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Apple Is Buyer of New 64-Bit IBM Chips

MrHat Re:urr (421 comments)

Steve Jobs: Now, I have something insanely great to show everyone today.

Macworld: <clapping>

Steve Jobs: This is the insanely great iPod 2. Thanks to our new, insanely great, partnership with IBM, the iPod 2 can now decode and playback up to 4096 simultaneous MP3 streams.

Macworld: <clapping and cheering>

Steve Jobs: So, now not only can you can carry the Beatles' entire collection with you, but you can enjoy the entire body of their work during a single commute home! Isn't that insanely great?

Macworld: Yes! <clapping>

Steve Jobs: That's over 4095 times as fast as an ordinary audio player from, say, Intel.

<Note to self: Less Macworld, more drugs>

more than 12 years ago


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