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The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

MrBippers They already tried and the answer was no (769 comments)

When the K-cup patent expired Keurig tried to promote their "Vue" cups, some of which actually carried RFID chips that interacted with the brewer. Vue cups were bigger, didn't fit in the K-cup style brewer, and cost around twice as much as K-cups. You could get an adapter to use K-cups in a Vue brewer, which was great when those machines were cleared out super cheap because no one bought them.

about 6 months ago

Public Libraries Tinker With Offering Makerspaces

MrBippers Re:Ridiculous. (90 comments)

Outside of making 3D printers accessible I'm not sure how libraries could feasibly offer workshops. People don't only work in plastic, and presently 3D printing is a novelty for your average person.

With the Chicago library's lab, they offer various workshops on some small example projects (e.g. a 3D printed trinket or a laser cut greeting card) to expose people to the basic process and offer open lab hours. You can look at the schedule here. I'm not sure where you see a problem with the feasibility of this.

3D printing is to a large extent still in the novelty phase, but as it gains in popularity so will the practical applications. I have a broken plastic component of a relay in a 70s era pinball machine for which purchasing a replacement isn't an option. It is however a simple geometric design and I plan on printing a replacement at the library.

about 8 months ago

Cablevision Suing Viacom Over Cable Bundling

MrBippers Re:reluctant? (138 comments)

The examples you site are all on broadcast networks available free over the air. I can have a data connection and still get free OTA channels. That's my plan as a late-twenty something. Netflix and hulu will do me just fine.

about a year and a half ago

US Postal Service Discontinuing Saturday Mail Delivery

MrBippers Re:But how much money will they lose to FedEX? (582 comments)

Article says they're dropping first-class Saturday delivery, no mention of priority or express. If you need something delivered ASAP, you probably aren't sending it first-class.

about a year and a half ago

Can a New GPU Rejuvenate a 5 Year Old Gaming PC?

MrBippers Re:Older = how old? (264 comments)

He's a hardware architect that's been out of work since 3dfx closed down, you insensitive clod!

about a year and a half ago

Cisco Exits the Consumer Market, Sells Linksys To Belkin

MrBippers Re:WTB Cisco Switch (284 comments)

My current Asus router (dd-WRT) and the Buffalo router it replaced (tomato) have been flawless. I remember having a Linksys WRT54G with a legitimate hardware issue years ago and having to jump through a massive array of hoops to actually convince of it. There was a massive chain of emails every single question of which could have been answered by reading the first email I sent. No love lost here.

about a year and a half ago

Mathematicians Aim To Take Publishers Out of Publishing

MrBippers One thing publishers/paper journals offer (162 comments)

Is legacy access. When a given journal shuts down, the articles they did publish are still available from the publisher for perpetuity digitally or physical copies archived in the library. Free open journals are great, but we need a way to ensure anything published will be accessible even if their servers went down. My University cancelled their subscription to one journal I frequently read articles from, but I can still get PDFs of the physical copies that came with that subscription from the library archives. A huge part of science is being able to refer back to what has already been done.

about a year and a half ago

UC's For-Pay Online Course Draws 4 Non-UC Students

MrBippers Not that far off (177 comments)

$1,400 for a 4 credit class = $350 /credit. In the SUNY system here in New York, part time enrollment once you factor in fee runs ~$280 /credit in-state.

about a year and a half ago

Petition For Metric In US Halfway To Requiring Response From the White House

MrBippers Re:US Metric System (1387 comments)

It would mean I'd need to own about half as many sockets and wrenches. Or eventually after a long enough time some future generation would. Also, not knowing if a random bolt is metric/imperial it's a pain to have to go back and forth to gauge the best fit.

about a year and a half ago

Ubuntu Phone OS Unveiled

MrBippers Finally! (248 comments)

2013, year of the Linux deskt..... wait, what?

about a year and a half ago

Apple Files Patent For "Active Stylus" For Use With Capacitive Touchscreens

MrBippers Why do you need a stylus? (112 comments)

When you can just use a sausage.

about a year and a half ago

Full Upgrades To Windows 8 Only From Windows 7?

MrBippers Re:Does anybody still "upgrade"? (222 comments)

With Win 7 upgrade they took the fresh install option away at one point, though I don't know if they've since restored it. Well, it would install fine but the upgrade license wouldn't activate unless you went in to the registry to changed the id to having been an upgrade install.

I get upgrade copies of windows from my University for like $8. I have a CD binder with Win XP (no sp, sp1, sp2, sp3, x64), Vista, Win7 (x32, x64). That includes multiple copies of some where I had friends pick them up.

more than 2 years ago

Automated Dorm Room Causes a School Inquiry

MrBippers So he finished (170 comments)

just in time for the semester to end and to take it all down. Sadly, that emergency party never did arrive.

more than 2 years ago

Pockets In Graphene Layers Allow Viewing of Liquids With an Electron Microscope

MrBippers How do you sublimate that which is liquid? (32 comments)

Sublimation is, by definition, solid-->gas without forming a liquid intermediate.

more than 2 years ago

Researchers Create Living Human Gut-On-a-Chip

MrBippers The real use for this technology (22 comments)

Summary and TFA seem to skim over the main area where this technology will likely see application--in looking at drug permeability and transport across the intestinal membrane. This is something that gets examined for EVERY orally administered drug and right now this is done primarily with cell culture monolayers of intestinal cells. This model allows for the addition of peristaltic forces and other stressors to give a more physiologically relevant system.

more than 2 years ago

Doctors "Fire" Vaccine Refusers

MrBippers Re:not "idiot" but "questioning" (1271 comments)

I don't know, with that tin foil hat maybe you should be more worried about lighting too.

more than 2 years ago

Do You Want Best Buy Opening Your New Laptop?

MrBippers Re:Speaking as ex Geek Squad, this is a good thing (543 comments)

I personally don't run with any anti virus on my home PCs. The trick is just not installing untrusted aps. So I'm sorry you have any antivirus at all.

Any takers on how many trojans/rootkits this guy is hoarding?

about 3 years ago

Anonymous Hack One Gigabyte of Data From NATO

MrBippers Typo in summary (304 comments)

There != their

more than 3 years ago


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