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3D-Printed Gun Bought and Displayed By London Art Museum

Mr.Zuka Re:Why? (133 comments)

I'm still not sure what makes 3D printed guns any different or more special than a gun produced with CAD plans and a used CNC machine.

It's really a matter of skill. Getting metal to spec, dealing with heating and shrinkage, using a lathe all take skill.
Loading some plastic and pressing print doesn't.
Think of it like the script kiddie of gun making.

about a year ago

Facebook Founder's Pictures Go Public

Mr.Zuka he meant to do it, then had the pictures removed (219 comments)

I think it says a lot about his personality that he posted to his newsfeed that he meant to post the pictures, then somehow the pictures mysteriously disappear. Kind of scary with an ego that he can't admit to a mistake that small. If there ever was a security breach would facebook ever admit to it?

more than 5 years ago

Belkin's President Apologizes For Faked Reviews

Mr.Zuka This is why scruples are good (137 comments)

We've seen this over and over recently for companies and politics. Some underling gets caught doing underhanded stuff, the company/government hang them out to dry, then it comes to light they knew about it the whole time.
Just remember this the next time your boss asks for something ethically questionable but says they will take full responsibility.

about 6 years ago

Tapping Trees for Electricity?

Mr.Zuka Re:Long way to go yet... (392 comments)

Call me a skeptic but they are claiming that right now they are only able to produce under 2 volts. How much under 2 volts?

about 9 years ago



MSNBC labels all non-Microsoft tech as uncool

Mr.Zuka Mr.Zuka writes  |  about 6 years ago

Mr.Zuka (166632) writes "I know the MS in MSNBC is for Microsoft but this article goes a little to far. Apparently the list of gadgets that will make you look like a jerk and uncool are: a Blackberry, Bluetooth headsets, Tivo, MacBook Air, iPod, Linux, and the Segway. The article goes as far as associating neck beards with Linux and lists not curing cancer as a reason to not buy a Tivo. It practically reads like a laundry list of competing gadgets to Microsoft. So I guess this leaves the question, (No, not really) what technology is Microsoft planning to compete with the Segway?"


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