love them still today. It was fun running the IV as a terminal to an old 386 running Minx and a highly modified Apache, just for shitz 'n giggles. Anyway...

Oddly, the media included with both the IV and the 10 are all good, and run perfectly. I copy them to floppies (which are getting increasingly very hard to purchase), and after a good while, the floppies start going bad. I took the time to make images of all the media I have, still do when I have time. A spare 250G has thousands of images, hardly any space taken. Then I start to find a floppy I made a couple of years ago has gone to crap and have to start over. Gonna run out of blank floppies, and I'm sure as hell -not- going to use the original floppies for work.

about 10 months ago

To Reduce the Health Risk of Barbecuing Meat, Just Add Beer

Mr Foobar Re:Bunk! (179 comments)

Correlation does not equal causation. Repeat this until you understand it. Darwin weeps to see science misused in this way - although as a Texan, you dumbasses have never understood science anyway.

Thanks, troll. I didn't make the correlation, a good number of oncologists have. They and their associates have seen a lot of it over the years. Diets heavy in smoked and grilled meat do have a correlation with increased chances of colon and intestinal cancers, especially if those diets start early in life.

And I never said *I* was a Texan, thanks for asking. Proud native Floridian. Some might suggest that's not any better, but hey... :)

about 10 months ago

To Reduce the Health Risk of Barbecuing Meat, Just Add Beer

Mr Foobar Re:Bunk! (179 comments)

Oh no! We're all gonna die if we eat BBQ'd meat.
As with anything like this, the worry warts will probably buy into it.
Remember when they said: Saccharin, DDT, and the zillion of other things that are suppose to be bad for you?

My mother grew up in the deep back woods of east Texas during the 30's. A very big part of her diet growing up was various forms of smoked, dried, and grilled meat. A *lot* of such meat, often that was about all her diet was in a day, either by itself or was the main flavoring component. Many members of her family, both close and extended including herself and both her parents developed and died from colon and intestinal cancers. Her younger brother is suffering from it now. Many of the people who lived around her did, too. The thing is, once her family got out of that situation (improved economy, moving to the big city, etc) and ate a much more varied diet that didn't depend on smoked meat, the amount of familial colon and intestinal cancer has dropped down to almost nothing. That's good news for me and my siblings, of course. Dying from colon cancer is not my favored way of death, to be honest. It was a rough way to see my mom go.

about 10 months ago

Estimate: Academic Labs 11 Times More Dangerous Than Industrial Counterparts

Mr Foobar Been there, done that, got the lung condition... (153 comments)

As a graduate research assistant, doing a series of tests ordered by the research professor, in a supposedly inspected fume hood, using glacial acetic acid. Waking up the next morning hacking up pieces of my throat and lungs, and being told to go to the student medical clinic. Being given some antibiotics -I had to pay for myself-. Later seeing the same damn fume hood being used by others weeks later, including myself. No changes or fixes done at all, at any time. Well, at least I got my name on a major research paper, guess it was worth it.

All the safety procedures were determined by the professors in charge, some who cared, most who didn't. Even almost forty years later I can still get an annoying cough, and I still do not go by a fume hood without using the simple test of a sheet of paper held at the fume hood, watching for the tale-tell bend of the paper in the right direction.

about a year ago

Microsoft Security Essentials Misses 39% of Malware

Mr Foobar MSSE vs Norton (149 comments)

So, either MSSE misses over a third of malware, or use Norton and your computer turns into a zombie with the performance of a 486 running WfWG...

Hmm, tough choice there.

about a year ago

Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars

Mr Foobar Repost (sorta): we had this sort of article before (219 comments)

I gave up on being a Wikipedia editor a long time ago, what a waste of time trying to be helpful and make the articles better. Even doing a simple edit like "its" for an incorrect "it's" got nasty emails sent to be almost immediately about it, and the edits reverted in no time. All I ever wanted to do was correct minor grammatical and typographical errors, which never would have gotten past an editor in a "real" encyclopedia, and make for better looking articles. The grief I got for it..., well, it wasn't much fun. They want editors, they get them, the editors give up in disgust. It's also why I haven't given them a dime.

Everything2 was what Wikipedia should have been. Much better class of people there.

about a year ago

Gore Site Operator Arrested For Posting Video of Murder

Mr Foobar Re:Severed limbs mailed to political parties? (289 comments)

I never really understood this in the movie. No blood on the ground...

Guess you never read the book, then. Coppola had to leave a lot out from the book, including how this scene got set up. Coppola had to leave so much out, he left enough material for the sequel.
Want to know why Woltz was so pissed at Hayden at the dinner?
Want to know happened to Sonny's goomah after his death?
More about Johnny Fontane's career (and why Sinatra tried to stop the movie's production)?
About the doctor who played a very significant part in the book, left completely out in the movie?
How Michael found out about Vitelli (who bombed the car)?
Why Michael fell for Apollonia so hard? And then why he rekindled a relationship with Kay?
Where Neri came from, why he was tied to Michael?
Why Don Tommasino was so big a part of the Godfather's life, and why the Godfather was so bothered by Luca Brasi?
All that and more...

It's all in the book.

about a year and a half ago

Beware the Internet

Mr Foobar Re:Washington Post (314 comments)

That's not old.

I know, right?!

UID =/= Age

about a year and a half ago

The Lepsis Is a Terrarium For Growing Edible Insects At Home

Mr Foobar I'm sorry, but... (184 comments)

I will not be incorporating any insects aside from water crustaceans into my diet. They may be nutritious, may be tasty, but the "yuck" factor is simply too great to overcome.

Maybe I could if they were processed, but surely someone will make a big deal about the loss of nutrition with processes insect products.

about a year and a half ago

Chicago Sun Times Swaps iPhone Training For Staff Photographers

Mr Foobar Re:Grammer perhaps? (316 comments)

it's a contraction of you would have, the correct spelling is you'd've.

Just don't try pronouncing all those letters in Texas English. It comes out sounding a lot like "yoow-da".

Actually trying to say "yoo-d'uv" makes my tongue all tied up.

about a year and a half ago

Tracking Whole Colonies Shows Ants Make Career Moves

Mr Foobar Bees and ants are distantly related... (47 comments)

and from the Wiki bee article, seem to live rather similar lives:

"For the first 10 days of their lives, the female worker bees clean the hive and feed the larvae. After this, they begin building comb cells. On days 16 through 20, a worker receives nectar and pollen from older workers and stores it. After the 20th day, a worker leaves the hive and spends the remainder of its life as a forager."

Most of the other related general in the bee/ant world also lead similar lives. So I wonder what the researchers were expecting.

about 2 years ago



BlackBerry sues Ryan Seacrest's company over iPhone keyboard

Mr Foobar Mr Foobar writes  |  1 year,27 days

Mr Foobar (11230) writes ""BlackBerry Ltd said on Friday it had filed a lawsuit against a company co-founded by 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest that offers a physical keyboard that can be attached to some of Apple Inc's touchscreen iPhone 5 models.

The company, Typo Products LLC, is currently taking pre-orders for the $99 keyboard, which features angled miniature keys similar to those used on many of BlackBerry's devices.

The company logo is see at the Blackberry campus in Waterloo The company logo is see at the Blackberry campus in Waterloo

Host Ryan Seacrest is seen during a commercial break at the Season 12 finale of "American Idol" in Los Angeles Host Ryan Seacrest is seen during a commercial break at the Season 12 finale of "American Idol" in Los Angeles

Canada's BlackBerry, a once dominant smartphone maker that has lost market share to the iPhone and other touchscreen devices, said Typo's keyboard infringes its own design.""

Link to Original Source


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