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Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:Yes. (663 comments)

And you KNOW the kinds of injury that can result during a run of, "It's a Small World". ...Talk about dramatic...

about a week ago

$35 Quad-core Hacker SBC Offers Raspberry Pi-like Size and I/O

Mr. Droopy Drawers XBMC Finally? (140 comments)

Does this one have enough horsepower to act as a decently performing media center? I'd like to stream Blue Ray mk4s. I love Raspberry Pis in projects such as my animatronic project, Jose' The Tiki Bird. But, it just doesn't have the guts as a media center.


Is this the one I've been waiting for?

about 1 month ago

Raspberry Pi Sales Approach 4 Million

Mr. Droopy Drawers Raspberry Pi in the Tiki Room (146 comments)

I bought my RPi as the primary interface for my Tiki Bird. Really enjoyed the project. Lot's of good open source stuff available. WiringPi for GPIO control. Vixen for sequencing. LIRC for infrared control.

I also enjoyed doing autopsy on a Squawkers McCaw. It's incredible the amount of sensing and control they packed into such a cheap toy.

Remember, The Bird is the Word!

about 4 months ago

How Disney Built and Programmed an Animatronic President

Mr. Droopy Drawers Tiki Room is my hands-down favorite! (97 comments)

The Tiki Room was Walt's favorite (and mine too). You can see him beam as he demonstrates it in many videos.
My sons and I built a tribute to the Tiki Room using a Raspberry Pi and a Hasbro toy bird. It never ceases to get a laugh out of visitors. Here's a link.

about 7 months ago

Google Starts Blocking Extensions Not In the Chrome Web Store

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:yeah whatever (225 comments)

I do agree that malicious extensions could be a problem when allowed via sideloading. However, simply add an option to turn off the blocking from the client. Those that want to sideload can and, by default, others will be blocked. Seems like a logical way of handling this.

I do also like the suggestion of providing a "trusted list" that allows for alternative "App Stores". These options could make these actions more palatable.

about 8 months ago

Americans Hate TV and Internet Providers More Than Other Industries

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:Funny, they're not my first choices (255 comments)

Your off topic comment is my weekly rant. I HATE having to toss stuff out because someone decided to make the thing from a brittle plastic and heat seal it shut.

I've tried to buy higher quality. It just seems you cannot find it.

about 8 months ago

The Ways Programming Is Hard

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:wimp (278 comments)

it's a good example. That's not the last I heard. I'm under NDA. But, I can enumerate the multiple bugs we've seen with chips. Your point is valid. It's more about the human/dollar cost of the bugs. As fab costs have fallen and the more use of FPGAs, the cost of mistakes are lower and, therefore, more bugs have crept in.

Make the bug expensive and more discipline will be given to the problem.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: It's 2014 -- Which New Technologies Should I Learn?

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:Work on the basics (387 comments)

Wish I had mod points... This is the my primary barrier for learning Python (been doing PERL since '94). I like that it has lots of built-ins for web stuff. But, couldn't they use common practices when it comes to syntax and layout?

JS is the lingua franca for front end web use. I like the comparison to annoying relatives :)

1 year,8 days

The Role of Freeloaders In Open Source Communities

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:Freeloaders (120 comments)

Agreed. Seems the author is confused between users and Freeloader, in the traditional sense. The Freeloaders are those that incorporate their code into their product and offer that for sale and don't contribute back to the open-source community.

In a certain product for sale, I know of just under 50 open source components (not including core linux) included. All the licenses are complied with. But, few get patches submitted upstream. Some bug reports though.

Does the community need this kind of freeloader? I think so. But, there should be some community responsibility to contribute financially if you're not contributing code.

1 year,15 days

China Tops Europe In R&D Intensity

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:Meaningless values are meaningless. (134 comments)

agreed. The method in which this is calculated really isn't described either. Even though I'm in a development role, we're pressured to demonstrate "research" when we're really just assembling code.

US/Europe need to actually produce real stuff. Anything else is just proprietary fodder for others to take.

1 year,22 days

Original Batmobile To Be Auctioned For the First Time Ever

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:Safety Bat (51 comments)

Lap seat belts were optional on domestic cars from the early 50's through 1967. In 1968, they became mandatory. 1964 was the first year for required padded dashes. The big 3 offered them across the line much earlier though. Shoulder belts became required in 1971.

IIRC, Tucker released the first padded dash on a domestic car.

more than 2 years ago

Original Batmobile To Be Auctioned For the First Time Ever

Mr. Droopy Drawers Quibble with the article (51 comments)

Looks like they didn't do much proofing. It was Starsky and Hutch's Torino. And, it was Green Hornet's "Black Beauty" ('64-66 Imperial).

Both are great cars with many great replicas built!

more than 2 years ago

Volcano May Have Killed Off New Bioluminescent Cockroach

Mr. Droopy Drawers And in Other news... (108 comments)

In other news, Fukushima Daiichi has created a new species of bio-luminescent cockroach...

more than 2 years ago

HTC Profits Drop By 79%

Mr. Droopy Drawers Where is HTC One for Verizon? (209 comments)

I went to the Verizon store to pick up a replacement recently. No HTC One? Really? Why?

How I used to love 'ya. I'm still using my HTC Incredible. It's been, well, pretty incredible. Well, until the latest updates came out. I've had more crashes since the last update than I had over the last 3 years.

My next phone won't be an IPhone. It won't be a Windows phone either. What does that leave me with? Motorola? They break promises with 1yr old phones; Should I look at the new RAZR models? Will they get JellyBean? Who knows?

That leaves Samsung.... Is it really so hard to create an Android phone that we can get excited about?

more than 2 years ago

Legislation In New York To Ban Anonymous Speech Online

Mr. Droopy Drawers Re:Federalist Papers (398 comments)

I wish I had mod points. I think *THIS* is the primary problem here.

The Declaration of Independence is also a good example of the importance of free speech rights even in the era or the Internet. On July 4, 1776 the original declaration of Independence was signed by only two people, Charles Thomson as Secretary and John Hancock as President of the Continental Congress.


more than 2 years ago

The Space Shuttle Discovery's Last Mile (Video)

Mr. Droopy Drawers ...but it was still a space shuttle flying... (101 comments)

Come On! Stop with the dramatics. The space shuttle wasn't flying; a 747 was. Been there, seen that.

The real issue is that the commericalism of space has commenced and the US has no alternative except the Russians for manned spaceflight. SpaceX will require the help of the ISS's robot arm to properly dock with the station. Virgin Galactic won't be viable for LEO any time soon.

Way to give away our lead in space.

more than 2 years ago



Mr. Droopy Drawers Mr. Droopy Drawers writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Mr. Droopy Drawers (215436) writes "Fortunes Brent Schlender has tested the new Apple TV and calls it a dud. In the article he chronicles Apple CEO Steve Jobs track record of launching products that dont live up to their promise. Included in the list are the Apple III (1980), Lisa, Next Computer and the Power Mac Cube, what he calls a Lucite box that looked like a fancy tissue-box holder that was discontinued in 2001. Of course, all of these are overlooked due to the success of the iPod. Fortune"

Mr. Droopy Drawers Mr. Droopy Drawers writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Mr. Droopy Drawers writes "Al Shugart helped pioneer the multibillion dollar hard drive industry, in which Seagate now holds the leading market position. He founded the company in 1979 and left in 1998.

Shugart died Tuesday. Being in the storage industry for over 10 years and working with systems for more than 25, I remember the rough-and-tumble time that Shugart represented. His maverick ways of facing both the press and investors won't be matched soon."


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