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Hackers Compromise ICANN, Access Zone File Data System

MrCawfee CZDS isn't about managing zone files (110 comments)

...it is about publishing them. You can request a free account and download the current zone file for the root dns.

Verisign also provides this service for free for .COM and .NET, CZDS is just a centralized place so you can get the zones for all the new gTLDs without requesting accounts at 500 registries.

This hack, while bad, doesn't directly affect the root dns system.

about a month ago

State Colleges May Offer Best ROI On Comp Sci Degrees

MrCawfee Re:Bullshit. (127 comments)

Combine that with lower salaries and you've got a winning combination for an employer.

You proved the point of the article with this statement alone.

about 10 months ago

Disney Closes LucasArts

MrCawfee Re:Right... can you actually read? (299 comments)

All the XWING Games were developed by Totally Games not Lucas Arts, Xwing vs Tie Fighter was just the first one that their logo was attached to.

about 2 years ago

BART Keeps Cell Service Despite Protests

MrCawfee Re:Shut it all off! (196 comments)

BART is automated, the driver can operate the train but unless there is a problem with the computer their main job is to close the doors.

more than 3 years ago

BART Keeps Cell Service Despite Protests

MrCawfee Re:Baby with the bathwater (196 comments)

They are called Trolley Busses, and they operate in many cities in the united states including San Francisco.

more than 3 years ago

Why Silicon Valley Won't Be the Green Car Detroit

MrCawfee Re:Only one real reason (329 comments)

California uses less energy per person because of the weather not because of the lack of manufacturing.

manufacturing is never going to come back to California not because of taxes, not because of environmental laws, but because the cost of living is so high. and it is high because it is a desirable place to live.

more than 4 years ago

Chevy Volt Not Green Enough For California

MrCawfee Re:I'm puzzled (384 comments)

Except the HSR line that california is billing is from LOS ANGELES to SAN FRANCISCO.

more than 4 years ago

Lower Merion School District Update

MrCawfee Re:Insanity in School Districts (367 comments)

It's actually fairly simple.

They don't want pissed off parents coming into the office.

Strip searching children: it's okay, they are preventing our children from using dangerous drugs, you know the things we should be preventing.

Canceling Proms: it's okay, we hate the gays, and we don't want our children exposed to the way the world really is because it doesn't fit in our world view.

Spying on children: AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHhhhh you are watching my thieving child when they are home!?!

Parents want the school to do the tough things that they aren't willing to do. "i don't feel comfortable searching my kids if i think they are using the marijuana but it's okay because the school will do it for me." I think that 90% of parents are prefectly happy to let school administrators do their parenting for them, and with that power they took it too far with the webcam.

more than 4 years ago

GoDaddy Follows Google's Lead; No More Registrations In China

MrCawfee .CN domain extensions, not chinese registrations! (243 comments)

This article summary is fairly misleading, they are no longer registering the .CN extension

Here is some background:

  In December, giving 2 days notice to the international registrars, the .CN registry changed their policy to require paper documentation to register a .CN domain name. In January, because the registry didn't plan this very well, and because they gave absolutely no notice, they decided to turn off registrations all together until they could figure out how to actually implement their new policy. The registry implemented their policy without figuring out actually how to implement their policy..

After a month of no registrations, they opened it up, changing their policy once again to only allow .CN registrations for companies not individuals, and only companies that had an office in china. From what i understand, they are trying to remove the stigma of .CN being the #1 fraud extension (before .cm came out that is)

So to be clear, godaddy is no longer doing .CN registrations because .CN is no longer completely automated, which makes it unprofitable with their business model which is primarily based on volume.

more than 4 years ago

25 Years of the .com gTLD

MrCawfee Re:They should have kept the price high (104 comments)

Godaddy had the 9.95 price point when their competition was ~25/yr, and it wasn't immediate. .CO is the .new .CM. I work at a registrar and almost all of our .CM registrations tend to be screened out using fake credit cards. Even after it goes live and the price point for .CO is probally going to be ~60/yr, that is still too expensive for the "legitimate" squatter to put up their advertising pages. Judging from the .CM registrations at my company that got through the screening process, they tend to be deleted within a few months when the credit card dispute comes through. The registry doesn't care because they have already gotten their registration fee. I'd say that atleast 50% of our .CM registrations are screened out as fraud automatically, and the remainder are a mix between companies trying for brand protection and fraud. .CO will never be a big legitimate tld, my feeling is that you are going to see:
    a) .CO domains parked or forwarded by legitimate users for brand protection
    b) .CO domains parked by the registrar due to a chargeback so they can get atleast some of the money they lost back.
    c) .CO domains parked by the client until the company that owns the name goes through the dispute process.

Bad thing for the internet, good thing for Columbia, good for .

more than 4 years ago

Criminals Hide Payment-Card Skimmers In Gas Pumps

MrCawfee This isn't new (332 comments)

This is a fairly old scam.

I remember atleast 10 years ago at an Arco station had a sticker on the machine that said don't enter in your card if the reader looks wierd. I have also seen that warning on swipe ATMs

more than 4 years ago

How Do You Accurately Estimate Programming Time?

MrCawfee Re:My Ass (483 comments)

This happens to be my strategy too. No matter how long i say though, they expect it to be completed 15 minutes after they tell me about the problem... even if it is a 6 month project....

more than 4 years ago

UMG v. Lindor Ends, No Fees, No Sanctions

MrCawfee Re:Ray... (113 comments)

No it is because the guys in the IT department want to read slashdot.

more than 4 years ago

AU Senator Calls Scientology a "Criminal Organization"

MrCawfee Re:Makes me sick (511 comments)

We work on the principle you have a right to everything, unless prohibited by law

That is the real kicker there, the bill of rights specifies certain things that can not be prohibited by law. It doesn't specifiy the only rights you have, it specifies the rights that can not be taken away.

more than 5 years ago

We Really Don't Know Jack About Maintenance

MrCawfee Re:Grrr (260 comments)

How do you design software that is able to be maintained? Many of the techniques for software maintenance are designed by these institutions, so saying "Software Maintenance" is not computer science is a bit far fetched. Writing maintainable software isn't only in the Initech domain.

And really if you are excluding software maintenance from the field of computer science, you pretty much have to exclude every other software technique. Techniques for writing maintainable code go hand in hand with every other development technique.

more than 5 years ago

Borland Being Purchased By Micro Focus

MrCawfee Borland gives me warm memories (351 comments)

Thinking of Borland still gives me fuzzy memories. Every IDE they have made I have liked using (i even liked Kylix in itself, except it was impossible to use on (or the applications for that matter) non supported distributions of Linux).

I know they effectively died because of their decision to focus on the middleware.

Their tools were great, but it was sad that their management couldn't plan the products for the newer market place.

more than 5 years ago

Should Taxpayers Back Cars Only the Rich Can Afford?

MrCawfee Not Really (752 comments)

Tesla's request was so they could design and build a much cheaper electric family sedan; i personally believe that it is a good investment even if the car costs 50k.

It seems unlikely that tesla will mass produce a car, but it does seem likely that they will be gobbled up by a larger company that will.

It would be money well spent

more than 6 years ago

Lori Drew Trial Results In 3 Misdemeanor Convictions

MrCawfee Re:Somewhat fitting. (568 comments)

umm.. were you a teenager?

a) "ooh it's their parents fault for not being there": the "previously treated for depression" kinda blows that away..

b) depressed people aren't usually trying to get better, despair sets in it doesn't matter anymore.

Making snap judgments and automatically blaming the girls parents is bullshit.

and to the next comment in this thread:
  "if she had perfect parents, she likely wouldn't be depressed and suicidal."

that is bullshit as well, the "where were the parents" argument doesn't apply to everything.

If a person wants to end their life, no one can stop them. The girls parents TRIED to solve it by treating her, so the blame the parents attitude is bullshit.

more than 6 years ago

US State Sues Web/SEO Firm For Deceiving Mom-and-Pops

MrCawfee Re:scam (96 comments)

Yes and no (note: i work for a company that one of the products is SEO related);

The yes:
The SEO companies the "promise" higher rankings ARE a scam, and they are complete BS. 90% of SEO is guessing what google indexes, and those criteria do change pretty frequently. And because of the undefined nature of SEO, it is extremely easy to pull shit out of your ass and profess it is true, and take people's money. Any SEO guy that speaks in absolutes, is scamming you. Anything that seems like it isn't useful to the user, is bullshit.

The No:

SEO is actually real, and is necessary for pulling newer websites from lower in the rankings. Effective techniques are pretty easy, and they are listed below. All others that these stupid companies suggest are either BS or will not survive a google update in the future.

  1) Page names in the URL that are relevant to what you are doing (not article11151.html)
  2) Meta tags in the document that are relevant to it's content.
  3) Clean HTML, use tags (such as h1) for what they were designed for
  4) Internal linking (limits redundancy on pages)
  5) Sitemap.xml
  6) No javascript/flash content

Not much else is really necessary.

But yes, 99% of the SEO companys are praying on these small company's dumbness.

more than 6 years ago


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