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Is the Internet Becoming Unsearchable?

MrIgnorant Re:Searching searches? (313 comments)

The distributed idea is interesting, but I think the problem lies not in the actual power and bandwidth of the search, but more in what exactly we are searching for. Much like the article says, I've noticed myself that many of the search engines today don't find exactly what i'm looking for and I myself am still stuck sifting through their results.

I think the search engine community needs a paradigm shift in their way of approaching searches now, with the curve dynamic information has thrown at them. I don't know how well standards would work in this situation. It's up to the search engines to come up with a new way of sorting the huge ammounts of data they collect in an orderly fashion so they can serve us searchers with exactly what we ask for. Ok, so "exactly" is probably stretching it a bit, but I'll settle for pretty damn close.

more than 15 years ago


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