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33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

Mr. Cancelled Re:The real crime here (465 comments)

Doesn't work... There's a huge number of people who feel they're entitled to special treatment, who abuse the system you describe. It's this crazy viewpoint that you and a whole generation of coddled, entitled people have, which is eroding all the good in this country.

Your black and white view of not imprisoning non-violent offenders has led to abuses of power at all levels, from your neighborhood meth dealers, to the criminals using the Ferguson tragedy as an excuse to steal from innocent small business owners.

This guy in particular is a great example. Police originally just warned him not to do anything, and so instead of abiding he says "Damn! If nothing's going to be done to me for doing this, I'm going to share this movie some more - What they gonna do?"

He also sold physical copies, so this is not a guy just putting something online for others. He's knowingly committing a criminal act for profit, after he's been caught and was not "forced into a cage" as you put it.

Think he'll continue with this pattern of behavior after being locked up with a bunch of violent thugs? Probably not... Is prison the answer? Not for everything, but for buffoons like this guy who won't learn any other way, yes.

about 5 months ago

Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On

Mr. Cancelled Now I remember why I stopped visiting /. as much (223 comments)

Political Correctness.

It's damaged the country (beyond repair?), ruined Reddit, and it's rotted away at /.'s integrity. Everything here now comes back to politics and bullying those who might have an original, independent thought into submission.

I'm not in support of spying on American citizens at all. Having said that, the country has some obligation to try and root out Islamist extremists and unfortunately, until they have the minority report up and running at 100%, spying on people you suspect of having connections to terrorists is one of our only tools to determine if the threat is real.

Should they continue to spy after confirming the person is verified as not being a threat? Of course not, but all of the barbs aimed at Republicans and Democrats in this thread, in addition to the blanket statements made about what should and should not be done, all goes to again show that it's sheeple on /., not free thinking individuals.

Many of you appear to have been "programmed" to believe that any disagreement is wrong, and that any cultural differences should be eliminated entirely. Let me share something with you... It's these differences that drives societies.

America has many things going for it, but the absolute hatred towards our country shown in this thread (and elsewhere on /. - Just search for the word 'Republican') is only weakening us as a nation. This belief that "my view is the only correct one" is the cancer slowly eating away at us. It's not based in reality, and it's not sustainable in the long run.

/. has turned into a sheeple paradise. Unless you have a better solution, don't begin insulting others just because you don't agree with it. This kind of bullying is quickly replacing older, more physical forms of bullying, but it is still bullying! Nowadays instead of the bully's being jocks though, it's a bunch of narrow minded people who will publicly try to shame those they disagree with, rather than having an open discourse.

It's sad... I remember when /. was a place for intelligent people to have great debates and conversation. Now it's a place where those who post their honest opinions are quickly attacked and called names by the bullies that disagree. How is this an open forum when this continues to happen?

Between the new /. look and the diatribe being posted, it's no wonder /. is in a downward spiral.

about 7 months ago

Firefox 3.7 Dropped In Favor of Feature Updates

Mr. Cancelled Mac optimized build of Firefox 3.7 rocks! (252 comments)

For all you Snow Leopard users...

In case you did not know, you can download optimized Mac versions of a number of browsers from here

Specifically, one of the browsers available is a 64-bit optimized version of FF 3.7 for Snow Leopard.

I finally installed it the other night, after eyeing it warily for the last month or so (as I worked through the latest 3.6 optimized builds). I finally installed it last night, and have to say that it's the biggest improvement to FF that I've came across.

It loads faster, uses less CPU & memory than previous builds, and it's mega fast. My impressions are that it's now as fast as Safari is on a Mac.

It's now my main browser. If you run Snow Leopard, you should check it out.

about 5 years ago

Death Threats In the Blogosphere

Mr. Cancelled Re:simply unacceptable (487 comments)

I feel really bad that she is "afraid to leave her yard"

Sounds like terrorism to me! And since the country's on an "ignore the real problems and focus on the terrorists" kick as-of-late, I'd imagine that it should be fairly easy to track and prosecute the problem.

Seems pretty straightforward...

  1. Determine IP's of user(s) who left the comments
  2. File a lawsuit, and work with their provider to determine who used the IP at the time the comments were left
  3. And finally, have the person arrested on suspicion of making terrorist threats
It's pretty straight-forward to me. Though I'm not familiar with individual, or the site the comments were made on, the people who made the comments have probably been a member for awhile, and there are likely other posts to help identify the user, in addition to whatever information was provided when the user account was opened.

Seems like this would be a better solution then hiding from life, and worrying about who made what comments. Identify them for the cowards they are, and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Once this happens a few time, people will begin to understand that they aren't totally protected by the anonymity of the Internet.

For that matter, it'll be nice to see a website-related case that isn't tied to the RIAA make it to court for a change. 8)

more than 7 years ago


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